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  1. Jackie says:

    Hi Sharon,
    I just submitted a message to you and it didn’t post again, so using another email address. I think someone may try keep blocking me from here and don’t know why. Hope my message submits this time. Re; when you said you not heard of the Aunty Lynn thing where Leo reads a story on the DVD, I mentioned to you about. It was done for or in aid of an Australian Childrens Charity. The DVD was released in 2009 and wonder whether that evokes your memory of it at all. I do know Leo has done work or supports charities and can I recall anti-slavery was I believe a Childrens Charity Leo supported. I wonder whether I’ve remembered that one right. Hope I have. Jackie.

  2. Jackie says:

    Hi Sharon,
    Re; when you said you not heard of the Aunty Lynn thing, the DVD where Leo reads the story, I believe was done for or in aid of an Australian Childrens charity and wonder whether that evokes your memory of it, it was released in 2009. I know Leo does support some charities and I think one other’s connected with anti-slavery. I wonder if I’ve remembered that right. Hope I have. Jackie.

  3. Jackie says:

    Hi Sharon,
    Are bless, thank you immensely for your very kind message reply and for easing my mind. That’s a big relief to know. I was so anxious and I too don’t want to be sent on an “Endless Flight”, I will always support and be devoted to our Leo, a life time. Again, thank you immensely Sharon. Jackie

  4. sharon says:

    Hi Jackie

    No problems just didn’t want to see you sent on an

    “Endless Flight”


  5. Jackie says:

    Hi Sharon,
    The warehouse idea came from someone by the name of Val. You are quite right it won’t fly and I’m not going to have my place in the front row put in jeopardy. Again, no need to apologise, I appreciate and I am immensely thankful for your very kind concern of which I will take heed of. Hope this puts things right and for Leo. Jackie

  6. Jackie says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Good to hear from you. Thank you for your message and very kind concern and explanation. You are quite right with Leo wouldn’t be happy, and that Leo Sayer merchandise always sold at his gigs to make extra profit . No need to apologise. I fully understand and appreciate. Thank you for your Good luck on Facebook wishes, I am greatly appreciated to you. Jackie

  7. sharon says:

    Hi Jackie

    I think you maybe getting ahead of yourself here, not sure where your Warehouse idea came from but I don;t think it will fly.

    Extra profit from a tour comes from mechandise sales at the gigs so I don’t think Leo would be to happy if you set up in competition.

    You may put your place in the front row in jeopardy.

    Sorry to rain on your parade.

    Good luck on Facebook.


  8. Jackie says:

    Hi Sharon,
    Again, thank you for your Good luck wishes and inspiration with my new venture. Also with regards to your query, yes you did inspire me, you inspired me when you suggested about us setting up a warehouse in England, selling all Leo Sayer branded items. A brilliant suggestion of yours that.

  9. Jackie says:

    Ah wow, lovely surprise your message to me on here thank you immensely Sharon and thank you immensely for your Good luck wishes on my new adventure. Yes, too right you inspired me thank you immensely for that too. I’m so thrilled and honoured to have created the special page Leo Sayer Fan Club, especially for our Leo Sayer. Again, thank you immensely. Jackie’s big smiles and jumping thrilled to know you were at the Llandudno concert too. That and all the other Leo Sayer concerts I’ve been to are brilliant man, really loved Llandudno and an immense pleasurable surprise outside the stage door afterwards when are bless, Leo found me it was amazing to know how he knew exactly where I was stood and with an immense thanks to Leo, he made those two men that jumped in front of me move out the way and they didn’t half move fast, thank you immensely for that also. I bet the other fans outside the stage door wondered how I got those newspaper photo copies for Leo when he held one of them up, pointed to the picture and called out, “That’s me folks.” Are bless. I also loved it when Leo started his show off with anyone from 1948 ? I soon called out yes you. Then he went through the years and then asked about 1960 and I said “yes”, no one else in the auditorium said anything. I also loved it when Leo went into Pop Life. I owe you one for inspiring me Sharon, please allow me to.

  10. sharon says:

    Hi Jackie

    Good Luck with your new venture, did I inspire you?

    I was also at the LLandudno Gig.


  11. Carlos Lincoln Marks says:

    It looks like bad philosophy and it repeats in life an “error” of which people have already repented in songlyrics writers.
    ( Maybe “errors” were made for being repeated )

    Running through my life
    Like a river, like a song…
    … … …
    … … …
    See what I mean,
    You see what I mean…

    Leo Sayer – Train –

  12. Jackie says:

    Please note a correction; the new face book page title is
    Leo Sayer Fan Club. Not Leo Sayer Fans Club. Apologies for that, excitement got a hold. Also added to the new Leo Sayer Fan Club face book page is a photo of Leo and his UK band along with, lead guitarist, Ronnie Johnson. The photo was taken at venue cymru, Llandudno, North Wales, on Tuesday 6th November 2012 as Leo and his band took their bows after another brilliant, Leo Sayer concert performance.

