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  1. Nude Bilson O'Donnel says:

    Hey there Leo, had a teriible week, my Bavarian Money Waster has a scratch on the dash and I am so upset. I decided to listen to some of your tunes on the stereo system and I heard one of my favourites of yours “the show must go on” and thats exactly what I will happen. I have ordered some leopard print replacement trims and also bought some new bead seat covers off Fleabay, its gonna look better than ever. I am spending the weekend with waggy Next week and want Bernie (its what I call my car) too look awesome as we drive up to Skeggy.

    Hope you are well Leo and any chance I could have my Ted Rogers poster back?

    Tarra Bab.

  2. Paulette dong Hawkinsquirter says:


    Just got back from the gym I can now bench press a whole tin of peas and I can also catch bullets with my teeth. My life love Christian left me last summer for a old girl from Rubery this devastated me and it has took me a whole year to get my courage up to go back to the gym as thats where we first meet at the xmas gym disco night when our eyes met whilst careless whisper was playing. Im currently painting the van and cant wait to go on a summer cruise to all the Leo concerts that will be playing in Nechells throughout the summer.

    PS hope you get well soon Jackie love ya loads bab xxxxx

  3. Jackie says:

    Leo can have my piano he can play it or his band can, just a gift from me to you Leo, just got to get it shipped to Australia somehow, any ideas ? I’m serious about it too

  4. Kenny Porkch says:

    Hey Leo and Goldie, long time no speak.
    Hows things Goldie, you still got your Pigeons? thought of you the other day, me and Choclate cake were having pigeon pie for tea, it was amazing.
    Do you still go up the Curly Wurly in Bilston? fancy meeting up for a couple of sherbets and one of those lovely Pork chop suppers that they do? Give us a tinkle on facebook and we can get it arranged, maybe Leo might join us? We can talk about those long hot summers in Twalingo when we bathed naked with Chwiss, and the gang, such found memories of our youth. Anyway, hope you are ok and hope to see you soon, got to go, Lidl are doing 2 White vests for a fiver and need some new ones. Also one for you they have Smooth shampoo 50p a bottle, perfect for your bonce bab.

    Tarra bab.

  5. Goldie Lycett says:

    hi ya Jackie love so sorry to here about your injury you poor dear. I always find when Im in pain theres nothing better than a hot water bottle on top of my shiny head and some umbongo to help me get better. If you want to get some umbongo its currently on offer in aldi two cartons for a ton. I hope the Leo songs make you recover super fast as I have just found out that Leo is playing in the Malt shovel in chelmsley wood next thursday so I hope there will be a big turnout as the pub also do a mean Lamb shank with tizer special. Anyway got to go the chase is on.

    Tarra a bit.

  6. Donna Philben says:

    Hello Leo. In line with Jessica’s question, are you coming to New Jersey, USA? I hope so. I remember Long Tall Glasses and When I need you, but I have never paid you that much attention until one night 3 months ago while looking at Three Dog Night singing The Show Must Go On….I thought…didn’t Leo Sayer write that? So I checked out your version, the one on the In Concert show, where you were dressed in your Pierrot getup…..Awesome. I checked out some of your other tunes and I became a fan that night…..Please make a new fan happy and come to N.J.? ☺

  7. Jessica Paciorkowski says:

    Good afternoon Leo
    This past Sunday morning I was doing my morning housework and I was a bit tired even though I had my morning coffee. I was listening to Casey Kasems americas top 40 repeat from 1975. A song of yours came on I can dance….my tired mood went from tired to wanting to dance. So I started dancing. I love to dance its my favorite past time.
    It made me think of you and all your great songs. My question is will you be doing a New Jersey tour by some chance because I would love to see you in concert?

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