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  1. Jacqueline says:

    Omg Happy Birthday Mr Sayer. I love it even though his birthday was two days ago, Mr Sayer still celebrating and if he is, why not. I don’t blame him one bit he deserves it being a good man and continuing to entertain us all with his brilliant music, that never tires and will always live on as being a legend, that’s what its all about. Can I other celebritiy in the music business challenge our loveable Mr Sayer. I doubt it. I love The Autumnal quote.

  2. Carlos Lincoln Marks says:

    Happy Birthday, Mr Sayer.

    October concert.

    Quote: * No spring nor summer’s beauty hath such grace
    As I have seen in one Autumnal face….*
    ~John Donne, “Elegy IX: The Autumnal”

  3. Jacqueline says:

    ps/Hello again Leo, sincerely sorry the f, it shouldn’t be there typing error and immense excitment when i saw you said about see you in concert in oct….i sensed there’d be another message and there is yahoooooo aye up Jacqueline feels like dancing, but she better go steady and get well enough to try and come and see Leo in concert, in october.

  4. Jacqueline says:

    fHello Leo,
    I hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday, hope you got all you wanted and wished for. Hopefully yes see you in concert in oct, i know where that is, Bilston :) my illness will take time to recover so if i am well enough to come, I will be there, and in advance if i’m not my sincere apologies. You may notice i’m using my proper full name Jacqueline, purely because I recall that’s the name you quite rightly mentioned that time on The Entertainers programme, when you called out Jackie Jackie Jacqueline, you were doing some concerts in Germany when you were asked, anymore special fans and you very kind said Jackie Jackie Jacqueline, are bless you Leo. So again its in honour and with thanks immensely to you Leo.

  5. jane ciantar says:

    happy birthday to you with love from jane god bless you see you in oct in concert.

  6. Lorraine says:

    I walked right past you in the street in Bowral the other day. Took me a sec to realise it was you. Made my day though!

  7. Jackie Jackie Jacqueline says:

    Hello Leo, Wishing you a Happy Birthday, hope you have a wonderful day and all your hopes and dreams come true. I’m being discharged from hospital on your birthday too after a five week long stay, being diagnosed with heart failure. I have to depend on oxygen for life now so if you see me at a concert of yours anytime, I’ll be in a wheelchair and oxygen, but you and your music and all the wonderful memories will help me carry on living a new phase of life. Happy Birthday Leo have a great one, love from Jacqueline xx


    Hi Leo, Hope you are keeping well. Have a lovely Birthday, enjoy the day, see you when you tour, Your Fans & Friends, Love Malcolm & Sandie xxxxx

  9. Graham says:

    When the next concert in london 02 leo?

  10. yvonne Warner says:

    My name is Yvonne Warner and I work as an outreach worker for Age connect based in Pontypridd south wales, .We raise money for all our wonderful service users by packing bags in super markets and climbing mountains, all money goes to events like tea dances and a fab Christmas party which brings a smile to their faces and a tear to my eye. We are holding an action to raise funds for our service users and are asking lovely people like you to please send any signed photo or small items for us to auction; all money will go to our users. Please send to 75 Mountain View, Tonyrefail,Porth cf 398jg,many thanks for taking time to read this mail and thank you on behalf of our service users. Any other info you wish to know please ask. Our event will be held at the start of July and so far thanks to you lovely people we have over 60 items from signed photos from Sir Tom Jones, Brian May, Jackie Collins, The Strangers, and Bradley Walsh, to signed books from Uri Geller, Russell Grant,Jo Brand!
    Signed cd from Elkie Brooks, and a charity pack from Sir Elton John! Please help in any way you can to make this event a success ,many thanks again .The event is being held on the 3rd July.

  11. Colleen McCollum says:

    “When I need you”…I only have to go to YouTube! I’d spent this morning turning my 14yr old onto your songs, . She went to school with “Long Tall Glasses” playing in her head.Then I went to your Bio. We share the same birthday! (Gemini w/ a bit o’ Bull) <3 Have a fun-filled birthday. <3

  12. Jackie says:

    Just to let you know Leo, I won’t be coming to see you in Bilston, not now Leo, I’m not well enough to. Good luck. With your UK tour and everything Leo.

