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  1. Kakhaber says:

    Mr. Sayer !
    I, your long-time fan of Georgia.You do not be able to send me your autograph?
    My address is: Dimitriy Kipiani Street, house 18, flat 49. 1400 Gori, Georgia. Kakhaber Saralidze.
    Kakhaber Saralidze .

  2. Andrew says:

    Hi Leo,
    You walked past me in Bowral this week (Tuesday, 29th Dec, 2015) whilst I was waiting for my wife. I was going to say ”Hi” but thought I’d just leave you in peace as I’m sure you’re often recognized when you’re just out doing your daily stuff.
    Nonetheless, it was a pleasure to see you and here I am listening to you all of your amazing music again as I type this short note.
    May 2016 be a wonderful year for you in every way possible (and I hope you’re loving it here in the Southern Highlands, we’re almost neighbours – I’m in Bundanoon)!

  3. Meaghan Smith says:

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoy Mr. Sayer’s music. Age will never matter to me. I am 37 and live in the US in a tiny town called Friendship in TN. Thank you for your contribution to the world of music and my soul! Sincerely, Meaghan Smith

  4. Tamera says:

    and btw thanks

  5. Tamera says:

    HI :) what is the meaning to the song I think we fell in love too fast? thats was one of my favorites.

  6. Graham Cooke says:

    Was at Glenrothes gig on Sunday night.
    Superb gig even with the bad throat.
    Bought your new album and it is just class.
    Track 1 and 3 are so clever and the rest, just as good.
    Hope you all had a good day at Airth Castle.
    Please come back to Glenrothes, or even better,
    Glasgow. The Ferry is a fabulous venue.
    Check it out.
    All the best. D J Cookie.

  7. Ronald Kelly says:

    just read about your colonoscopy, I had one a few months ago, strange intrusive feeling (sore as you mentioned) any way Ive been a fan of yours
    since the start and I never heard you hitting a bum note.
    Kind Regards,
    Take care of yourself .
    Ps your new album is exobrill.
    I just made that word exobrill up for your music.

  8. Bob says:

    Hello Mr. Trouper!

    I am in the process of recording many of your record albums for a close friend from his collection. I have become fascinated by your story, and I was also a fan back in the years of your biggest successes. It delights me greatly to know you’re still “alive and kicking!” You look great, and I bet you’re having the time of your life! It’s wonderful you have realized your dream of living in Australia. I want to say thank you for the ways you have touched me, even in that I’d performed “When I Need You” for several events back in my day.
    Take care, and keep on doing what you do!

    Bob, Seattle WA U.S.A.

  9. Andrew Hibberd says:

    Thank you so much guru i remain the masters apprentice for as long as breath invades my lungs

  10. Andrew Hibberd says:

    leo just shot a not off to the interior minister suggesting let the big money in here and only the produce out , appears the minister has received it with open arms as a suggestion for the future. if we can make it here , we can sell it any where

  11. Andrew Hibberd says:

    Gerrard im so lucky you chose Australia to be the home of the launch of the restless years tour, when i say i mean we when we are committed to a piece of ground for eternity we live and breathe the ground as if it were our own and we see the injustice that is done to the ground both below it and above it we are so blessed to have you amongst our twenty something million community we call fair dinkum thanks mate shut the gate if you pass through and leave it open if you saw it open

  12. Jackie says:

    Hi Leo,
    I’m very impressed with the way you and your team have designed this message page on your website. I like the your Guest Book picture and all the images of you and the colours on the Guest Book, plus where you say please let us have your comments. From your loyal fan, Jackie.

  13. Steven Thompson says:

    The first LP I ever bought was Silverbird, I still think every track is brilliant and is a vastly underrated record which I play regularly, its still my favourite LP of all time…the words and music of every track are amazing…so thank you for making that record Leo.

