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  1. Jackie says:

    Hey Leo,
    Its brilliant to know you’re going to be announcing a UK ‘Restless Years’ Tour soon for later this year, brill roll on. I’m coming to see you in Bilston, and I’m so glad I managed to get you in there when I told them about you and your brand new album upon receipt of your request, you put on your website’s messageboard just before Christmas. I couldn’t believe it when I got an email which said yes. I almost passed out. A new friend and Leo Sayer fan tells me I’m your number one UK fan Leo. I like to think I am, because I think I have been on all your UK tours since you made a come back in 1998. In one week I saw you twice, Llandudno and Birmingham. I’m so looking forward to seeing and hearing you perform your new songs on your ‘Restless Years’ UK tour Leo.

  2. Martin&Lisa Baker says:

    When are going to Perform at Glastonbury. Your a LEGEND

  3. Jackie says:

    Hi Leo,
    Your new song the, ‘Millenium Wheel’ reminds me of the time when my then husband and I spotted your long white lorry and black BMW on Tewkesbury Road, Cheltenham. It was at the end of your 1999 UK summer tour and we had seen you in Brannigan’s Night Club, Blackpool, that same year on Thursday 14th October. We had just crossed the main road, and stayed on the grassy part by the traffic lights when I spotted your vehicles.

    Your vehicles were stationary at the lights in the near right hand lane. You and I didn’t see each other, it was dark and my then husband and I were on our way to the nearby Sainsburys. I just knelt down in tears cause it was that weekend when Phill and I were at the Woodmancote Royal British Legion Club, and got your message from a local music group called themselves, ‘The Ramrods’ and they played ‘Stevie Wonder’s song, ‘I Just Called To Say I Love You’ and throughout the song, the lead singer kept saying Leo. The date of seeing your vehicles stationary at the lights on the Tewkesbury Road was 6th January 2000, and 2000 was the turn of the Millenium – the ‘Millenium Wheel’. Thank you immensely for all the wonderful memories, times and your music, Leo.

  4. Paul says:


    Long time fan, but not for the obvious reasons.. Some 38 years ago my then girl friend and I who just started dating, danced to “When I Need You” at our school prom.. My wife and I loved your song.. We were married a few years later and yes, our wedding song was When I Need You… Years went by and we had kids etc… but we never stopped enjoying that song and all the good memories it brought to the both of us..

    After 37 years of being together 33+ years married my wife was diagnosed with kidney cancer in June 2013, We did everything we could with treatments etc… and after a serious reaction to a particular treatment, things just didn’t go well.. I lost my wife February 11 2014… When I Need You played at her service…

    Your song has meant a great deal to the both of us and was actually with us since the first month we met.. Thank You!

  5. Jackie says:

    Oh I’ll get it right this time, Helena 1989 think that’s right, I hope it is.

  6. Jackie says:

    Oh, I meant to say Hi Helena 1998, sorry about that my concentration’s gone with excitment of Leo Sayer man :)

  7. Jackie says:

    Hi Helena,
    You’re always more than welcome you are, anytime and anything for you. Glad to be of help :) I can also udnerstand why Leo said in his main news message page about how he had such fun creating his brilliant brand new album ‘Restless Years’, I’ll be buying another copy the one I’ve got its almost worn out as I keep playing it repeatedly. Love Leo’s harmonica playing on the album, reminds me when he belted it out on stage at Bilston yea :) Leo Sayer, You Make Me Feel Like Dancing and guess what song I’m listening to now ? Yes you got it, ‘How Did We Get So Old?’, I don’t know its a mystry to me ha ha are bless him. :)

  8. Helena1989 says:

    Hi Jackie and Sharon,
    Thankyou so much, I greatly appreciate the heads up. :)

  9. Jackie says:

    Hello Leo,
    I’m messaging to let you know, if I’m well enough (fingers crossed I will be), I will come and see you in concert at Bilston yea on Thursday 8th October, 2015. I’ll be coming on my own this time. I’ve never done that before gone to a concert of yours on my own, so this will be a challenge to brave it and risk it just for you. I’ve got your brand new CD on the disc player again listening to ‘Beautiful Year’ and ‘How Did We Get So Old?’ I also love the jazzy clarinet intro on ‘Mr In Between’, its absolutely brilliant mate. Jackie x

  10. Robin says:


    Does a video exist of you appearing on the OGWT show with Paul Kossoff? I understand you saved the day. I would very much like to see it.

