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  1. Mark Sydow Management says:

    Hi Karen,
    Leo’s Australian management:
    Mark Sydow Management
    PO Box 2098 Fitzroy VIC 3065
    PH: + 61 3 9495 6641
    MOB: +61 4 00 520 250

  2. Jackie says:

    Hello Leo,
    Hope you are well – and um, er Leo Sayer in the Birmingham area last night ? How come this wasn’t announced in advanced ?

  3. Rita, Sue and Lycett too says:

    Hey Leo darling, hope you are well.

    Me Rita and Sue were so excited to see you up the dog and duck last night, your looking so well. As you know Rita and Sue are my pet pigeons but I also have Mattykins and Danny who I am training to be as wonderful and awesome as me as I am amazing just like you Leo. When are you next in The Birmigham area, would love you to come over and see us all at the Coupe, we can kick a few tunes and enjoy a pie sandwich together? well better go as need to send a few emails and tick a few boxes on the checklist. Tarra for now sweetie.


  4. johnhunt says:

    You are and you will always be one of the greats thank you

  5. Jackie says:

    Hi Karen, You’re welcome! Glad to have been of help. Kind regards, jackie.

  6. Karen Robertson says:

    Thanks Jackie

  7. Jackie says:

    Hi Karen,
    Here are the Leo Sayer management contact details as follows;

    The Harbour Agency is based at, 135 Forbes Street, Woolloomooloo, NSW, 2811.

    Telephone; + 61293315888.

    Kind regards,

  8. Karen Robertson says:


    How can I get hold of Leo Sayer management please?

    Kind regards

  9. Mark says:

    Hello Leo.

    I have a bar in Bradford-on-Avon Uk and we are gettin’ down bustin some moves to a 70’s and 80’s vibe including some well worn vinyl and I have just been chattin’ to “Lenny” you may remember? he did your soffits and facia boards in Amersham.

    Lenny speaks very highly of you and remembers how you are that larger than life character who can connect on so many different levels.

    He also remembers you said pop round for tea.

    It’s great to hear fantastic stories like this and I hope you get a happy warm feeling from this message and the genuine heat felt warmth in which it is sent.

    Love from us all.

    Now we are chillin’ as we are closed. xx

  10. Jackie says:

    I wonder if Leo’s included his The DJ Song on his brand new forthcoming album ?

  11. Jackie says:

    Hi Leo,
    I’ve just sent someone to stay at the King’s Hotel, Hove, Brighton. The person stayed there on my recommendations. I told them about you, the time you worked there as a hotel porter and lift boy before you became famous. The person said to me, “It better be good cause they did it on my recommendation” as it was the hotel is fine and guess what floor they stayed on ? Ironically the person stayed on the third floor too. Also, the glass cabinet is still in the reception area of the hotel. The person’s going to stay there again and hope next time they’ll have chance and encourage the reception staff to put up a write up about you in the foyer of the hotel. I just thought you may like to know I did that all because of you Leo. Best wishes, Jackie.

  12. Sean says:

    Hi Leo Do you still remember me from Bali we met quite a while ago I still remember when you let me on your iPhone
    Miss you, Sean

  13. Val says:

    Hi there Leo,

    I know you are busy, with your book and album and your passion for no fracking, but I tend to agree with Jet, we have had nothing from you since March, would be nice for you to update your messages to your loyal fans.
    love your music.


  14. Jet says:

    I’m going to give up visiting this site before long, no main news up-date from Leo since March.

  15. Jet says:

    As for Sharon asking me, did she inspire me to create the new
    Leo Sayer Fan Club face book page, the truth is no Sharon didn’t. It was in all honesty, an idea from a friend of mine. My friend suggested I create a new face book page as she knows I’m a massive fan of
    Leo Sayer. I thought my friend’s idea’s brilliant, and so I created it.

  16. Jackie says:

    Say no to Fracking. I’ve shared the video on my face book page.