  14. Will Duwe says:

    Just wanted to let you know we are very much looking forward to your Geelong GPAC show on the 7th of march. My wife and I have been fans of yours for almost 50 years now. I met my wife on a sea cruise traveling to England in 1975. We fell in love and decided to get married. As she was 14 at the time and I Was 18 this was naturally frowned upon by our parents. When you brought out the song Moonlighting which was a big hit in Belgium by the way, it gave us the idea of running away to Gretna Green and getting married. I still have letters we wrote discussing this matter. As a matter of fact while i was doing my national service in Belgium in the Air force i was writing to my prospective wife in England
    . She would rush home from school every day to grab the letters out of the letter box so her parents would not discover we were,planning to,elope to gretna green In any case we would have blamed you for giving us the idea. In the end they relented and let me bring her home to Oz after my service and after putting her through school we were able to marry here. We have been happily married now for almost 40 years and though we didn’t have to resort to gretna we were grateful for the hope you gave us.

    We will be on the far right front row, give us a wink when you perform wont you.

    Much love,from Will and Sonia.

    Sent from Wills Ipad.

  15. CA Smith says:

    Mr. Sayer,

    It is almost 41 years ago to the day that I first heard your song “You Make Feel Like Dancing.” I was living in Southwest England, specifically New Quay, Cornwall. I caught a glimpse of a tv program while heading out one evening and had to stop and listen to your singing. If memory serves correctly I brought an album that was a compilation of rock hits of 73-74 containing that song. Upon my return to the States my luggage was broken into at JFK. The albums were among the item taken. I lost track of the music scene as I got married and got tangled up raising kids.

    Tonight I was watching an old Johnny Carson show in which the Muppets played host and you were one of the guests. I looked you up on YouTube and was struck by the number of hits you had. Your voice seemed to be very versatile. Of course I knew the songs and hearing them again brought back memories of the late 70’s.

    I also found out that you are still performing. Good for you. Thank you for the songs.

  16. Jackie says:

    Hi Rick,
    Sorry about my very belated reply – I usually message on Leo’s other message board page more than this one. That’s great to read you included me on your radio show. Apologies also for such a late reply to your question. I would have said no, I get too nervous talking live on air. I spoke live on air one occasion before when I spoke to DJ Mike Reed in 1998. Somehow he figured out I’m a big Leo Sayer fan, and he knew I like Leo’s music. Good to hear you’re a Leo Sayer fan too. Hope you got Leo’s approval too for your radio show. I’m sure your radio show would have been a brilliant one playing all Leo Sayer songs. Jackie.

  17. Carl says:

    Hello, My friends and I are looking for an original theme for London based pub crawl. I believe you’ve recently given up drinking but I’m hoping you could provide us with a list of your 10 favourite drinking establishments (pubs) in London? We’ll then instigate what we believe to be the worlds first (you may tell us otherwise) Leo Sayer themed pub crawl. Hope you can help. Carl. ps. Obviously feel free to join us.

  18. Chris Reese says:

    Leo, I wish that I could tell you in person or a personal letter how truly glad I am to have known your songs. I wish that I could say that my life has been great, but I had a pretty rough childhood. My mother died when I was 3. My dad was not there. I can remember hearing your song “when I need you” when I was about 4 years old believe it or not. I hadn’t heard that song for literally 30 years…The next time I heard that song, I immediately broke down in tears, and was brought instantly back to what little childhood I could remember that was any good. For that sir, I want to thank you. I would love to hear from you…that would be just icing on the cake. Thanks Leo God Bless

  19. Jack Vannisselroij says:

    Dear Mr. Sayer,

    I’ve been fashionated by your songs since early 1980. At that time I stayed in London in an appartment, where the said “Leo Sayer stayed here”, what was great for me. Please make a concert journey to Europe! Kind regards, Jack Vannisselroij, the Netherlands

  20. Serge Dumont says:

    Jo Harman slags off Leo Sayer on video from Worthing gig.

    Sorry but what a bitch especially after using Leo on her Youtube videos to promote herself previously !


    She spends the first few minutes trying to make herself look better by slagging off Leo Sayer. I think her name dropping is bad enough but to try to endear herself to an audience by attacking a veteran musician she’s associated herself with is I think very small minded .