  11. kelvin hall says:

    Hey Leo, finally got “Restless Years”(a month later than expected). Listened to it last night, and I must say it was worth the wait. “To The River” is my favorite song on it. I couldn’t seem to sit still while I listened to it! Not to say that “Beautiful Year”, “How Did We Get So Old”, & “One Green World” aren’t worth all the praise they seem to be getting too. They’re all wonderful songs! Last, but not least, helluva band! Wish I could see you live with them, but I’m on the wrong side of the pond. Hopefully someone will be nice enough to put a video or two on youtube for me! Have a wonderful tour, and get to work on the next album soon. Thanks for the music!

  12. jackie says:

    Hi Leo, I’m listening your new ‘Restless Years’ CD again, the awesome, ‘A Beautiful Year’ and ‘How Did We Get So Old?’, and I’m also writing to let you know I have just contacted our local Cheltenham’s Town Hall where you played concert on Friday 3rd April, 1998, and I told ‘em about you and your brand new album featuring all new songs, and given them song titles too. Fingers cross I’ll hear from them the same as I did with the good news of Bilston. I’m dancing along at the same time as listening to ‘How Did We Get So Old?’. Its gonna be another late night of listening to the awesome you Leo, and your music. Are bless, Jackie. I’ll let you know if I hear anything back from Cheltenham’s Town Hall. Fingers crossed.

  13. Snoopy says:

    Hi Leo
    Looks like your enjoying yourself on your tour, so looking forward to you getting back to UK fingers crossed it will be sooner than later. Keep up with the great work,
    stay cool x

  14. Graham says:

    Leo I’m married, nearly 30 years, because of you! And now your coming to Dubbo, what else would I buy my wife but tickets to your concert. 4 beautiful kids, all because of you mate. 30 years or so ago I was sitting next to this girl I’d just met and she asked to swap seats as she was on the aisle. I obliged, you ran up the aisles of the Sydney Entertainment Centre kissing girls, I said good on you mate, you stopped, asked me if I was Australian and when I said yes you replied well it’s very nice to meet you and shook my hand. All that afternoon and night I asked random strangers if they wanted to shake hands with the hand that shook hands with Leo Sayer. I was weird. Anyway this girl, who was with my group of friends got tired of my noise and asked “don’t you ever shut up bucketmouth?” So I married her! Anyway hope you get a chance to read this, looking forward to seeing you again 30 years later

  15. Jackie says:

    Hi Leo,
    I’ve got your brand new album, ‘Restless Year’s playing on my laptop’s media player on ‘A Beautiful Year’, I love that song just as much as ‘How Did We Get So Old?’, I also love the bit where you say ‘Babes, alright ain’t it ?’. I’ll have your brand new album soon worn out and I’ll have to buy another copy of it, but it’ll be more than worth it cos I love it. Again, re; my previous message to you an immense thank you Leo Sayer for bringing sunshine into my life, and enriching my life forever with your music, your vocals, energy and everything about you, I’m smitten. I’ll see if I can contact some more venues and tell them about you and your brand new album for ya. Love ya Leo, Jackie :) xx

  16. Jackie says:

    Would also like to say thank you to Donatella too, thank you Donatella for getting Leo booked in on my behalf at Bilston. Jackie.

