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  1. Estelita says:

    Hi leo i wanted to friend you thanks a lot..

  2. Ken Murray says:

    Hi Leo,

    Ken Murray here in County Meath Ireland with a query.

    I’m trying to settle a debate with a friend of mine re: the origins of your Irish Mum Teresa Nolan.

    It’s my understanding she was a native of Navan Town (where Pierce Brosnan came from) . My friend says different.

    Can you please put us out of our misery please?



  3. Jennifer says:

    Loved your songs when a kid, and still enjoy today. Jennifer baker.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Loved your songs when a kid, and enjoy still today. Jennifer

  5. Dietmar Dymke says:

    Hi Leo,

    it was really a great pleasure to play with you at the Grammy All-Star concert in Chengdu on June, 8th.

    To open the concert with your 2 songs was the absolutely right choice, so everybody realized on the spot that here are people that like the music, not just performing.

    And I really like your humour ….

    Thank you to meet you and all the best
    Dietmar (the german guitar player)

  6. Richy says:

    Dear Leo,
    please visit “Germoney”. There are a lot of tv-shows that offers good music from the 70’s and 80’s for the best agers. It would be fantastic to see you once again and performing your great hits. As you sung: you make me feel like dancing, and a whole bunch of people I know feel the same.

    I’m sure you have some phone numbers to call, otherwise I will write e-mails to the tv (ZDF, ARD, Pro7, RTL,…)

    We miss you !!!

  7. Rick Bell says:

    Hi again Leo,

    I recently posted a message to you on your website requesting an interview for my radio show in Scotland.

    With respect, I do appreciate that you are very busy and no doubt that you receive similar requests all the time. However, I am disappointed that my request didn’t receive even the courtecy of a response.

    Please don’t be offended by my raising this issue, but I believe in respecting people


    Rick Bell

  8. Rick Bell says:

    Hi Leo,

    You probably get asked this all the time, but I will ask anyway.

    I am 53 and I have been a massive fan of yours since the beginning. I now present my own radio show and regularly feature your music.

    Would you consider allowing me a telephone interview with you for my radio show? It would mean a lot to me and my listeners. We are a small community radio station Many thanks for all your great music. bests wishes Rick Bell, Scotland

  9. Josiann says:

    Hi Leo, can I ask…….why “Orchard Road?” Thank you!
    (This is the correct email address).

  10. Josiann says:

    Hi Leo, can I ask……….why “Orchard Road”? Thank you!

  11. antonio sabnani says:

    hi Leo,love your music we all do, Do you have any plans to tour UK soon?
    Audley End House and Gardens in saffron Walden Cambridge, do Summer Picnic Concerts every year (greatest 80 s party with top stars every year)
    would love to see you there if possible!!

    thanks antonio/gill

  12. Martin Lloyd says:

    Does Leo Sayer do private functions in Sydney? I am having a 50th in June 2013 and i am looking for a band!

  13. Shannan says:

    G’day Leo,

    Saw you at the Melbourne Zoo on Saturday night (as my wife and I also did 2 years ago – same sort of weather too!).

    Just brilliant! You’re voice is still as strong as ever and you delivered all the classics. I was rapt that you also found room for a “newey” (Pop Life).

    Please come back again real soon!!!

    (I also think a 9.30 curfew on a Saturday night is more than reasonable, considering the noise(and that’s what most of it is!) some of us put up with far later from the Showgrounds in Melbourne….)

    BTW – Peter: Would the song you are thinking of have been “Raining In My Heart”?

  14. Peter says:

    Hi Leo,

    We saw you tonight at the Zoo … fantastic performance … and what a repertoire of GREAT songs you have.

    (and dare I say we were in awe at how great your voice still is!)

    I’d like to know the name of the song you performed with “raining” in the lyrics (and you mentioned during it that Melbourne could use some rain). It was such a good song! Very hip and sort of bluesy … a departure from your “usual” (but how dare I say “usual” … you’ve got a great variety of songs from lovely ballads thru to rock and disco!)