  21. Keith says:

    Dear Mr. Sayer

    I recently purchased a set of songs by you that have been personal favourites of mine for most of my life. Specifically, they were the three songs you performed on your guest appearance on THE MUPPET SHOW — now that’s going back a while. Even more specifically, The Show Must Go On. Until I saw your performance on that program, the only exposure I had to the song was the “must go on” version performed by Three Dog Night. I was not aware of the differences between them until then. With my purchasing of the music on MP3, I chose your version of the song for my library. As I have said, it has been a personal favourite of mine. I wanted to say one thing — thank you.



  22. Stephen C says:

    Hey Leo
    I just purchased your album “Don’t wait until tomorrow”
    It’s @@@@@@@@@ sensational. Love it

  23. sanjay kumar joshi says:

    My Dear Sir,

    Good morning.I sincerely hope that you are keeping very fine,in good health.Please accept my heartiest wishes on your birthday,on 21st May.

    This is one of my countless attempts to reach you,as you have always been my source of inspiration,I’ll be grateful to you,if you please bless me,with your autographed photograph.Though I never got despite my countinous efforts,but I hope that you would not disappoint me,this time.I pray that may God always keep you happy and healthy.

    Once again,”HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !!!!!!!!!!”
    With high regards
    Sanjay Kumar Joshi
    17A,Jadulal Mullick Road

  24. Van wyk says:

    We do we contact you for shows to bring you to South Africa ? Advise info please

  25. Angela Smith says:

    Your double is living in New Zealand and plays bridge. I asked him once if he was Leo and he was a bit cagey………….He also has a very English accent!

  26. Andre says:

    Hi leo.
    My wife turns 40 next month and i was wondering if you would be able to send her a birthday card (if i gave you her name and address to post it to ..of course)..that would be awesome if you could and mean a lot…also what would be the chances of you ringing her on the day (big ask but i thought id try)?

    Thanks Heaps

  27. Klara says:

    Went to Seniors Concert in Sydney today. Leo you were fantabulous! Thank you, you bring a lot of joy into our lives

  28. Don says:

    Hi Leo,

    How bout an oz tour/gig guide for 2014? Store on web should sell all of your albums, it would seem there is broad & strong demand for many timeless tunes.
    Would like a copy of your most recent album to span 40 yr career.

    Regards Don

  29. Jon Davis says:

    Seeking contact details for Leo’s management please.

    0418 556 569.


  30. Rick says:

    Hi Jackie

    Thanks for your feedback and approval. I will be including you on my show. Maybe you would like to chat to me live on air about your favourite Leo Sayer songs?



  31. drugge says:

    when can we hear you in Sweden?

  32. Val says:

    Please add me to your news letter,
    thanks xx

  33. Trulian says:

    We feel thunder in our heart. Would love to see Leo play in the wonderful town of Glen Huntly.

    It would excite us more than we can say, no one loves Leo more than the residents of Glen Huntly.


  34. Tim Tim says:

    Hi Leo!

    Love your work.

    Tim (my mate and our wives Leanne and Lauren) & I are wondering when you are coming to Melbourne again?

    Can you come and play at St. Anthony’s in Glen Huntley Graduation Dinner for Grade 6. The 11 year olds will love your music and talent as much as we do.

    Look forward to seeing you soon.

    Tim & Tim

  35. Lonnie Snyder says:

    Here in USA at the Jicarilla Apache Reservatiuon (aliens, cattle mutilations etc.) and local station yesterday played original version of ‘More than I Can Say’, then yours. Callers voted yours BY FAR the best, and I agreed. YOU SLAYED THAT! And all the oher hits you had I used to TRY to sing back in the day. Thanks for teaching me the meaning of the “inside smile” to brighten and raise my voice to a new level (how Van Morrisson didit without that is a mystery to me), and for the inspiration from a distance. From one Irishman to another, Love you, man!


  36. Ken Murray says:

    Hi Leo,

    just writing with a query in the hope you can be of help.

    I am currently having a debate with a friend of mine who insists your Irish Mum Teresa Nolan was a native of Navan County Meath in Ireland.

