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  1. Jackie says:

    Hi Avice,
    Good to hear from you, you’re always more than welcome you are, glad to be of help and especially when its all things Leo Sayer. Thank you for very kindly confirming to me it was the 02ABC Arena at Glasgow. I had a feeling it must have been. I know what you mean with memories of a great gig, I have those too with a few of Leo’s shows, especially the Llandudno and Bilston gigs and the NEC in November 2012. Unfortunately due to current health decline, I may or may not be able to go to Leo’s gig at Bilston, but I’ll leave the decision open and see how I am at the time. If I am well enough I will be there but in advance, sincere apologies if I’m unable to go this time. Hope you and your friends enjoy Leo gig at Musselburgh. I am confident you will do. I’ve not been to that part of Scotland before and wish I could be there with you. Will go and get on to the 02 ABC Arena now and see what I can do for you…and let you know by Friday of this week. Again, you’re always welcome you are, no problem and glad to be of help to you.

  2. Avice says:

    Hi Jackie
    Once again, thanks so much for your help. Yes, it was the ABCo2 in Glasgow…memories of a great gig. My friends and I will wait till the weekend and if there is now news of a Glasgow gig this time round we will go to Musselburgh. You are so kind to take the time to check things out.
    Thanks again

  3. Jackie says:

    Hi Leo,
    I see you’ve got your you tube video online about your time as a hotel porter at the King’s Hotel in Hove, Brighton when you were fire hero. You were talking about that time. I see the DJ interviewing you on your fire experience, she was of course holding some papers. Were they the photo copies I gave you that time on Tuesday 6th November, 2012 at your Llandudno concert, and Donatella then had them on her clipboard afterwards ? Good to see they’ve been of use to you and glad I found them for you and gave them to you. What a nerve the hotel proprietor had though causing the fire for insurance purposes as you very kindly explained to me, it wasn’t the cause of a light bulb explotion in the hotel foyer’s dislay cabinet at all. I hope that hotel properietor got the sack for that….

  4. Jackie says:

    Hi Avice,

    So far I had no reply from the 02 Arena at Glasgow, only a receipt of email from them. Though it is the weekend. However, I will give it till Friday of this week, then I will see if I can get through to them on the phone and see what I can do to try and get Leo play concert there. I take it its the 02 ABC Arena venue at Glasgow or is it just 02 Arena, is there two in Glasgow ?

    As promised I’ll keep you posted my friend.

  5. Gail Couchman says:

    Hi Leo recently went to your concert in Geelong Vic. It was fantastic! Your voice is as good as ever. Thoroughly enjoyed the night. I bought your Greatest hit cd and have much pleasure listening to the songs and re living the night. Cheers Gail xx

  6. Jackie says:

    Hi Leo,
    I wonder would you consider playing concert at the new, state of the art Perth Concert Hall in Perth, Scotland ? It was opened in 2005, it has a dazzling glass-fronted foyer and copper-topped dome hall with a stunning auditorium and elegant studio. The open public area is home to Glassrooms cafe bar and our unique Threshold artspace for contemporary art. Would you consider playing concert there, thinking of your brand new song from your ‘Restless Years’ album, the ‘Millenium Wheel’……Jackie x ps/ Perth is a nice place to visit too.

  7. Jackie says:

    Hi Mickey and Rita Lycett,
    Oh that’s brill to know you and Reet are going to see Leo at Bilston. I’m going to Bilston too… too can’t wait.