    We were also impressed with your harmonica playing.

    Well done you.


  15. Residents in Brunswick West says:

    You are one of the performers in Melbourne Zoo’s Twilights Program.

    I had complained about the noise coming from Melbourne Zoo every Friday and Saturday night during the Summer time, but the Zoo refused to reduce the volume of music.

    When the audiences are lapping it up, residents in Brunswick, Brunswick West and Parkville are enduring the noise you made.

    I am not blaming you. The effect I am leaving is an impression that when you are performing music in the future, always double-check with the location managers that your performance will not influence other residents’ lives.

    Your music penetrated through the wall of our houses, coming just like from a neighbouring house 30 meters away.
    We live in an area about 600 – 1200 meters far from Melbourne Zoo. Every of your voice and the sound from the musical instruments were amplified by the strong steros in the Melbourne Zoo.

    Lastly, please contact the Melbourne Zoo and tell them you had received a feedback from the residents around them and we are suffering the noises emitted from there.

    Please contact me via email for detailed information.

  16. Yvonne says:

    Hi Leo, just recently started collecting your back catalogue of albums, and wow, I am blown away! “Train” is just one of the many favourites I have. Anyways, thanks so much for the music, your voice and your words. Also – would I be able to get your autograph? I’m not sure how to go about it! PS Play Ireland again soon! :)

  17. Steve says:

    Thanks for coming to Mun-dare-ing (or as you say “Munda-ring”) last night. Feel privileged getting a few photos of you in action. https://imageshack.us/g/823/img3431bcustom.jpg/

    Thanks also to your patience when my sister was unable to figure out which button to press on my camera to get a shot of you with my wife and I.

  18. Paul says:

    Hi Leo,

    Hope all is well, who do I contact to discuss the possibility of you performing at a private party in Melbourne.

    Best regards
    0417 346 210

  19. Sebastian says:

    I was watching the Wiggles here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with my 4-year old son. Suddenly I saw you on there, Leo, singing your hit song.

    It was wonderful to see you! And great for the new generations. Keep on grooving:)

  20. martin finbow says:

    Just heard a great interview Leo on Radio 4bc – I grew up at the same time in the UK and listened to many of the bands you did- a great trip down memory lane . There is a point of reference for all the early Stones Concerts in the Bill Wyman Penguin book Stone Alone . It mentions 2 shows at The Hippodrome , Brighton on 19/07/64 and maybe the reason the Stones were a little off key that night ! Thought it may be of interest . Their first concert 12/07/62 at The Marquee without Bill and Charlie and then lists every Stones gig until 1969. Always enjoyed your music Leo .

  21. Lee says:

    Hey Leo, have you heard Alabama Shakes, I Ain’t the Same? It threw me back 30, or was it 40 years, to that ageless classic Long Tall Glasses. How about going back to your roots and doing an album of that early style that shows off your voice so well? That it has taken a girl (Brittany Howard) to get any where near your sound just shows how unique it is.

  22. Ben Brown says:

    Hi Leo,

    Love your work.

    Wondered if you’d ever thought about launching a range of ‘Leo Sayer’ socks. They could be very colourful.

    I’d wear them, and I have a friend that probably would as well.

    Would love to be involved on a business level if you decide to go ahead.

    Cheers BB

  23. Ron Delezio says:

    Hi Leo
    You have played at a number of my Day of Difference charity events and was absolutely fantastic. Can you get back to me regarding another event for a friend of mine? Regards and best wishes Ron Delezio

  24. Kevin Tanner says:

    Hi Leo you may recognise my Surname as I believe you knew a couple of my family.I also have very close Ties with Pony Moore, who was your Mum’s neighbour. I have strong links in Tenerife and you have performed surprise songs in bars that we know very well.
    I own one of the Tenerife forums and have been asked by Tenerifes very talented “Travellers Blues Band” to help raise some money for the poor children who are being put into Homes due to the poor economy.
    I am going there tomorrow (New Years Eve) to discuss how I can help, but I would love to get a load of memorabilia from famous people, that has been signed.
    I would then love to use one of the stadiums for a concert and massive auction.
    I will know more on my return but you are the first I have written to as you are my favourite local boy, i remember “The Hebe”, should tell you where I live and Overmead is close by.
    Thanks Leo and Very Happy New Year.