  17. Lycett Stallone says:


    Just filming my new series on Men and Motors Pigeon chasing with Helmet.
    Its hopefully going to be a big hit and I will get enough money to take my bearded zeus to minehead for the weekend. We truly love each other and Minehead would be the perfect escape for us.

    I thought Pigeons would be my life love but my bearded zues has took over from them.

    One quick question before I go whats the best thing to put on chips some say gravy but I much prefer cow muck.

    see ya mucca

    Lycett stallone.

  18. Cliff Lycett says:

    Hi Yaaa Bab,

    Cliff here, hows it hanging sweetie?

    Had a fab week this week, only had to logon to work 5 times, as I get nose bleeds if I don’t look at my emails at least once a day, even when i am on holiday.

    Treated myself to a new ski jacket, bought it 3 sizes larger so i can grow into it in time for my 45 birthday, the neighbour gave me it, its lovely rose and purple stripes.

    Well what do you think to X factor, loving the bearded chap, looks just like my hunk of a man Waggy…….. grrrrrrrrr hes an animal in the sleeping bag.

    Well bab, better go as having gooliash for tea and its my favourite.

    taarraa bab, see you soon.

    Ps can you leave my sandals behind the bar when you are next up the Feel n collar pub.


  19. cwiffie charles says:

    hi ya love.

    had a bit of bad news this weekend my old mate danny has left me and were no longer a couple im broke up more than words can say.

    Its been a terrible blow to me the only good thing thats has happned to me this week was I met up with my old mate Bredan at the bingo and he has invited me round to his house next Tuesday to watch the die hard box set and he is even bringing some toffee apples to make the night extra special.
    Im off down to Lidl in the morning to get some scampi for my pet snake martin.

    Love of love


  20. Jackie says:

    Hello Leo, Just to let you know I’ve given a like to your video on your face book page No Fracking Way. I am in full support of you to help stop Fracking going on in Australia by saying No to Fracking. I have also listened to your protest song, No Fracking Way and reading a comment of yours on your face book page, I don’t blame you one bit not going to shut up about it. You carry on Leo. I also support Val in her request, when is there going to be an up-date on your main news page please. We die-hard fans haven’t heard from you since March this year, which is most unusual as you usually write an up-date once every six months and an extra message near Christmas time. Do hope you are okay and things are well with you. Best regards, Jackie.

  21. Val says:

    Hey Leo,

    While your on facebook, could you update your message board at the same time please, its been a very long time since you last left a message for us in the Uk,
    Val xx

  22. J says:

    Okay, I am going to go on supporting our Leo Sayer, I’m not giving up not when I’m a devoted fan for almost 40 years and I will continue being devoted and support our Leo Sayer. Thank you for all the wonderful memories Leo, looking forward to your tour next year and new album too. Its also with thanks to you I’ve made a couple of new friends, one with another Leo Sayer fan and the other one, a pen-friend who is related to your former wife, Janice.

  23. J says:

    I earned Leo Sayer two new fans in 2012, they are a couple friends of mine for more than 30 years. I’ve just informed them of the news I won’t be going to Leo Sayer concert as I’ve done too much of it. They are upset to hear the news and I’ll tell them about your message to me, as like me, they loved going to see Leo Sayer in concert, so don’t know what you think to that. Good bye Jackie.

  24. Jackie says:

    Hold on again, its Sharon the second trying to get me to fall for it with her wicked mind-games again. I almost have fallen for it this time. Well Sharon the second, you’re not so clever as you think you are as the good Sharon never addresses me with ‘Dear Jackie’ for starters and nor would the good Sharon say as every word I write in many ways interfered by you and nor would the good Sharon ever say Goodbye. How dare you keep trying to steer me a way from Leo ? I know its you Donatella. You met me for the very first time the year before last when we were at Llandudno, on Tuesday November 6 2012. You’re so lucky you live a lot nearer to Leo than I do. I suppose its you whose stopped Leo from up-dating his main news message page. Its either you, or understandably Leo’s currently busy working on his new CD which I will be buying and I will go to Leo Sayer concert again. Why would Leo say Goodbye to an on-going life long devoted massive fan of his, for more than 30 years ?