  13. Leo's number one UK fan says:

    Hello Leo, good news I’m going home sometime next week, so your number one UK fan sings in the lyrics of Leo Sayer, I feel like dancing coz you make me feel like dancing too. My mobility not as it was before severe fall injury and need to be on oxygen fulltime as heart stop beating in time almost, but I’m a fighter and will do anything to get heart started right risk/no risk. So if I am at your Bilston concert and you look out for me as you so very kindly did on your 40th Anniversary Silverbird tour when I was there and you very kindly said I can see you. That was a lovely appreciative surprise thank you Leo that it put a thunder in my heart again. If you do see me at Bilston concert later this year, my mobility won’t be as before. It’s been a touch and go time in hospital but I’ve pulled through it again thanks to the thoughts of you and your music of course the show must still go on.

  14. Jackie says:

    Hi Leo, this is an interesting connection. I know in one of your re-issue One Man Band series, you mentioned in your story about Peter Pan. I have just discovered that Great Ormond Street Hospital owns the rights of Peter Pan, and it was also that hospital where your sister was ward sister. Also it was that same hospital where I had a major heart operation in 1967. It would be interesting to know what ward your sister worked on, was it ward 1A ? I look forward to a reply answer.

  15. Jackie says:

    Hi Leo, I always appreciate immensely your messages, chats and everything you do and especially the lovely unexpected surprise when you knew exactly where I was in the awaiting crowd by stage door, outside Llandudno venu, you very kindly came up to me and I gave you those artefacts when you worked as a hotel porter in Brighton. Thank you immensely for that Leo and all the other wonderful lifelong happy and treasured memories. I immensely appreciate you in all that you do x

  16. darrenpaine says:

    leo read your messages just want to say I love your music and was introduced to your music by my late uncle Peter Webster who you used to work with hope you remember him he spoke highly of you would appreciate a message back saying you remember him take care x

  17. Jackie says:

    Aye yar Leo, I’ve just remembered the name of the Moore where the Jamaica Inn is, its Bodmin Moore. Also, I’ve been doing a Leo like what he did on CBB in 2006. I been telling them, I want go home. I want go.

  18. Jackie says:

    Yahoo I know the Jamiaca Inn very well indeed. I went in there once on a day trip it’s in Cornwall and I know that Leo Sayer once lived in Cornwall for a time after his divorce from Janice in 1985. Those Cornish moors are stunning….

  19. Milton "gingerbeard" Lycetting says:

    Yarrrrrrr shiver me timbers Leo!!!!

    How the devil are you? I am just down at the Jamaica Inn this week to get into touch with my pirate ancestors yarrrrrr. I’ve come to the annual get to know your inner pirate legacy group meeting. I dont have a Parrot to put on my shoulder, so i’ve brought Rasputin my prize Pigeon, he’s doing very well at sitting still at the moment usually hes a flightly little bugger, unfortunately he has crapped all down the back of my only pirate costume.

    I have discovered a few Leo Sayer fans down here that love your music as much as me and Rasputin, we have altered some of your classic songs to sound like one of the many sea shanties sung in the pirate era. I reakon you’d love them.

    Anyway must dash, we’re off to do some pillaging tonight in the local village before heading out in a dinghy in the morning to sail the seven seas.

    Yarrrrrr shiver me timbers yarrrrrrrrrrrr

  20. Jackie says:

    Ha ha, you’re making me laugh here, I think I know who you are oh yes. I remember the night alright especially in Blackpool on Thursday 14 th October 1999 an amazing night strolling along the Golden Mile with the incredible Leo Sayer the night was like a dream, I have her my everything. Yes indeed too right Leeeeeoooo Leeeeooo its breakfast time, and me too want some Sayer please. I’m typing this message from my iPhone in hospital. Will be glad to get home again which should hopefully be later this week or early-to mid next week roll on and if I am we’ll enough and walking as I was before my injury of course I’ll come and see Leo Sayer at Bilston. I can’t miss out on that especially to see and Leo perform ‘How Did We Get So Old?’ T was also good the time Leo said the f1 reminds him of me, the speed of those cars are the speed I go when it comes to seeing Leo Sayer, too right it does. It’s I climbe iny car and I turn the key and I’m gone to see Leo Sayer, too right man.