  25. John Sanford says:

    Dear Leo,

    Hi my name is John Sanford, I am 29 and come from Sussex in the UK. I am a creative involved within art, poetry, writing columns on creative people, philosophy word art, photography and cooking. Over the past 2 years I have inspired a generation of people from across the world on the social networking site named Facebook in all of the creative genres I am aligned upon, I am actively creating each day to truly find a way to inspire, encourage, support, motivate, help and guide all of the friends I have to find the happiness we all search for.

    I have grown much in the past 2 years, starting off in cooking through to photography and furthermore onto art, poetry, writing and philosophy art. I have self-taught myself all of the creative genres I am involved within, I found an inner peace in what I was doing, but I also knew I wanted to inspire ever since I was a young child, a dream I had to inspire others, at the time I knew not of how I could do so but now in the social networking era I have the ability to reach people from across the world, but not just reach me but touch a heart in how I create. This is very much my mantel in all I do, in my poetry and writing I write in a very unique way, a way to touch a heart and give back to others a light of love that I hope will remain forever in that person’s life, it really is a moving experience to know that my words, photos, food or art has the ability to touch a person in leading a more happy life or inspiring a person to fulfil their dreams is what in turns gives to me my happiness.

    I truly believe that my time to inspire on a grand size is fast approaching, this is because I have the passion, drive, motivation, inspiration in my heart that will remain forever, I equally have the love, support, guidance and encouragement from the friends from across the world who in time became my family. This family I have of friends is such a wonderful thing to have in a person’s life, a family that live in all corners of the world, but through the creativity that I produce each day it finds a way to connect people and forever are we all sharing our lives together as one. I know that when I create each day the family of friends I have are always there supporting me, always there to share their love in all I do, but the way I gain my happiness is to touch a heart and show to others how a person can change their lives through the power of creativity.

    This is the reason I am writing to you, I feel that if I aligned upon your organization I could truly inspire a generation of people, I already am inspiring a many people from across the world and I feel that I have the abilities and talent to so on a bigger stage. If you would like to see any of my creativity I can send the links to you in due course.

    Thank you for your time, I hope to hear from you soon, John Sanford.

  26. Phillip Monteith says:

    Hi Leo, you shopped at my store in Double Bay in 2007 and bought a lovely Black bath sheet. We about to go online and the last time we emailed you it bounced. Can you check it and let me know the correct one.
    We began in 1977 and we also make to order bedlinen and table in linen.

    best regards Phillip Monteith 2 Cross St Double Bay 02 9327 4252

    The address we had was: leo@leosayer.com

  27. Harry says:

    Hallo Leo, sorry – my english writing and speaking is terrible; I know it by myself ! But – I have to write you a small story – while tears are running !
    I was very depressive, about days, weeks, month. Yesterday our postman brought me a small CD – named ” The show must go on – The very best of Leo Sayer “. I took this CD in the player – and – ” how could it haapened that I have forgotten, your wonderful voice and music “; I think ” I need you ” , your ” one man band ” , and – ” you make me feel like dancing ” , and I begin to dance, and ” give – my sad senses – all away”. ” There was thunder and lightning in my heart” !
    Today I can´t drive to work — because I have to heard your voice and your realy wonderfulmusic – the whole morning – again!!
    God bless you – and I hope I see and hear you in 2013 in Europe, maybe you drop-in Cologne, Berlin, Frankfurt !
    Your music is brilliant, wonderful to me and I hope to see and hear you life on stage in Europe! THANKS FOR YOUR MUSIC – Harry
    Oh – not to forget the work on your website – THis work is also GREAT !!