  25. Jackie says:

    Ps/ Dear Sharon,

    I will also try and delete the Leo Sayer Fan Club page on face book too and in all honesty, it was not you who inspired me. It was actually a suggestion from a friend of mine. I will also not be buying Leo’s new CD and I felt before now as far back as last year actually, my time supporting Leo for more than thirty years, coming to a close. I thought you didn’t want me on an Endless Flight, and you did say nice to see Jackie back – but there we are.



  26. Jackie says:

    Dear Sharon,
    Thank you for your message and sincerely sorry for the interruption. I did not mean to interrupt and I assisted you with your queries. Therefore, I too will not be contributing any further messages on here and nor will I go to Leo Sayer concert in the future.


  27. Sharon says:

    Dear Jackie

    As every word I write appears to be interpreted in many ways by you, I have decided to stop contributing on this site and direct future comments/views I have directly to Leo.

    Good bye.


  28. paul says:

    Thanks so much for the music. Can’t get enough of Can’t let the show go on. 71 years old and counting, great memories, thanks again. You brighten my days.

  29. Jackie says:

    Are, we haven’t had a main news message up-date from Leo since March this year. I hope Leo is well and things are well with him. Now I’m beginning to wonder is that what Sharon meant when she said to me, keep the news coming ?

    Jackie – The Number Fan Of Leo Sayer :)

  30. Jackie says:

    Oops, I meant 2014 sincerely sorry about that, not 2004. That’s what happens when I gets excited on our Leo Sayer.

  31. Jackie says:

    Re-reading Leo’s main news message page, dated 4th March 2004, it is good to know your new album is coming on great Leo. I’m looking forward to buying it and listening to it. I know for one I’ll agree with you regarding the results of your new forthcoming album Leo. Also, wishing you good luck and safe travels when you play concerts in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, and roll on when you tour the UK again x

  32. Jackie says:

    Aye up, Jackie’s bouncing off those walls again. Just found and bought a rare Leo Sayer Patches single, Living In America with the B side being, The Hour Is Love. I also wonder whether Leo’s ever thought of re-recording The Hour Is Love on CD format ? I know apart of the song is featured on Leo’s re-issue Silverbird album from the One Man Band series, but would love to hear the full version of it. I also wonder whether Leo received an email from David Courtney a couple of weeks ago, requesting him to respond to it. The question David said was best to be answered by Leo. The question was, What was the story behind the song at the time it was written. The song is apparently David Courtney’s favourite (although it never charted) and is titled,
    Why Is Everybody Going Home ?

    Looking forward to an answer
    With thanks in advance,

  33. Jackie says:

    I can’t say that I’m not the font of all knowledge on Leo Sayer not knowing the answer regarding Ronnie Johnson and I should have known the answer on that one shouldn’t I have done? but I am happy to know and have been claimed to be the Number One Fan Of Leo Sayer. That’s a brilliant honour that is.


  34. Jackie says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Thank you for very kindly letting me know the very interesting answer re; Ronnie Johnson, the time you saw him perform on stage barefoot. I am immensely appreciative to you.

    Kind regards, Jackie – The Number One Fan Of Leo Sayer

  35. Jackie says:

    Hello Leo,
    I asked a friend of yours once about your birth star sign. Your friend said you’re a Gemini, but I believe you are like me a Taurus. If you were born before midnight on May 21st 1948, you are definitely a Taurus. Please can you put us right on that one, or am I right to think you’re a Taurus ? I recall hearing you on the radio once back in 1998/9 time and I’m certain then you said you and I are both the same star sign. I would be very much appreciated of the right answer please.
    My birthday’s the same month as you, but 20 days exactly before yours.

    Jackie – The Number One Fan Of Leo Sayer.

  36. Carlos Lincoln Marks says:

    Martha Davis (The Motels) will be contributing her version of “Nowhere Man” to a The Beatles tribute album.
    She joins other legendary singers including Ann Wilson, LEO SAYER,,John Wetton of Asia (band) and Dave Mason.