  21. Teddy "long" Hawksontop says:

    Leeeeeooooooo, Leeeeoooooo breakfast come and me want some Sayer

    Haha, hows it going me old mucka, I’ve not seen you since we had that wild night in Port Talbot back in 86 remember? That was the night that I got my “long” nickname from those girls from Tazzymania. Bit of news from my end, I ended up doing some time for doing lunges in very short shorts down in Melbourne apparently the locals didnt take to nicely to mr long making a regular appearance.

    Whilst in the clink I got friendly with a chap called Ginger “cueball” lardycet. what a lovely bloke, we met in the shower cubical when he dropped the soap and we got to know each other. Anyway we now live together in Puket and we have pigeons that we treat like our children.

    Would be good to meet up again and have some broth over a few mead’s. Let me know mucka.

    Tap tap booom!!!!!!!! x

  22. Jackie says:

    Yahoo all is not lost after all. Leo’s number one UK fan isn’t embarking on an Endless Flight after all. Still in hospital with a tender left leg and on oxygen but they’ e turned the oxygen down to see how I get on with itike that, so there is some improvement now, thankfully and Leo you are and always will be a thunder in my heart cause I Can’t Stop Loving You ( tho I try). Well I’m occupying myself with a book of word searches and guess what name is among the stars of this word search. I couldn’t believe they’ e got Leo Sayer printed in the word search. I jumped for joy and secondly it didn’t take me long to find Leo Sayer word in the grid. That’s made me feel to s better now and its also made my day too. So yes of cause the show must still go on. Too right.

  23. Bumfrey Charles Chwistopherson says:

    Whatoe Young Leo, how the devil are you? I thought I would drop you a line as I am embarking on on a trip to Auz this Summer and wont get much chance to get online. I will be taking my MP3 player with a couple of your best albums on. I am going to see my old friend Bagheera in Python, hes Burmese and we were once very close, if you know what I mean….. We spent many summers togther drinking snake bite and black, it was awesome. I am now married to KFC, as she turned me to the pink side, and I love her as nearly as much as Bacon. Well I better go as she is calling me as its my turn to make the tea again and she wants me to give her a good rogering before she goes to sleep. Oh theres a dead pigeon in the garden, so better drop Goldie a text to come and deal with it for me before I get busy with KFC.

    Well Leo I look forward to my return after the summer and maybe we can meet up?

  24. Harlequin Baldiset says:

    Hello Leo

    I have just come out of hospital after an operation and thought i’d send you a message. My male nurse the tended to all my bald needs in hospital was always singing your song and he made me quite a fan.

    I was in hospital to have surgery on my feet, I keep pigeons it home and ive always wanted to walk like them so i had an operation to make my feet point inwards so i can waddle like my pigeons, this oddness will also match the oddness of my cue ball like head after its been polished.

    Can’t wait four your gig in Bilston, look out for a baldy with a squint and walking like i have pooed myself (a result of the op, not because i have pooed myself)

    Tara bab xxx

  25. High Priest Jafar Hawkeye says:

    Hello Leo

    I am High Priest Jafar Hawkeye, leader of the secret Marrow Occult Society. We are holding out bi-anal Marrow Meet and I was wondering if you would be the guest speaker? We know of your passion for all things Marrow and a lot of members in our society love your music. The agenda of the meet is as follows.