  28. Andy says:

    Saw the show last night at The Echo in Liverpool and my wife , youngest son and I thought you were head and shoulders the best on the bill cold or no cold! I particularly didn’t realise what a quality harmonica player you are. Will definitely attend any UK 2013 Tour.

  29. Gabi says:

    Hi Leo
    I am that Cassidy fan from Munich and for all this excitement I forgot to tell you that I really love your website. I also enjoyed your part of the concert a great lot. There will be 2 things I will always remember in my life: being hugged by David and having had the pleasure and honour to dance some steps with Leo.
    Thanks a lot for the great time in Cardiff
    Lots of love,

  30. Janet Pyer says:

    Hi Leo, I was at the Cardiff Once in a Lifetime gig on 15/11/2012, and I have to say it was terrific. Your voice is amazing and the songs were great. I loved the passion and enthusiasm you put in, and I could not stop dancing. You really engaged the audience. Please come back to Cardiff soon. Would love to see you again.

    Best Wishes,

    Jan x

  31. Ian Thorpe says:

    I’ve admired and enjoyed your work from way back. I remember your impressive first appearance on the music scene in the UK. You’ve always been a knockout act. My wife and I came to see you at the Manchester Arena (Saturday 10th November, 2012). You were the Star of that show and gained a lot of new admirers among people in the audience who weren’t lucky enough to have seen your act before. I hope that you keep your promise to be back next year. We’ll certainly be there if you do. A Leo Sayer concert is an EVENT.

    Good on you
    Margaret and Ian Thorpe

  32. Chesca Forristal says:

    Hi There, Im only 17 (probs the youngest at wembley by some years) and had never seen/ heard you before last night. I was right at the front dancing my legs off the entire night, just thought you should know it was absolutely awesome! You certainly have a new fan- I really got the feeling you were singing with us, and having the time of your life up there…despite what you say, you really can dance! thankyou so much for such an enthused, wonderful performance. Chesca (aka girl in the bright orange skirt dancing like a fool)

  33. John & Eileen says:

    Hi Leo

    We saw your concert at BIRMINGHAM LG Arena, 9 November 2012. We all had the same opinion – Great voice, good sound, energy, entertaining and fun. You out-shone the other acts. The best.

    We were at the BIRMINGHAM, New St, ODEON. to see you perform in the 80’s, another magic gig, you came off the stage to dance with fans in the isles. You made them feel like dancing!

    Well Done.

  34. Simon & Ann says:

    Leo, we saw you last night (November 11th) at Wembley – mate you were fantastic..you had the ‘whole’ crowd singing and dancing along..
    Don’t leave it so long to come wow us Brits again..

  35. Gayle Trevone says:

    Hi Leo just want to say that your concert last night in Llandudno was fantastic, you are totally entertaining in every way, do hope you manage to come back in 2013 for a bigger tour, by the way the band were great it was great talking to Matt at the stage door,while we were waiting for you,and you know Leo ,I’m fifty now and I have listened to your music since I was a school girl, it lifted my spirits then and still does now,so thank you , you have left your mark in this world, that’s something most of us can only dream about,
    All the best , Gayle xx

  36. Jonathan says:

    This is not a good website, you can barely read the dates on the ‘live’ news due to the background images. The ‘press’ section takes and age to load and then you can’t even scroll down the page.

  37. George says:

    I just saw your performance of “I must let the show go on” on You Tube. Your rendition was brilliant! I never saw it before and you
    gave the song a great feeling of “life”

    Thank you for sharing your talent with your fans!

    God Bless!

    George, Harrah, OK

  38. Filippo says:

    Hi Leo,

    I’m a young italian guy, and you’re absolutely an idol to me! Thanks for the great music and inspiration!

    Let the show go on!


  39. "Mavis" says:

    Hi Leo,

    Love your work. Do you have any concert dates in Australia in 2013? I would love to be able to give my dad the ultimate Christmas/birthday present (I live in the UK but will be in Oz for Christmas and would love to be able to give him tickets as a surprise!). He is a massive fan.