  17. Jackie says:

    hi tracey neason,
    you’ve took the words right out of my mouth. i’ve seen Leo Sayer in Birmingham both at the NEC and, the Robin 2 at Bilston on the following dates in correct order too :) , 2nd July 2010, 9th November 2012, 9th November 2013, all in the naughties :) I am totally smitten by your vocals, energy and dance moves :) and I have just received brilliant news you’ll be performing in Bilston at the Robin 2 on, Thursday 8th October, 2015. A friend of mine who came with me to your show there in 2013 is unable to make it, but I’ll be sure to do my up most best and come on my own if I have to even if it means a taxi ride again, hope I keep well for it too. I shall certainly see what I can do for you. So in this message I want to say I think your brand new album, is your best work I have completely worn out the song, ‘How Did We Get So Old ?’ on the album. Just love your whistling in that song it gets me going just as bad as ‘One Man Band’ does. Oh Leo, this is bringing the tears on now and excitement will have to try and calm down somehow, but I say in this message an immense thank you Leo for the music, that enriches my life forever, thank you Leo, bless you :) Love ya too, Jackie xx

  18. tracy neason says:

    Hi Leo just had to send you a message ,saw you 6 times live in BirminghAM at the Odeon theatre in the 80s just to tell you that you was unbelievable a great presence on stage and I was totally smitten :-) your energy ,vocals and dance moves were spectacular . I still play your first album and feel this was some of your best work the music is so honest and pure can’t wait for you to come back to UK and perform just to say thank you for the music that enriched my years love ya xx. :-)

  19. Jackie says:

    Hello Tambourine Lice Set,

    Sorry to hear about you getting booed off and that you need time to heal. I know the feeling. I feel Thunder In My Heart yahoo, you got Jackie going now, hope I manage to cheer you up cos I need cheering up too. Do you know what Leo’s song ‘Thunder In My Heart’ is all about ? :)

    Thank you for very kindly letting me know what a Ukelady is, its good learning especially music and musical instruments. Thank you for very kindly giving me the offer of playing the gurios and explaining what it is, but no thank you.

    Best Jackie X

  20. Tambourine Lice Set says:


    I feel a thunder in my heart

    I was singing this song the other day Leo whilst practicing with the tambourine, my heads a bit sore from all the tambourining against it but ill get used to it.

    Jackie, the Ukelady is the small gitar like object thats like a banjo. Would you be interested in playing the gurios? thats an rigged instrument that looks like a fish?

    Played for the women of Singlebatch the other week and got booed off the stage and had some tomatoes and rotten turnips thrown at us. I dont know why as the football ground loved us and so did the kids party. I cried my little heart out with Tri-angle Hawking and Yolanda hasn’t ate since, she just sits in here cage staring in the dangly mirror at herself. I know i musnt give up yet but my little round bald head is sore and my heart is broke. Need some time to heal.

    Best T x

  21. Charlotte says:

    Hi Leo,

    You amaze me where do you get all your energy and stanima from. My you had a long drive there and back, and still gigged it, and rocked the little town. That sounded fun. Good luck with the rest of your tour Leo.

  22. Jackie says:

    Hiya Leo, Oh my your new song ‘How Did We Get So Old?’ has got a hold on me, you can bet I’m up again most of tonight listening to it repeatedly. Love the bit where you sing I’m going to whistle along, then you’re whistling, then you say, here we go, then you’re whistling, then later you say, ‘that’s not bad is it?’, Leo I can tell you, you’re whistling is brilliant man, you blow me away every time with your many amazing talents and music. Roll later this year when hopefully you’ll be back here.

  23. Jackie says:

    Hi Helena,
    If you go on as soon as possible, there is a Leo Sayer CD & DVD box set Leo Sayer The Greatest Hits which was released in 2010 and is an Australian import. There is only 1 available copy on and the DVD features some Leo Sayer live footage songs include ‘When I Need You’ ‘Giving It All Away’. I love Leo singing ‘Giving It All Away’ on that DVD as he tells a story and playing harmonica too. Its a brilliant little number that one is, as all of Leo Sayer songs and Leo himself, is brilliant.