    The internet material I have found suggests she came from Maguiresbridge in County Fermanagh.

    There is a reference on a message board on the net which says you told a fan following a concert that your uncle Hughie lived in Navan!

    Can you solve this ongoingshowbiz riddle please?

    Many thanks.


  37. Mark Toppin says:

    Hi Leo.
    Really looking forward to your home gig in worthing on 22 November.
    Please please sing my wifes favourite Orchard Road.its lovely.
    See you soon .Mark and Theresa x

  38. Sue says:

    Leo – thanks for a great show at The Brook last night. You mentioned how nice it was to perform in a small venue. I saw you in similar venues back in the 70s and early 80s and it was great to get so close to you again. You are a credit to all us 60 somethings with your drive and outlook on life. Your voice is a good as ever and I am so glad I had this chance to revisit some of my younger days. You said you would be back before too long so maybe I will see you again. Take good care of yourself.

  39. terry says:

    can you please add me to your newsletter?

  40. june says:

    Leo Sayer singing 1974 live on Youtube : The Show Must Go On :Is my favorite,he clearly gives 110% performance ..Than I watched again and notice that the microphone is unstable ..WOW I was in aw that is the most amazing performance I ever seen.The fun part of it, is he is singing : I won’t let the show go on but yet he is,effortlessly.Again I say WOW.

  41. Drew Peacock says:

    Heard interview on Graham Norton show this morning. Disappointed to hear Leo Sayer use the term “train station” – I wouldn’t have had him down as a Train Station Merchant!

  42. Mark Kent says:

    Hi leo… just wanted to thank you for your wonderful gig on cruise and groove… my wife and I were in the suite next to you but unfortunately never got to catch up with you.. hope to come to one of your gigs in sydney soon.. cheers

  43. Gabi Rosenstreich says:

    Hi Leo
    It was great to chat with you at the cafe last Tuesday. We included the photo and some information about the ACMF concert in our September newsletter: http://www.ayac.org.au/news/archived-newsletters.html
    We hope to see you again
    All the very best from the AYAC team

  44. Jackie says:

    I am thrilled to give you my approval.
    Here’s more in depth reasons to why those are my favourite Leo Sayer songs. ‘More Than I Can Say’ and ‘One Man Band’, Leo knows One Man Band is my favourite song and he very kindly performed it second after firstly performing both our favourite song, More Than I Can Say in the set he laid out for his part in the Once In A Life Time show at Birmingham LG Arena on Friday 2nd July 2010 also another favourite is ‘You Make Me Feel Like Dancing’ was told that Leo thinks I resemble the girl dancing during Leo singing that song in ‘The Wiggles’ dvd and I whole heartedly agree with Leo. ‘When I Need You’ reason being a favourite song is both Leo and I have said the song brings a tear to our eye and ‘Giving It All Away’ Leo knows I just love the way he performs that song in his Greatest Hits DVD (an Australian import) love the way he narrates the story of a dream he has to live in Australia and love the way he plays harmonica during that song. ‘Raining In My Heart’ is a favourite because Leo is more than just another guy to me, he is my life time hero and Pop Life, is a favourite Leo Sayer song of mine love its catchy melody and not only that I feel I’m one of the ‘crazy’ women in the song Leo has met and love the way he starts it off with the clown image heading off to town and he is living in a Pop Life yes….brilliant.

  45. Jackie says:

    My fourth Leo Sayer favourite song I meant to include in my first message is Raining In My Heart, for the same reason as the other first three songs mentioned.

  46. Jackie says:

    My favourite Leo Sayer songs are More Than I Can Say, Giving It All Away, When I Need You, those four songs always bring a tear to my eyes and other favourite Leo songs are One Man Band and Pop Life they both get me jumping with excitement.

  47. Rick says:

    Hi Everyone

    I am in the process of producing a special tribute to Leo Sayer for my radio show and would like to invite his fans to tell me about your favourite Leo song and why you like that particular song. I do hope that Leo himself will give me his blessing for my radio feature.

    Leo, I am a massive fan and intend to do you justice. Would love to have your approval


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