    “Mavis” (my stage name of course) x

  40. Brian says:

    Wow… used to listen to you when I was a kid… you just came on Pandora… awesome memories!!

  41. JMiller says:


    My wife and I foster dogs. This past week we got one who was found in a Walgreens Drug Store parking lot as a stray. He had a tendency to jump on people, which we broke him of in a couple of days. He still stands on his hind legs and moves around…dancing! First time we saw him do that, we looked at each other and started singing “I can dance, I know I can dance…”. Leo Sayer!

    So when I took pictures and did a video to help find an adopter for him, we wanted to have your song “Long Tall Glasses” on his promo video. It is for tracysdogs.com out of San Antonio, TX. If you’ll give us permission to use your music, we’ll proudly give you credit. You will have done a great service for the people who help save animals.

    Thanks for years of great music!


  42. Donna says:

    Leo I cry everytime I hear when I need you… I dedicsted this to my new love who lives in NY right now, I will be moving there shortly from FLA. I am 48 and have been married before with kids and it took me all these years to find the love of my life, my kids LOVE him all my family loves him. WE love you as well , I was just talking to him playing your song and I was crying, we remeber oyu as kids with this song and others…..

    Love, Donna Salvatore xxoo

  43. KJ says:

    Where can I find a video of your appearance on SNL when you sang The Show Must Go On? I still remember that performance though I saw it only once.

  44. Monique A. says:

    My favorite song of your was When I need you. You put so much feeling into the recording, it is a classic and remains timeless. Thanks for all of your music and please continue your level of excellence. and hope to see you perform in the Us, San Francisco area. We love you here and want you back!

  45. Michael and ann says:

    Hi I don’t no if this the right way but I’m taking my partner to see you at Newcastle on November 14 . And she’s is so excited because she never ever thought she would see you . We are coming from scotland and wonder whether you could sign a cd or program for her . She as never had much in her life and I’m trying to make this a magic moment for her name is ann MacLean are seats are row m 114-115 I booked it under my name which is fletcher this would be so so special could you please email me back and let me if this is possible many thanks michael fletcher

  46. Hal Heydenfeldt says:

    I bought tickets in the ’70’s to see your concert at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles. When I arrived, everyone was being turned away at the parking entrance and were told the concert was cancelled and the ticket price would be refunded. (It was…) But, never an explanation… not cool. What happened?


  47. Anita Millard says:

    Hi Mr Sayer
    My name is Anita Millard. I couldnt find your postal contact so I have to go via this route to possibly ask you for an autograph and photograph of yourself. Ive been a great fan for many years. My posatal contact is 1 Nuwe Straat, De Rust , Wes Kaap Suid Afrika 6650 I really would like one to add to my collection of interesting and famous celebreties.

    Thanking you kindly
    Anita Millard

  48. Leo says:

    Hi All,

    I have been reading some comments here, on my website, and also a number of articles in the press regarding my ‘so called’ criticism of Sir Paul McCartney’s performance during the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony.

    I would like to take this opportunity to heartily apologise to anyone who may have been offended by all this, though the comment I made privately was misquoted and has been taken way out of context. I meant no disrespect to Sir Paul, who is and always has been a hero of mine – a guy I admire tremendously, both as a musician and a songwriter.


  49. Paul says:

    …have admired your stuff for decades. have played drums for decades and would like to play with you in the future. Please contact me….
    Paul 0417 497 389

  50. Jennifer Morgan says:

    Hi Leo

    I loved your music as a child growing up in the 70s. I have a 4 year old son now called Leo and he has discovered you through the Wiggles – You Make Me Feel Like Dancing is his favourite song and he thinks you’re fantastic.

    I’m from Dublin but I lived in St Kilda just outside Melbourne in 1999 & 2000. So I understand why you would move there permanently, what a great country!

    Just thought you would like to know that a new generation is enjoying your songs! Orchard Road is still my favourite.

    All the best

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