  24. Jackie says:

    Hi Helena,

    Re; Leo Sayer T-shirts – new Leo Sayer T-shirts are hard to come by, but if you can trust Ebay, Ebay have some Leo Sayer T-shirts on their website, one is a vintage 1980’s T-shirt of Leo Sayer with a picture of him the time he wore a ponytail the price of that T-shirt is; £26. There are some other Leo Sayer T- shirts on Ebay, various prices and the cheapest one on there is £10.

    In 2013, when Leo Sayer did his 30th Anniversary Silverbird tour, there were Leo Sayer T-shirts for sale in Leo’s merchandise, so if and when you next go to a Leo Sayer concert, have a browse around Leo’s merchandise stall and you may get lucky and find a new Leo Sayer T-shirt. I trust this is of help to you.

  25. Sharon says:

    Hi Helena

    Look on Amazon for Leo Sayer “Live in London 2001″, described by Leo as his musical CV.

    I have a signed copy it’s brilliant.

  26. Helena1989 says:

    Hi Leo,

    I’m 25 and I’ve been listening to your music since Thunder in my Heart became a dance remix… (Here me out please, I’m not just crediting the remix…) – I loved your voice and your name appeared at the end “Meck ft Leo sayer” your name stood out as I recognised it. At the time I was probably 14- 15 and addicted to messing around with my mums record player but at the side of the records was your album recorded on tape. I played YOUR recording of Thunder in my Heart repeatedly, rewinding the tape over and over.

    In later years I was to discover The Show Must Go On via Three Dog Night being played on the radio. The radio presenter explained how it was an American release of your original. Since I was driving at the time I repeated the song title in my head until I returned home later that day eager to YouTube your original. I fell in love.

    Your peirrot performance in 1974 blew me away. I’m in awe at you. Your studio releases are great but they don’t capture everything that you give in your performance and your vocals are so much more delicate in recordings. I love the gritty tones in your voice. You performed Let it be in 1976 – the recording on YouTube with “disco” in the lights and on a huge sign (I imagine the programme was called Disco but I could be wrong) you hit a note at 1:27 and I melt.

    I wish you could or would release a live album with all of your live performances! I think it would sell massively. I think you have been one of the most underappreciated legends of all time! If you come back to England I will be in the audience.

    …I’m going to stop rambling on like a crazy person now- I’ve been in search of a Leo Sayer Tshirt all morning, they’re hard to come by!

    Hope you haven’t got bored reading this.
    Your Mega Fan…

  27. Jackie says:

    Ps/ Yes thank you immensely Leo for the cd, I didn’t half jump when the courier pressed my door entry and I knew why that was. I soon answered it and come straight out. When the courier handed it to me, he smiled like he knew what was in the package and I smiled excitedly too. I tell ya something Leo, I won’t be going to bed tonight, I’ll be up all night listening to your new cd, its brilliant man and I was immensely surprised it camer much sooner than I was originally informed so when I was told Amazon was delivering it to me yesterday, I was jumping. Again, thank you immensely for the cd Leo. I immensely apprecite you. Hope to see you again soon Leo.

  28. Jackie says:

    Hi Leo,
    I’m listening to your new cd all the way through now, and I love all your new work on your new cd, its brilliant and I take back my earlier comments. I’m listening to it through a cordless audio system all the songs on your new cd are brilliant. So looking forward to when you return to tour the UK, and see you perform your new songs live. My favourite songs on your new cd are, ‘Beautiful Year’, ‘How Did We Get So Old?’ that track’s almost worn out now, I’ll have buy another copy of your new cd. ‘Millenium Wheel’, ‘One Green World’, ‘Revolution Of The Heart’, ‘Look Around’. ‘Sometimes Things Go Wrong’ and ‘Mister In Between’. All brilliant songs. It would be good if you released a single from your new cd featuring ‘How Did Get So Old?’ and ‘Millenium Wheel’. Yes Australia is lucky having our originally UK, Leo Sayer. But I’m sure one of these days, he’ll return to England…

  29. Barbara taylor says:

    Hi Leo. Just seen you in Bunbury Western Australia. What a fantastic concert! Originally I am from the UK and remember your first appearance on top of the pops. Great to see you living here in Oz too. Aren’t we the lucky ones? Thanks for the cd. Love the new work! Hope to see you again soon.

