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  1. J. C. says:

    Sharon asked me Leo questions which I answered, then she went un appreciative for it. Still no news update since being told it would get updated last week, yet its on the to-do list. All being well it will be sometime soon that it’ll get seen to, hopefully. Good luck with your new album and Australian tour next year Leo.

  2. anonymous says:

    With Leo’s No Fracking Way protest continuing in Australia and his forthcoming national Australian Restless Years Tour 2015, which is set to kick off on 4th February, It looks like Leo may not be touring the UK next year then much to my dismay. Restless Years is the title of
    Leo Sayer’s brand new forthcoming album set to be released in January. Leo’s Restless Years album features sixteen tracks, some old and some new.

  3. Jackie says:

    Hello Leo,
    Wow, that’s amazing you performed to a 2500 audience at Stanthorpe at the weekend at your young 66 year age, congratulations Leo. Hope you’ll come back and tour the UK next year and Bilston. You said you’ll have to come back to Bilston soon. Any idea when you’ll be up-dating your main news page please ? Would be good to hear.

  4. Lolly Lycett says:

    Hey Leo,
    Hows things?
    Sad news, Hatty Jones has left me for an older Man, I can’t belive it we had such a short but amazing time together, I am so sad. Danny Petit has been looking after me, and we have been up the social a couple of times to drown our sorrows, couple of Babychams and I am anyones.

    Anyway the weekend is coming so going to enjoy my single smooth life for a while and get up the disco and dance the night away.

    Stat Tistic is going to come over tomorrow, he mentioned on the phone that you still have his Bernie Winters signed Poster, could you bring it over when you next visit as I took down my Boyzone one and need a replacement.

    Well better get going, got to get my spray tan done and polish my dome as its looking a bit rough.

    Tarra sweet cheeks. xx

  5. Chwiff Charles says:

    Hi Leo,
    Was out with Waggy and Q Ball lastnight, had a great night we met up with Snake T and Python at the Choclate Cake Club in Rugely. The night reminded me of one of my fav tunes of yours “Dancing the night away” and my god did we boogie, waggy was doing the birdy song dance and Q Ball broke on to the floor doing his Pigeon slide dance, was amazing.
    We went for a Kebab afterwards and bumped into my mother in law Kaz, shes one of those cleaning crazy people.

    When you next in Rugely, would love to see you, Lewis and Hamilton will be here next week, we could meet up and have a couple of snakebites like the old days? Give us a tinkle bab and I can get some plans sorted, I will sleep on the ironing board and you can have my ZBed.

    Well better go, Philis and Davey are coming over in the morning for breakfast, were having one of my fav juice drinks, cauli, carrot, beetroot and potatoe. Catch you soon Bab


  6. Paul Taylor says:

    HI Leo,
    I’m a long time fan of yours and really appreciate the music you have written, recorded and performed throughout your career. I dusted off “Silverbird” and “Just a Boy” earlier today and cranked up the volume. I think it’s been about a year since I’ve listened to those two albums but I’ve listened to them tons of times and each time I do, I discover some other nuance to your lead vocal tracks. I’m sure you’ve enjoyed a very successful career, but I don’t think you’ve had half the recognition and appreciation you deserve. As far as I’m concerned, you’re music royalty.

    Thank you for your work and inspiration.


    Paul Taylor

  7. Lady Jayne Hawkins says:

    Hi Leo

    I write with a bit of bad news, do you remember we went round to Waggies for a dinner the other night and he served us pigeon pie? Well…. I’ve had Kremlin Lycett on the blower today in floods of tears, he told me Waggy has gone missing along with his prize pigeon Yolanda.

    I’ve put 2 and 2 together and come to the conclusion that we ate Yolanda at Waggies the other night. If I were you I’d keep it quite as I’m really worried for him. I don’t know whats gone on between him and Waggy but if he found out we’ve at Yolanda, I fear he may slap his bald head until he passes out!!!!!.

    You remember what he was like when he came out to his ex wife and she cooked his last prize pigeon he had to have a year of rehab and counciling.

    Keep it on the low, toodle pip

    Lady Jayne

  8. Jackie North-Coates says:

    Hi Leona,
    I’ve been looking for the track Your Light, but I think you maybe confused with another artist. Celine Dion recorded a song called
    Your Light. Someone said the lyrics “I’m blinded by your light” are in Leo’s 1980 hit ‘More Than I Can Say’. I’ve just looked through the lyrics of ‘More Than I Can Say’ on line and it doesn’t say those lyrics in that song at all. “However you are quite right Leo is still amazing. :)
    Hope this info is of help.
    warm wishes,

  9. Lenora says:


    I’ve been searching everywhere for “Your Light” it was a B side track, but should have been an A, in my opinion. I can remember almost all the lyrics but was wondering if the complete track or set of lyrics is available somewhere? You are still amazing :)

    warm wishes,


  10. Sergei Dmitriev. says:

    Dear Leo! I come from a distant Soviet Union. Thank you for the good fortune to hear your songs. So good that you are one of the few singers who are not banned in the Soviet Union. TogOchen glad vydet you on YouTube and is now in good health and in the bright, still youthful voice. I really hope that my son will see you at a live concert. His love for you to start with “When I Need You” and “I Cant Stop Loving You”. Your fans from overseas – Sergei and Jr. Nikita. We love you!