    9am meet
    9:30- 10:00 Sacrificial cleansing of all our female members via Butternut squash ritual
    10:00 – 11:00 News from regional Marrow factions from the last 6 months
    11:00 – 11:30 Refreshments
    11:30 – 12:00 Sacrificial cleansing of all our male members via Aubergine ritual
    12:00 – 13: 00 – Guest speaker (hopefully you Leo)
    13:00 – 14:00 – Lunch
    14:00 – 15:00 – New member induction through the cucumber insertion ritual
    15:00 – 15:30 – refreshments
    15:30 – 16:30 – Induction of new honorary members to the high council via the Marrow ritual. (You will be one of them Leo)
    16:30 – 17:00 End of day announcements on next meet etc
    17:00- onwards – BEER and lots of it and group orgy

    It would be amazing if you could make the meet Leo and if you could let me know your availability at your earliest convenience.

    Marrow on Leo!

  26. Jackie says:

    Right Leo, you’ve done it this time. All you do is praise a fan for the message she posted to you on facebook, how she drove 130 to your concert in Australia and said about the concert was amazing and it did what it should have done 4 years ago that made her think of Thunder In My Heart. The fan thanked you and Crewe for the beautiful night. I’ve thanked you for all the wonderful memories but as if Zi am overlooked. I’ve supported you 30 plus years, spent mega money on you but what for ? I even found those and gave you those artefacts about the time you were fire hero at Brighton, but what have I had for that ? Some of us Leo in this world aren’t aw to drive or have the mobility to get around as you do. You even said you’d paid for a fan ’s travel expenses to see you in Birmingham. I spent £200 taxi fare in 2010 to see you at the NCC. What a sheer waste if savings that was, it could have been put to better use. So on this note Leo, I am finally stepping down from supporting you but I wish you would think of others that aren’t so able, instead of saying how good a message makes your job worth while and how lucky a chap you are. You won’t see me at another Leo Sayer concert again, not even Bilston oh and by the way it was me who got you booked in there when you messages on your board here requesting all fans to tell their local agencies about you and your new album. Well you won ‘t see me at Bilston not now Leo. Good luck to you Leo in all that you do.

  27. Jackie says:

    Hello Leo, your biggest UK number one fan now has to wear tube supplying oxygen all the time now, since a severe fall which occurred on 14th April. Adjusting to this situation after the accident is going to be a hard hurdle, but it won’t stop me supporting my favourite singer song-writer and listening to his songs. Leo, his music and all the wonderful memories will always light up my new way of life and who knows maybe somehow I can find a way or a carer to bring me to another Leo Sayer concert, and hopefully Bilston will let you know more definite one way or the other nearer the time. I just thought I would bare you with this news Leo. Jackie x

  28. Anonymous says:

    Who does Leo Sayer think he is still performing and recording what’s he trying to prove ?m

  29. Lukaku Hawkipie says:

    What-o folks

    I am Lukaku and I am a massive Leo fan, I bought the new album the other week and it’s been on repeat ever since. I play a Banjo, so whilst Leo’s on loop I like to strum along I think it adds a whole new level to Leo’s music. Unfortunately I have strummed too much this week and snapped my Banjo string.

    I was just wondering Leo if I could play on stage with you? I’ll treat you to a bit of home made Stilton and Port after the gigs if you like? My life partner Bally’d Lycety makes the Stilton himself, he gets his prize pigeons to walk up and down on the cheese for a few hours then we leave it in their coop to mature.

    Let me know about the gig, tally ho old chap x

  30. Jackie says:

    Hello Leo,
    Althogh I’m still in hospital now trying to recover from a chest infection, I have still managed to pre-order The Beatles Calm and Tribute album, with you singing ‘Hey Jude’ as the closing track. I can’t wait to get home and hear your version of ‘Hey Jude’. I bet you your version of the song will be brilliant. I also hope I have remembered The Beatles new album title right and just in case I haven’t I apologise. Although I like some of The Beatles songs, I’m still a true number one devoted Leo Sayer fan and I always will be. I’ve also noticed that’s two Beatles songs Leo has done a cover of the other one being ‘Let It Be’ I still hope to come to Bilston, providing I’m well and strong enough for then it would be lovely to see Leo again especially performing his new songs from his new album. How Did We Get So Old in my views beats One Man Band.

