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  1. Val says:

    Hi Leo
    Happy Easter to you, hope life is treating you well, have you thought about doing a dvd version of your songs? still looking for your tour dates for England, dont forget your fans here. xx

  2. Nicky "The Major" Ratcliff says:

    Hi Leo!

    I heard you on the wireless the other day. It reminded me of when I was on tour in Afghanistan with the lads. Me and the boys used to love driving in the tank down a dusty highway with the sound of your voice blasting and a few Afghan chicks in the back. Those were the days!

    Anyway enough of me talking, fancy meeting up and going for a teaoffee some time?

    Sgt Nicky

  3. Pauline VW Hawkins says:

    hi ya me duck just wondering if your free next weds to go touring in my camper van. I would love to meet up and share a baileys with you in the back of the van.

    Love and Kwishes.


  4. Danny Halfpint says:

    Hi Leo, How are you?

    I saw John at the Stilt supply shop last week, he was asking after you as he says he owes you a meat pie and glass of Sherry??
    Anyway, just thought I would drop you a line as I am feeling a bit short at the mo and need a pick up. I looked out you last album and put it on the mp3 player, oh was bliss and the thought being down went away as soon as I heard your fab voice.

    Keep up the good work mate and hopefully see you soon

    All the Best Dan xxx

  5. Mike Shinner says:

    HI Leo,

    When you are next playing in the UK.

    I am fed up with all this modern music, its awful just want to hear your lovely voice again.
    When will you be writing some new Tunes?
    I have a suggestion, if I may…. when My boyfriend Remondo calls me we always get into the silly game where we find it hard to say I love you, So I say, “you say it” then he says back to me “No you say it” and so on until one of us gives up. I think it would make a lovely song and would love to hear it live.
    But anyway less of my babble I need to go and feed Alfonso and renato, my pigeons as its feeding time for them. Then I am going to cook Remondo a Nice Pork chop supper and and we are going to sit and cuddle while your tunes play in the background.. Love ya bab

    Mikie Shinner.


    hi ya buster just wondering how the devil you are. Just got back from Minehead with my life partner Trevor. We both went down for a Talcumn powder convention. I was wondering when are you coming to visit us again, do you remember that wild night in the Malt shovel with Barry and Vince and doreen. It was a night to remember. Anyway got to go my love Deal or no deal is on.

  7. Val says:

    Hi Leo,
    I know you must be very busy right now, and good luck with your tour, have you made any arrangements for touring around here in England yet? if so can you give us a clue? have fun.
    Val xx

  8. Chris MeBa Daston says:

    Hello Leo, Chris here, saw Ron Slither up the reptile shop last week, he said could you give him a call as he would like his tyre leaver back if you still have it. Anyway banged a few of your tunes on at the weekend ,was great driving along in my Reliant furry dice swinging to the sound of your wonderful voice, tell you what mate you have the X factor time s 10, wonderful bloke. Anyway less of my gushing got to go and feed the frogs and gerbil. Please dont walk away bab

    all the best Cwiss

  9. Dan Wagrouge says:

    Hi Leo, Me again nice to hear you again on the stereo, your tunes make me so happy, if I were a dog I would wag my tail with glee. I feel like you have been my Chum for years and would give you a treat if I ever got to go for a run with you. Well must get back to my grooming, the show must go on.

  10. Stan Witter says:

    Hi ya love.

    Was that really you I seen in Blockbusters last week hiring out the best of the Bill box set. I was going to come up and say hello but I was overcome with emotion. I cant wait to meet me in dudley next month for the big reunion tour. Morris and Tosh send there best. Also I dont suppose you know the name of that butchers in stoke that sold us them giant pork chops as I break out in a cold sweat everytime i think about them. Anyway my love I have to go as the chase is on. TTFN.

  11. Mike Donny Lycett Cartwright the 3rd says:

    I´m feeling sad and lonely these days and I can´t help thinking of you. There´s nothing else I can do when this crushing desire comes out of the blue trying to drag me towards you like a loadstone.

  12. Mikie Shinwaze Lycett says:

    Hi Leo,

    I have followed your music for many years, my auntie used to play many of your tunes when i was a bonnie we lass in the 70’s. My favourite tune of yours is ‘I am the walrus’ as my friends used to call me Walrus at school due to my protruding front teeth. Well I have under gone the operations and I am now a very happy man, its took many years but I feel you were with me all the way. Your song ‘Don’t wait until tomorrow’ sums up my journey and I am so glad i could at least hear during these times.

    Tarra Leo, love you forever.

  13. Liz says:

    We are all Missing you at Blacktown Workers and can’t wait until you come back. Please let me know when you are available !!!

  14. Irene Whennan says:

    I work (volunteer) at the Murray Darling Association in Australia and have left a message via Facebook. in regard to our 70th National Conference in Tumut New South Wales October 14th to 17th. The Conference Dinner is on Thursday 16th and we would like to invite you to contact us if you are interested in either attending the Conference where one of the speakers will be an exec. from Santos on the subject of fracking , or speak at the dinner – topic could be how you became involved in the anti-fracking argument or entertain us. Please consider – we are a not-for-profit organisation that advocates for the local government communities that are located on the Murrady Darling basin – Thanking you for at least reading this.

  15. Areful Mallick says:

    Hi leo, I am a new friend of you

  16. Jay Wyatt says:

    Hello Leo,
    I am enquiring on getting you to attend my Fundraising Event in Townsville at the end of November early December.
    If You could please contact me on 0405677454 or email.
    Many Thanks

  17. catherine cusack says:

    Hi Leo.

    I would to see you playing live and wonder if you have any plans to come to Dublin when you are in Europe.

  18. karen smith says:

    Hi Leo
    I was first introduced to your music in the 70’s,the first song I ever heard was ‘just a boy’.I was 16 and hooked,I lived,breathed,your songs.Your music helped me with teenage love,breaking up,making up etc.I was lucky enough to see you perform in Sydney in the late 70’s.I have all your records and cd’s
    I was so excited to read about your tour, I booked for Sydney straight away and am counting down the days.Im hoping you guys will have time to meet and greet fans after the show,to have my plc taken with you would be a dream come true.
    We live in a small town called Narrabri north west N.S.W.lf I had a request it would be ‘When I Need You’ You have no idea how excited I am.
    Best Wishes from Kaz,( a fan for for over 30yrs)

  19. Atalie Perry says:

    Hi Leo, my husband has just discovered your music and you were all that we pretty much listened to on our holiday to Italy, which was great. So it got me thinking I am planning his 40th birthday for November and wonder if your interested in performing at it, if so please email me.
    Thanking you
    Atalie Perry

  20. Val says:

    Hi Leo,
    Just been watching you from way back in the seventies, its a shame you have not made a dvd version of your songs, as I forgot how good Orchard Road was when your in the phone box singing, your voice has not changed at all, so talented, you could put together a seventies and a now version, I bet your true fans out there would go wild and buy it, please give it some thought. ta xx

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