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  1. Donna says:

    Hi Leo. I have recently discovered your silverbird album while watching some of your concert footage from 1974, you know, where you were wearing the pierrot getup? I had no idea you wrote/performed so many terrific tunes. I have discovered one of your most recent songs-”Everyone”. Man, that was beautiful. Anymore tunes I haven’t discovered yet? Take care and God bless you; Donna

  2. Jackie says:


    How are you ? You still there ?

  3. John says:

    Dear Leo I am writing this on behalf of my 2fishing colleauges. When we go fishing which is quite often we play your best of cd for probably 8 hrs continuously We never take it off we are coming to see your show in Adelaide and were wondering if you would like to come out for a days fishing Guaranteed king George whiting and good music. Looking forward to your reply. Regards john

  4. Karen Jones says:

    It was an absolute pleasure to meet you (the night before your concert in Singapore) in the Skybar. We were absolutely gutted to be flying home to the UK the next day and could not come to the show – holidays booked so far in advance! Just wanted to let you know that your songs have been part of the sound track of our lives. Jonesy was in the forces and we have sat in many railways stations across the country going to meet each other and being separated again – “When I need you” playing on the cassette or in our heads!! Showing our ages there!! Thirty five years of married life have happened since then and the song is still as important to us now as it was then. I wish I had thanked you for it when we met you.

  5. Jacqui says:

    Hi Leo, just to let you know I’m spelling my name Jacqui and not Jackie. Also I’m pleased to read your posts on facebook about your time in Singapore and K.L. Glad all went well for you and that you met Her Majesty The Queen Of Malaysia. I feel special more so now with you having visited the country where I was born. Good you got to perform with your UK band and your best mate, Mr. Ronnie Johnson. Glad you had safe flight flying via Malaysian airlines from Changi. Phew! I’ve pre-ordered your new ‘Restless Years’ CD and I wish you good luck with your Australian tour you’re about to embark on. Hope us Leo Sayer fans will see you on tour in UK later this year ?

  6. Keith Parsons says:

    Hi Leo,
    Just thought you might like to know I knew your dad when i worked as a fireman at shoreham fire station, also we had a call one night to a houseboat fire and on the way the whole crew was praying it was yours so we would get to meet you ( isn’t that terrible! ) but it wasn’t to be and that night we never got to meet Leo Sayer.
    Anyway stay safe and keep up the great work,


    Keith Parsons

  7. Selmo Santos says:

    Suas músicas são lindíssimas, Parabens!!
    Selmo Santos – Rio de janeiro – Brasil

  8. Jacqueline says:

    Hi John,
    Thank you for your reply. Ah ha I wondered whether that’s where you must have heard Leo’s new cd. I have heard his new cd online and thought it was very good really. sorry to learn you thought it was poor. I know one or two of the songs a bit on the heavy side, but my favourites on there are Mr. In Between, Restless Years, Beautiful Year. In what way did you find it poor ?

  9. john says:

    you can listen online

  10. Jacqueline says:

    Hi John,
    how come you’ve managed to get a copy of Leo’s new cd before its release date 23 jan, or have you listened to the clips online ?


  11. john says:

    sorry to say leo, your new cd is poor.
    I hope your next cd is better

  12. Charlotte says:

    Hello Leo, my you were very brave flying on Malaysian Airlines from Changi to Singapore. Glad you were safe. I’d have be devastated if anything happened to you Leo. Glad your concerts in Malaysia are going well for you. Enjoy the rest of your Malayan concerts Leo, and hope to see you in concert in UK later this year.

  13. Jackie says:

    Hi Leo,
    Welcome to Singapore. It sure is amazing to have you in Singapore. Are, I did have a free ticket to your concert, but sincerely sorry on this occasion I’m unable to come as my passport needs updating. I will have to find someone to assist me get my passport updated so perhaps another time I will be able to come to your concert when you’re abroad Leo. Once again sincerely sorry about that. I did in form The British Play House Theatre and they gave my winning ticket to another contestant who took part in the competition they had ‘How Much Do You Know About Leo Sayer’, she got all questions correct. However I will say the only long flight I have ever done is in July 1979 when I went to Malaysia for a months holiday with my parents and younger sister. My parents took me back to show me where I was born, but the home we had there on a rubber tree plantation estate in Petaling Jaya, was sadly gone, and the estate bull dozed over to make way for a new low cost Chinese Housing estate. All we brought back with us was a disused latex cup. I think maybe a long flight like 24 hours would be too long for me now and with the heart condition, but you never know. I may try it one of these days even if it means coming to see you in concert in Australia one day, that would be an acheivement. Thank you for the music and the good times Leo, I’m immensely appreciative to you. Jackie.