  13. Jackie says:

    Hello Leo, I thought I would write and let you know that as I am a life long devoted Leo Sayer fan and friend of Leo, I have more than 30 CDs of Leo Sayer and some Leo Sayer DVDs too. I thought you and all
    Leo Sayer fans may like to know, I have just created a new face book page. My new face book page is titled Leo Sayer Fans Club. Its a place for all Leo Sayer fans to connect and share their Leo stories, poems, ideas, experiences of meeting Leo Sayer and generally making it a special place and home of All Things Leo Sayer.

  14. Greg says:

    Hello…..any chance of a US tour anytime? Specifically Chicago? Maybe next summer at Ravinia ( – would LOVE to see you at that venue!

  15. Jackie says:

    Hi Sharon, Thinking about your question again, do I have a favourite Leo story ? Yes I do and it has to be that I have had the immense pleasure of meeting Leo personally three times, and I am also thrilled and honoured, to have become a friend of Leo as well as a number one fan that means the world to me, thank you immensely Sharon x

  16. Jackie says:

    Hi Sharon – are bless, thank you immensely for that. I have just had a look for the DVD which is by Auntie Lynn and the story is read by Leo Sayer. It doesn’t seem to be on there. I’ll see if its on Ebay and now I’m sincerely sorry, I’m unable to recall what website I purchased it from. I could bring it with me to the next Leo Sayer concert I go to and show it to you if you would like. Are wow, I bet that was truly amazing meeting Leo staying in the same hotel as Leo in Buxton. Wow man. I recall when I went to see our Leo at Eastleigh’s music festival in July 2004, Saturday 31st. I was informed which room to book, the one over looking the festival field. I did book it, then someone swerved my mind informing me not to let strangers into my room, but un-known to that person little did that person know Leo and I are no strangers :) However, there’s been recent talk of Leo performing concert in Holmfirth when he next comes to England. I was asked will I try and be there and too right I said yes. I will try and be there too. I get there the same way as I got to see our Leo in Birmingham at the NEC on Saturday 2nd July 2010. It really is an immense honour and delight being titled, Leo Sayer’s number one fan.

  17. sharon says:

    Hi Jackie

    Not heard of the Auntie Lynn thing which just proves you are No 1.

    Meeting Leo last year in Buxton last year when we were staying in the same Hotel is certainly my top tale.


  18. Jackie says:

    Are wow, thank you Sharon. Sincerely sorry to hear you’re having withdrawal symptoms from a lack of Leo action. Are I see. Hope you enjoyed the Jimmy Cliff show. Oh wow, thank you for very kindly asking me. Yes I do. I have two favourite Leo stories. I love the story Leo tells during his live version on one of the DVDs on Leo Sayer The Greatest Hits DVD 2 CD box set during when he sings Giving It All Away, that’s the DVD with Leo singing our favourite, Orchard Road song in the telephone box, and another favourite Leo story is a DVD I’ve got its called,The Magical Scarecrows By Auntie Lynn and on the DVD, it says
    Leo Sayer reads Santa’s Scary Christmas. I’ve already watched it and listened to it. Leo tells a brilliant story and puts a lot of expression in reading the characters in the story. Its an immensely enjoyable one and will be watching it and listening to it again.

  19. Sharon says:

    No Probs Jackie.

    Suffering withdrawal symptoms from a lack of Leo action, went to see Jimmy Cliff last week as a consolation.

    Do you have a favourite Leo story?

  20. Jackie says:

    Its an immense pleasure being back and also, its an immense honour being given the title of Leo’s number one fan too. Are wow, bless. Thank you immensely Sharon xx

  21. Jackie says:

    Are wow, thank you for your welcome back Sharon xx

  22. sharon says:

    Nice to see Jackie’s back!!

  23. mk says:

    About a week ago I was falling asleep and all of a sudden I realized I missed Leo Sayer. I used to sing with him at the top of my lungs, and boy, I COULD DANCE, too! Now I proudly have his Just a Box and I couldn’t be happier. Most is new to me having only had Just a Boy and Endless Flight some 40 odd years ago. Leo, welcome home. You’ve been gone too long old friend. It’s nice to have you back. mk

  24. Jackie says:

    I wonder when Leo going to up-date his main news message page. So looking forward to your brand new forth coming album Leo x

  25. Carlos Lincoln Marks says:

    A song never disowns its listeners.

    “When I Need You”

  26. Gary Kemper says:

    I just had to contact you. I was stationed in Wildflecken Germany 1975-1977. The first album I ever bought was by you-”Just a Boy”. I have been a fan ever since. What I enjoy doing now is sharing your videos especially the ones in the “clown suit”

    They are a reflection of my life and I am appreciative of the talent of yours that shows through when presented as such. I am a member of Friendly Metal Detecting forum and I get kicked off occasionally but I never break a forum rule. My user name on there is Kemper.

    The reason I bring that up is because I can get silly yet when someone looks at my past posts they can see that my goal and achievements are of helping people. I am constantly laughing my ass off at people that accuse me of “stirring the pot” and then I direct them to my over 1200 posts and they can find nothing negative.

    I thank you for helping me through the years. And all I have to do is listen-Gary Kemper Farmington Missouri.

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