  8. Jackie says:


    Good to hear from you and sorry to hear about you being stuck on Guernsey for the last four months but good you’re home, safe and sound now. I’ve been to Guernsey went there in 1999 on an excursion from Jersey via ferry. Boy wouldn’t do that again, everyone rushing down the steps, pushing and shuvving but got there and back alright. Did you visit the little chapel made of porcelin when you were on Guernsey ? Its so sweet….
    When I went to Jersey in 1999, I knew our Leo Sayer would be going there at some stage. I tried working out the days, and fiddlesticks, I missed him literally by a day. Just imagine if I had turned up at the airport and there was Leo Sayer accompanied with Gilbert O’Sulivan at the airport. There’d have been this almighty loud, ‘Hello Leo’, what a suprise that would have been for him aye….Gilbert O’Sulivan whose real name is Ray, lives on Jersey. Anyway, sadly I missed bumping into Leo on Jersey by a day, but I did find the night club he performed in there called Rock Galaxy. I went in there and had a wonder round, and the girl on the desk showed me an autographed photograph, Leo had left for them. The nightclub was called Rock Galaxy, but sadly it no longer exists, it got on fire apparently.
    Leo Sayer is a big keen supporter of f1, yes Lewis Hamilton win….fingers crossed, I have no doubt he will win again. Enjoy your big night out, good chatting to you. chat again soon my friend.


    hi. Jackie sorry I havent been on in while its just I was visiting Guernsey and I lost my Passport so I have been stuck there for the last 4months. Im home now thank god. I have Just got home and I found a lovely xmas card from Trevor the snake he wants to meet up next week for a fudge and caviar night, should be a good one. Anyway I cant wait for Sunday as Wrestlemania is on im keeping everything crossed that my favourite Wrestler pulls out all the stops to win.
    Also the F1 is on this week so hopefully Lewis will win for us. “Go Lewis” Anyway Ive got to go as I need to iron my Farahs before the big night out.

    Keeps it really Lord Charles.

  10. Mickey and Rita Lycett says:

    Hi Yaaaaa Leo, Me and Reet are coming to Bilston, cant wait to see you. I started listening to you when I was in short trousers and still had hair, no longer have the hair, but still got the shorts and I am 45 now….

    I have had such a hard week, been to Brownnose and back 5 times this week already, my boss does work me hard so was glad to get in this morning and put on a few of your tunes, I have nearly all your records.

    We are having a love leo night up the Legion next week, sooo excited, all your fans from my area are going to be there, Danny Wag, Enrique, Choclate cake and even the Councilor, gonna be a proper good night might even get Percy Pigeon out for a couple of babychams.

    Well good to chat, but gotta cook Reet her Tea, pasty sandwich or as we like to call it a a Leo Special, because its full of surprises

    Tarra Bab

    Mickey xxxx

  11. Jackie says:

    Hey Avice,
    Again, it is soooooo kind of you to very kindly invite me to have a right chat about all things Leo with you if I’m ever up Scotland way, but just in case I’m unable to get up that way, please can we have a right chat about all things Leo at Bilston ?
    Will give you my mobile number, will risk and put it on here. Here it is, 07513999293 x

  12. Jackie says:

    Hiya Avice,

    No problem, I love to help you. As of yet I haven’t had any email back from them. I’ll give them a few days then if I can will give them a call. Will keep you posted and hopefully I’ll succeed with it and in advance, sincere apologies if I don’t but I will always try my very best for you, my dear friend. Are bless you, I fully understand and appreciate you do. Just curious and don’t understand why your UK Manager not helping Leo with his tour organisation, she has more experience of it than I do. But I love helping Leo and I told her one occasion when she rang me up once, “Look what is your problem ? If you don’t want to help Leo, I will, I’ll show you how the job is done!” she then put the pips down on me. I thought, I bet Leo doesn’t know she ringing me up. This was when Leo was still living on Amersham Common, just before are he moved to Australia. So far I have succeed with getting Leo a performance at Bilston, and I’ll keep trying for Glasgow 02 Arena for him too and of course keep posted about it.
    Me too looking forward to Leo’s UK tour. You are quite right, it will be great, wait a minute, it will be brilliant to hear Leo play his new songs lives as well as his old ones of course, are bless him. My health’s not as good as it was a couple of years ago, its considerably deteroriated but what ever state I’m in, I will go and see Leo Sayer on his UK tour. I’m so looking forward to hearing Leo sing his new songs from his new ‘Restless Years’ album, especially, ‘How Did We Get So Old?’, I may go nutty on that one just like I did with ‘One Man Band’, oh boy, Leo’s blowing me away again just at the thought of it.
    Oh yes, I downloaded the interview Leo posted on facebook page. Loved the part when Leo pulled out his harmonica from his pocket, are bless him and he blew a few notes of it to the audience and viewers. Love Leo playing that harmonica, and belting it out. Bless you Leo x
    Again, You’re always more than welcome anytime and anything for you Avice. No problem, love to help. Just let me know anytime and I’ll come to your rescue x