  31. jane ciantar says:

    evening dear leo, hope you are keeping well, finally my dream has come true i have vip tickets to your concert at the tivoli in westbourne, quite a coincidence as my dear dad was laid to rest there 4 years to the date of your concert. i will be travelling from malta so please keep the concert on this date. i have waited thirty years for this moment, i hope you remember me. stay well and safe . looking forward to october 3rd, and another thing it will be my mums birthday on the 1st october so what a celebration. take care and god bless you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  32. Nude Bilson O'Donnel says:

    Hey there Leo, had a teriible week, my Bavarian Money Waster has a scratch on the dash and I am so upset. I decided to listen to some of your tunes on the stereo system and I heard one of my favourites of yours “the show must go on” and thats exactly what I will happen. I have ordered some leopard print replacement trims and also bought some new bead seat covers off Fleabay, its gonna look better than ever. I am spending the weekend with waggy Next week and want Bernie (its what I call my car) too look awesome as we drive up to Skeggy.

    Hope you are well Leo and any chance I could have my Ted Rogers poster back?

    Tarra Bab.

  33. Paulette dong Hawkinsquirter says:


    Just got back from the gym I can now bench press a whole tin of peas and I can also catch bullets with my teeth. My life love Christian left me last summer for a old girl from Rubery this devastated me and it has took me a whole year to get my courage up to go back to the gym as thats where we first meet at the xmas gym disco night when our eyes met whilst careless whisper was playing. Im currently painting the van and cant wait to go on a summer cruise to all the Leo concerts that will be playing in Nechells throughout the summer.

    PS hope you get well soon Jackie love ya loads bab xxxxx

  34. Jackie says:

    Leo can have my piano he can play it or his band can, just a gift from me to you Leo, just got to get it shipped to Australia somehow, any ideas ? I’m serious about it too

  35. Kenny Porkch says:

    Hey Leo and Goldie, long time no speak.
    Hows things Goldie, you still got your Pigeons? thought of you the other day, me and Choclate cake were having pigeon pie for tea, it was amazing.
    Do you still go up the Curly Wurly in Bilston? fancy meeting up for a couple of sherbets and one of those lovely Pork chop suppers that they do? Give us a tinkle on facebook and we can get it arranged, maybe Leo might join us? We can talk about those long hot summers in Twalingo when we bathed naked with Chwiss, and the gang, such found memories of our youth. Anyway, hope you are ok and hope to see you soon, got to go, Lidl are doing 2 White vests for a fiver and need some new ones. Also one for you they have Smooth shampoo 50p a bottle, perfect for your bonce bab.

    Tarra bab.

  36. Goldie Lycett says:

    hi ya Jackie love so sorry to here about your injury you poor dear. I always find when Im in pain theres nothing better than a hot water bottle on top of my shiny head and some umbongo to help me get better. If you want to get some umbongo its currently on offer in aldi two cartons for a ton. I hope the Leo songs make you recover super fast as I have just found out that Leo is playing in the Malt shovel in chelmsley wood next thursday so I hope there will be a big turnout as the pub also do a mean Lamb shank with tizer special. Anyway got to go the chase is on.

    Tarra a bit.

  37. Donna Philben says:

    Hello Leo. In line with Jessica’s question, are you coming to New Jersey, USA? I hope so. I remember Long Tall Glasses and When I need you, but I have never paid you that much attention until one night 3 months ago while looking at Three Dog Night singing The Show Must Go On….I thought…didn’t Leo Sayer write that? So I checked out your version, the one on the In Concert show, where you were dressed in your Pierrot getup…..Awesome. I checked out some of your other tunes and I became a fan that night…..Please make a new fan happy and come to N.J.? ☺

  38. Jessica Paciorkowski says:

    Good afternoon Leo
    This past Sunday morning I was doing my morning housework and I was a bit tired even though I had my morning coffee. I was listening to Casey Kasems americas top 40 repeat from 1975. A song of yours came on I can dance….my tired mood went from tired to wanting to dance. So I started dancing. I love to dance its my favorite past time.
    It made me think of you and all your great songs. My question is will you be doing a New Jersey tour by some chance because I would love to see you in concert?

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