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  1. Jackie says:

    Boy Mr Sayer,
    I love that – that’s also brilliant to know I’ve managed to save you announcing your coming to tour the UK.

    Jackie – the font of all knowledge of Leo Sayer

  2. Jackie says:

    Those girls aren’t the only ones excited. I too am excited, very excited.
    I have a feeling one of the venues Leo will be performing in in the UK will be Bilston. I recall when I was at Leo’s concert there on
    9th November 2013, Leo said he’ll have to come back here soon. Another venue could also be Birmingham N.E.C, they are just my guesses as well as hopes. Also, it is real special to know Leo performing concert in Kuala Lumpur. K.L is very near to my birth place of Petaling Jaya.

    Jackie – the font of knowledge of Leo Sayer.

  3. Bernard says:

    Boy Mr. Sayer,
    You have saved me, announcing your coming to tour the Uk, the girls here in my family are really excited, all talk of where you are going to sing, so our house is a hype of activity,


  4. Jackie says:

    Are wow, thank you for your message reply Sharon that’s a lovely surprise to hear from you and good to know you’re still here – that’s brill that is. Are I see, good idea that. I don’t blame you celebrating the tour announcement I have been too and bouncing off those walls again with immense excitement. Thank you for your question and are wow that’s an immense honour and delight to be known as the font of all knowledge on Leo Sayer, thank you immensely for that Sharon. Yes I do have idea of two venues to start with where Leo Sayer hopes to do a couple of gigs. The first one is at the British Theatre Playhouse in Singapore at 7.30pm, on Saturday 17th January 2015 and Leo’s Kuala Lumpur concert will follow that at Esplanade Concert Hall on Tuesday 20th January 2015, which will kick off his busy schedule of International concerts in 2015, which I am thrilled to announce include a tour of the UK too. Wow man, that’s brilliant. I’ll let you know of further up coming venues as the details begin to unfold. I trust this is okay with you Sharon and hope I’ve answered your query for you.

    Jackie – the font of all Leo Sayer knowledge.

  5. sharon says:

    Still here,

    Been celebrating the tour announcement and hope to do a couple of Gigs. As the font of all knowledge any idea of venues?


  6. Jackie says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Are where’s Sharon got to, I do hope you’re okay.


  7. Jackie says:

    Hello Leo, When you tour UK next year Leo, please as a very special request could you sing a favourite song, Pop Life. Loved seeing you perform that song live in Llandudno. I’ll be greatly appreciate you for that, thank you Leo xx


  8. Anne says:

    Don’t miss Norway!! You will love it!! And you will be loved…
    Please, check it out!


  9. Jackie says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Just wondering with what you said earlier whether Leo would still like me to go to a concert of his – front row when he tours the UK next year ? I would be most grateful if you could please let me know. Thank you Sharon.

    Jackie, The Number One Fan of Leo

  10. Jackie says:

    Hello Leo, yes its brilliant news, I’ll be at your concert and I hope to be at more than one of your concerts this time too Leo, just like I was in 2012. It was brilliant I saw you in Llandudno then four days after that I, saw you in Birmingham at the N.E.C where you very kindly spotted me in the audience facing centre stage and you very kindly said nice to see you back. Its nice to see you back too Leo. That was truly amazing when I don’t think you knew I was going to see you there. Wow, thank you immensely Leo. Me too so so so excited and looking forward to seeing you soon Leo xx

  11. wesley says:

    Leo when you on tuor in south africa. massive fan base here. please think of a tour in Sa. Regards

  12. val says:

    Hi Leo,
    Fantastic news, we shall be at some of your concerts, all excited now, roll on next year, see you soon.
    Val xx

  13. Jackie says:

    An immense thank you for that too Leo xx

  14. Jackie says:

    yahoo, are wow brilliant man – wha hey, Jackie’s bouncing off those walls again with immense excitement at reading Leo going to be touring the UK next year. Yahoo, roll on – bring it on. brilliant that. so excited.

  15. SPAM WAGSTAFF says:


  16. SPAM WAGSTAFF says:

    Love pork cops.

  17. Bill E Ardlycett says:

    Hey There Leo, Bill E Ard here.

    I am so so so excited that you are touring in the UK next year. Quinsala and me are going to get the lada back on the road just so we can ariive in style. Quinsala is going to go all retro and grow here hair and get a tight perm, going to be amazing. Well better get off as need to find a new pair of long johns on ebay as mine are thread bare as the moths from my wallet have been at them again.

    see you soon bab

    Bill E Ard

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