    “Nowhere Man” …
    You feel the world is at your command, don’t you, Mr Sayer ?.

  37. Jackie says:

    Hi Sharon,
    I’ll try asking you again as someone else by the same name Sharon spoke for you in a reply to me yesterday and she tried saying I’m a stalker and I’m not, I don’t have any intentions of doing such a thing, and I am always interested in Leo Sayer – the other Sharon tried saying I wasn’t, but that is where she’s totally wrong. I am always interested in Leo Sayer. Leo will always have my full support, a lifetime. I don’t know why she’s being like that for when she got to meet Leo’s Number One Fan for the very first time, soon after Leo and I had a conversation outside the stage door at Llandudno. I thought I would be honest and tell you about the other person calling themselves Sharon and what she said. I don’t think the other person calling themselves Sharon wanted you to have the following items. What it is, I’ve got a copy of Leo’s parents marriage certificate and a photocopy of a newspaper article of the time when Leo was fire hero at The Kings Hotel in Hove. The photocopy newspaper article is slightly different from the ones I gave Leo after his outstanding Llandudno concert and I would like to know please, would you like any of these photocopies Sharon ?
    I look forward to your reply.

    Jackie – The Number One Fan Of Leo Sayer

  38. Jackie says:

    I would think Leo would up-date us all in a news message round about Christmas time. Leo usually sends a Christmas message every year. By then, I would also think there will be some more news on Leo’s brand new album, so looking forward to buying that and listening to it.

    Jackie – The Number One Fan Of Leo Sayer.

  39. val says:

    Hi there Leo,
    Any nearer to having your tour dates released for the UK? I think it would be a great christmas present for a friend of mine.
    Kind regards

  40. Jackie says:

    Hi Sharon two,

    Also for your information Sharon two, I know Leo would never say such things like sounds creepy to me and also for your information Sharon two, I would never dream of stalking Leo. He’s too brilliant and amazing to do such a thing like that too. You’re just jealous you are Sharon two. I don’t understand why when you’re nearer to Leo than I am. I’m thousands of miles a way, and I can also tell you Sharon two, I am always interested in our Leo Sayer, always have been since 1976 and always will be. Leo Sayer will always have my full support.


  41. Jackie says:

    Hi Sharon

    Hold on, I’ve just re-read your message and nearly fell for your cunning trick again Sharon two. To put this right. I’m not a stalker. I would never to do such things like that. I know Leo if Leo’s interested he would say so himself, he wouldn’t say things like it sounds creepy. I recall the time Leo posted a message on a Brighton & Hove website about the time he was fire hero at the Kings Hotel, Hove when he worked there as
    (Gerard Sayer) a hotel porter and lift boy before he became Leo Sayer. He asked if anyone has any information to please let everyone know. So I knew exactly where to find the information. I got hold of it and when I met Leo Sayer personally for the third time at his brilliant Llandudno concert, bless him he came straight to me outside the stage door. It was amazing he knew exactly where I was stood when two men had jumped the queue in front of me, and bless Leo, he didn’t half shift the two men out of the way fast, then Leo asked me, “Are those for me?” and I delightedly replied “Yes” and gave the photocopied news paper articles to him, and Leo very kindly informed me about the man in the other picture on the photocopied newspaper article. So Sharon number 2, you can’t fool me as you were hoping you would. Sincerely sorry Leo, I didn’t mean to respond to that Sharon as that I would take what she said the right way as I haven’t. You have to watch that Sharon number two, Leo, as she tries to play mind games with me Leo. Hope you accept my apology Sharon number one, the friendly Sharon the one who asked me about Ronnie Johnson.


  42. Jackie says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Thank you for very kindly replying to me. You will be pleased to know I am taking what you’ve said the right way for you Sharon.


  43. Sharon says:

    Hi Jackie

    Sounds a bit creepy to me, if Leo wanted this sort of thing I am sure he would have it or would know where to find it.

    I always think there is a dividing line between being interested and being a Stalker and you maybe crossing the line on this one.

    Hopefully you will take this the right way.


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