  13. Avice says:

    Hey Jackie
    That is soooo kind of you to take the time to do that. I really do appreciate your help. I am really looking forward to Leo’s UK tour. It will be great to hear tracks from Restless Years sung live…as well as all the old favourites of course.
    Many thanks

  14. Jackie says:

    Hi Avice,

    I have just contacted Glasgow’s 02 Arena and told them about
    Leo Sayer and his brand new ‘Restless Years’ cd. They will respond to me soon/quickly. I will let you know of any outcome I have on this, as soon as I hear back from them I will let you know.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for our Leo that Avice’s hopes can be granted.

  15. Jackie says:

    Woo hoo, Hi Avice, Are bless, always lovely to hear from you. You’re always more than welcome you are. Anytime and anything for you. I’m glad to be of help to you. I will back you up anytime my very dear friend and for the Glasgow gig . I can try and contact them for you if you like see if I can get Leo fixed in there just like I did with the Bilston gig ?
    Yes, here’s hoping!

  16. Avice says:

    Hi Jackie
    Thanks for backing me up for a Glasgow gig Here’s hoping!

  17. Jackie says:

    I admire Leo Sayer for all his energy, stanima to keep going and bless him has no desire to slow down, that’s brilliant that is Leo.

  18. Jackie says:

    Hi Leo,
    Be brilliant if you added some more dates for your forthcoming UK tour. Its our turn in England now to have you to look forward to entertaining us. Any chance of Leo play any more gigs in Scotland please like at the 02 arena in Glasgow ? If he could that then I would love to take up Avice’s very kind invitation to come up and have a right chat about all things Leo. That would be brilliant that. Oz already have more than their fair share of England’s born Leo Sayer x

  19. Les says:

    Hi Leo,

    I know you are probably buggered after a long and arduous tour, but how about adding a few more dates in Sydney

  20. Kim Weier says:

    Hi Leo, I was recently at your Ipswich concert in QLD (the girl who waited for you for 40 years). I absolutely loved your concert you are a great all round entertainer and interacted beautifully with the audience. I hope you are not planning on slowing down for a while. I’m happy that you decided to come and live in Sydney (now I don’t have to travel to England to see you). A lot of my friends have been asking what your voice is like now, I tell them better as it’s more matured and mellow. Can’t wait to see you again. Love you Leo. Kim (Great to see you with a beer in your hand when you did posed with us for photos.)

  21. Jackie says:

    Hi Leo,
    I’ve just re read your brilliant article about you on your facebook page, the article i think was featured in the Sydney Herald. I’m thrilled to read you have no intentions of slowing down. That’s brilliant that is. Well done to you and I love the pic of you in that article too.

  22. Jackie says:

    Hi Avice, you’re always more than welcome you are, anytime and anything for you. Thank you for your very kind invitation, of which I am more than delighted to accept. I’ll be sure to let you know if I’m ever up that way, it would be brilliant to have a good right chat about all things Leo, yes please, roll on. Woo hoo, I bet you can hear me going woo hoo, wha hey Leo, from where you are :) I’ve just read the interesting article Leo posted on facebook and its good to know he values the 60s. The year I was born. Roll on Bilston, I’m braving it on my own this time. Maybe you and I could meet at Bilston and have a right good chat about all things Leo . Again, you’re always more than welcome you are Avice xx

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