  14. Aymeric Balthus says:

    Hi Leo, welcome to Singapore. Its really amazing to have you here. Wish I had a free ticket to your concert. Thank you. God bless you.

  15. Jackie says:

    Hi Leo,
    You always amaze me, you know where to find me when you can’t see me. You soon found me behind a couple of guys waiting to meet you outside the stage door at Llandudno 2012, and you did the amazing same thing again at Bilston, there were a good 700 people there and you very kindly came forward to the stage and said to me, “I can see you” that was very kind of you thank you Leo, and thank you also for when you did the same at Llandudno too. Hope you’ll tour the UK this year, so looking forward to seeing you perform live your new Restless Years album on stage. Hope you enjoy your time in Singapore and K.L.

  16. Jackie says:

    Hi Leo,
    I recall you said you’re featured in a video/DVD with The Peace when they recorded the song ‘All Together Now’, is the DVD anywhere available to buy please as I would love to have a copy of it and see you in the DVD. I have seen the clip you posted to your facebook page, pity though, you weren’t featured in the video for a longer time.

  17. Snoopy says:

    Hi Leo,
    I have just been on you tube and had a taster of your new Album and watched the video, I liked what I heard and now hoping you will be touring with your new songs here in the UK.

  18. Andrew Hibberd says:

    always an event every day
    lots of place to see and lots of things to do
    lots of secret recording studios
    to work for free in quiet time

  19. Andrew Hibberd says:

    thanks for your good work and body
    the best of us all is in front of us
    how is it you think we can
    best help everyone and everything
    so the future is bright for my sons
    unborn children?
    will be so happy to hear your reply
    take your time rome was not built in a day
    and australia is 40 thousand years old
    and the white fellas fucked up every creek in
    just a little over 200 years since 1888
    since your mates sent the ships
    thanks mate love your work no pressure
    just my view
    Andrew Hibberd

  20. Jet says:

    Hi Leo,
    Everytime I click on the store link it comes up with Store Coming Soon. It would be great to see your online store in action. When is your online store going to arrive, how soon ?

  21. Jackie says:

    To the pretend Val, I thought you were someone else hiding behind my good new friend’s name and another Leo Sayer fan. I know who you are, how dare you be at your mind-games again, I’ll ask you again too what is your problem with Leo ? If you don’t want to look after him I’ll look after him for you. I’ve told you that before if you remember the time you rang me up from Buckinghamshire, and I bet you bottom dollar Leo didn’t even know you were on the phone to me. Why don’t you like loyal Leo Sayer fans supporting his request to tell our local venues about him and his new album, which my new good friend the genuine Val and I have done ? How dare you say you have made my day and I feel like dancing, what have you done now please explain ?

  22. J Twine says:

    Hi Leo, I’ve had an updated reply from the Bilston venue who have put an offer in for a Leo Sayer show for sometime this year. The person who has contacted a UK based agency for Leo Sayer is awaiting a reply. Please could you ask Donatella to reply to the Bilston venue, ASAP please as their slots for shows are getting filled up quite quickly with other acts. Cheers.

  23. Charlotte says:

    Hi Leo, just been checking, and wanted to correct you with Good evening in Malay its selamat petang. Good luck with your concert there and in K.L and Australia. too.

  24. Val says:

    Hi Leo,
    You have just made my day, thank you, will see you later in the year, I feel like dancing now, please keep me posted, thanks luv yer.
    Val xx

  25. Jackie says:

    Hi Leo,
    I thought I would message you, just to let you know the
    British Playhouse Theatre have made contact with Suzanna Lim, who also got 10 right answers in their Leo Sayer competition, ‘How Much Do You Know About Leo Sayer’. They are awaiting her reply. So in a couple of Malay words which means Good evening in Malay its, Slamat Sieng Leo. Best wishes Jackie.

  26. mariola brock says:

    I have photo’s of your birthday gig in Sydney from the 70’s. Where can I send them to .I’m sure you’d love them
    Cheers Mariola

  27. Jackie says:


  28. Carlos Lincoln Marks says:


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