  11. Darren says:

    Hi Leo,
    I would love to meet you. I am not a nutter but saw you in Coles once and was surprised to see you Sydney. I am 50 and remember your songs. Let me know if you would consider having a coffee.

  12. Vicki says:

    I went your concert at twin towns last night. Fantastic, absolutely made me feel like dancing! Thank you for the wonderful memories you bought flooding back. Ah the seventies! Your music (along with Joni, carol and of course cat) were very special and still evoke thoughts of an amazing decade of music. God, young love lost without a leo song? Thank you

  13. Jackie North-Coates says:

    Hi Lady Jayne Hawkins,
    Thank you for your message reply and very kindly letting me know. Are wow you were lucky to have been at Leo’s private gig for his close friends. Are wow I can imagine it was a lovely night, so pleased it was a lovely night for you. That’s good there was some great company fine drink over a pork chop supper.

    Thank you for very kindly asking re; camper vans and pigeons. Not pigeons, but I do like camper vans. I would have one if only I could drive. Thank you also for very kindly telling me about the club where Leo played his gigs and that a camper van is a very good way of getting into the club.

    I believe it was you who said you were having a week at Brean Sands ? I’ve been to Pontins in Brean before. If it was you, hope you won at the bingo.

    Its good making friends with people associated with Leo Sayer.
    Again, glad it was a really good night for you and thank you for writing to me. You too take care, Lady Jayne Hawkins.

  14. Tiddles Wagstaff says:




  15. Hawking von Hammersmith says:

    Alright Leo

    Just going around in my wheely bin listening to your tunes earlier when something caught my eye. There was some strange bloke driving around in a camper van with your face on the side. He heard your music playing from my wheely bin and invited me to an evening of trout tickling with his friend Nikky Ratcliff.

    They said they were part of the Leo Sayer tour group but it freaked me out a bit, so I hopped into my wheely bin and when back to my shack along the river with Mace Lycett and his pidgeon.

    Peace out

  16. Lady Jayne Hawkins says:

    Hi Jackie

    Jayne here, I think Leo’s gig in Birmingham was a private gig for his close friends. I was lucky enough to be there with Mikie Bill Iardlycett and Waggy with a few others Bo Dallas Wilson and his partner Angelo were there. It was a lovely night with some great company fine drink over a pork chop supper.

    Do you like camper vans? or Pigeons? If you do its a sure way of getting into the club. They are good nights, a few months ago we had a scooby doo themed dinner out of my camper.

    Really good night. Take care Jackie

  17. Jackie Twine says:

    Yes, I wonder why Leo hasn’t updated us all with no new news yet too, wal.

  18. wal says:

    I wonder why leo or his team have not updated us with new news

  19. Jackie Twine says:

    Are, just think this time last year I was in Bilston with a couple of friends at The Robin 2 venue seeing Leo Sayer in concert. It was another outstanding performance from Leo with some very pleasurable surprises especially when Leo said, “Our song” as he went into, One Man Band and then a bit later on Leo very kindly came towards the front of the stage to where there was an opening in the 570 strong crowd and said to me, “I can see you!” that was brill that was, thank you immensely Leo. Loved the way Leo started that show off with the intro, instrumental part of ‘The Show Must Go On’.

  20. Soloman says:

    Please consider doing a concert for your fans in the USA. It’s been such a long time and you have many hits, and fans like me that love your music. How about a location such as Atlantic City? Your music was a great part of my youth. Please come!!!

  21. Maddy Jones Boyo says:

    Heya Leo

    It was truly a great day for sports last weekend when the League of Legends came to town. It was like being at a circus, you should have been there. All it was missing was the intro music. TSM would have been perfect walking out to the tune of Dancing the Night Away.

    My mummy let me stay up way past my bed time to watch them finish, but I had to make sure I was sound asleep before Uncle Pedro came round for his weekly visit.

    Hope Blizzard book you for the next one, my sister can’t wait to see you blare out the tunes, as you really do make her feel like dancing.

    All the best


  22. quiff crackling charles says:


    Just want to say I had a great birthday I finally plugged up the courage to tell Barry the snake my true feelings and to my surprise he felt the same.
    We now are both planning to move to snake Mountain and spend the rest of our days there. “I cant wait” Im gonna meet up with the boys in the Colebrook next week if your free were all going to get smashed on Stellas Thursday is the best night to go as its karoake night.

    anyway must go love and Quisses QUIFF.

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