  30. Jackie says:

    Hello Tambourine Lice Set

    You’re very welcome Tambourine Lice Set, Thank you for replying to me. What’s the Ukelady ? If that means acting, then yes please I’ll play the Ukelady otherwise I’ll have to purchase a harmonica and get some harmonica lessons. I too could play the triangle, sounds interesting when playing it on the outside, compared the inside, will try that sometime.

    I look forward to your reply re; knowing what the Ukelady is and if it means acting ?

    I’m going to have another listen now to Leo Sayer’s brand new cd,
    ‘Restless Year’s, the other songs on his new album might grow on me, but my all time favourite on his new album is the song Leo has written,
    ‘How Did We Get So Old?’. Its brilliant how Leo’s included the question mark at the questionable song title and another thing I love about the song is when Leo replies to the question in speech voice, “I don’t know”, it’s brill you do that. I would love to see and hear you perform ‘How Did We Get So Old?’ on stage. Brilliant song that one is, Leo and I think you should enter that one in the charts, it would be a number one.

    Kind regards,

  31. Tri Angle Hawking says:

    Yell-o folks!

    My stage name is Tri-angle Hawking and I am part of TTT with Tambo. I have been a Leo Sayer fan since i was a weee boy skipping down the street, I have all the albums and regularly watch old videos on TubeYou. I have also been playing the triangle since I was three and a half years old.

    Was really excited to find Tambo on here looking for additional acts and cant wait to bash out some of your tunes with him. Its such a wonderful instrument is the triangle, you can play the three different sides from the outside for different sounds, but if you play them from the inside they make even different sounds. You should check it out.

    Anyway off to practice and to carry on my astronaught training.

    Toodle Pipps x

  32. Tambourine Lice Set says:


    Been practicing a lot with my new partner lately in prep for our gig next week. It will be our first gig as a tambourine/ triangle duo so we need to make sure we are strumming in time. Our gig is for the Womens Institute of Singlebatch Common, to play during their bake sale. The other worry is Yolanda the pigeon has got the hump and wont coo.

    Thanks for the offer Jackie but i’d be interested if you played the Ukelady or Harmonica.

    Anyway must dash have to wax the bald head before we head up to Singlebatch.

    Yazooooooooo. Tambo xxxxx

  33. Charlotte Jackie says:

    Hello Leo,
    Well, after the excitement of knowing my order of your brand new album, ‘Restless Years’ was being delivered to me today, much sooner than anticipated, here is my review of your brand new album. It’s some mixed comments on it and I know you can take critique, so I’m sure you’d like the good news first or the bad news first. Well I’ll start with the bad news first, Firstly the first two songs on the album are very tiring and made fall asleep. I skipped to the third track and listened to it the whole way through, ‘How Did We Get So Old’, lovely song and suits your style I think. I also enjoy ‘Millennium Wheel. In fact those two songs are the only two on your new album that I think are the best, followed by ‘Restless Years’ and ‘One Green World’. ‘Look Around’ not a bad song, but I stopped listening and played a bit of ‘Mister In Between’, ‘Mister In Between’, has I find a too much of a jazzy intro to the song. In this instance, I’m inclined to agree with John, its not your best album I’m afraid Leo. Also re; your song ‘Competing With A DJ’ you sing about you artists, musicians all Competing With A DJ and girlfriends too, now then was that a slight dig at me ? As when we first met you in 1998 and again in 1999 Leo, Phill and I were more than just boyfriend and girlfriend, but all wasn’t good anyway when we were married, so no worries it was all fun and a brilliant experience and brill to have memories of those brilliant nights in 1998 and 1999 and in 2012, thank you immensely Leo, and I suppose you can say I feel included in those lyrics there, but sorry if I have thought wrong with that. However the stories you have written about to each of your songs are very interesting one of them made me giggle, I think it was your story about , ‘How Did We Get So Old’. I can relate to that song, and how right you are when you say, where did all those years go. Now that’s making me feel old. I love the picture of you on the disc and back of album sleeve with track listing. Also I see your picture in the booklet you’re holding the guitar. I know you play guitar as well as harmonica, when are we going to see you play guitar on the stage ?
    Hope I haven’t disappointed you or too much with my critiques, but that’s my review of your brand new CD, ‘Restless Years’, and I wish you good luck with it Leo.

  34. Charlotte Jackie says:

    Hello Leo, someone’s twisted my arm and yes I’ll come and see you in concert this year should you tour the UK and my guess is you’ll tour the UK around October November time. It will be immensely interesting to see you and hear you perform live in concert your brand new songs from your brand new album, ‘Restless Years’, talking of which I am thrilled to say it will be with me on Monday, brill so looking forward to listening to it. Best regards, Charlotte Jackie

  35. Jackie says:

    I’m thinking and debating whether to go and see Leo Sayer in concert this year or not. I’m not quite sure what to do at the moment. Will let you know nearer the time.

  36. Jackie says:

    Hi Leo, it was really amazing the time we chatted outside stage door at Llandudno, what’s more amazing was you knew exactly where to find me, thank you immensely for that, and then I met Donatella personally for the very first time, which was also a pleasure. Do you know that a few hours later that night, my friends and I pulled into a petrol station and what should turn up beside us was a white lorry and I said to my friends, “That’s Leo’s lorry there” and one of them exclaimed, “No” so my friend stood outside with car door open, staring at the lorry and said, “it is you know” as my friend reckognised the guy in shorts. I think he could have been one of your band members that night. Anyway, not long after that I saw Donatella again, but she didn’t see me. I was still in the car and she was skipping across back to the lorry, but what a co-insidence that really was, pulling into the same filling station as your white lorry, aye, we went to buy some chocolate when that happened. How I guessed it was your white lorry I never know, but it was just amazing that was.

  37. Charlotte says:

    Hi Leo, I am thrilled to inform you I have purchased your brand new CD, ‘Restless Years’. I am so looking forward to listening to it, will give you my comments on it once I have heard your new album all the way through. I am also thrilled to inform you, I had an email from today to say they are shipping my purchase to me sooner than they originally said – so you can bet its Jackie, jumpy, jumpy, jumpers, bouncing off those walls again and I reckon if you do tour the UK this year, my guess it will be your usual time of touring here in October November time, roll on, so looking forward to seeing
    Leo Sayer in concert, again.

  38. Phil says:

    I missed your concert in Bunbury tonight because I had to work but the lovely lady who I gave my ticket up to has been a fan of yours forever.

    My wife told me that your show was once again incredible.

    Please come back to Bunbury again.

  39. Mikle says:

    Saw your show in Albany last night Feb 11th, what fantastic night, how you keep it up is a major credit to you, brilliant, and your muso’s, also brilliant.

  40. Snoopy says:

    Hi Leo,
    Hope you got rid of the wind!!!!!!! while talking to Sue.
    Pleased to see your concerts are going down well, don’t forget your fans here in the UK eh, especially in Holmfirth.
    cheers x

  41. Jacki North-Coates says:

    Hi Leo, I have always wondered because I find it so amazing that when you write new songs or learn other artist songs it never seems to take you long to learn them off by heart. It would be interesting to know, how long does it take you to learn new songs you’ve written, or songs by other artists ?


  42. Jackie says:

    Hi Tambo,
    I’m probably too late now, but I can play piano.


  43. Tambourine Lice Set says:

    Ey up all

    Tambo here. Just thought i’d let everyone know that I have found my Triangle act for TTT. Thanks to all the Leo fans on here I had an over whelming response to my request. Both Yolanda and I have decied who we want and will be contacting them shortly.

    I’ve not been able to play the tambourine this week due to a sprained wrist that I got playing at the Boggies the other day. Must have been all that shaking and jamming like Rick Flair. Anyway off to clean the floor on Yolandas cage and to polish the symbols on the tambourine.

    Stay cool x

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