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  1. Paulita "Ranj" Hawkie says:

    Hi Leo

    I am the chair lady of the Womens Institute up here in Walton on the Naze. I am currently organising this years summer vacation to Rowley Regis and I have organised some of your CD’s for the journey up. Were just about to head off up to the Goose’ Nipple for a quick tipple whilst we organise the last details of the trip. I am really looking forward to getting my tatty bojangles out to a few of your tracks after a few sherries. One of the women of the institue has made some Leo Sayer marmalade, it has a lovely picture of you from the 80’s on the front.

    Anyway must dash got to put my girdle on before I go up to the Goose.

    Chin chin

    Paulita xxxx

  2. jens says:

    hi leo jens here (49 german and singing myself – baritone – but not professionally)


    i posted the following on amazon com and its my ear- and heartfelt opinion having heard your music through the decades…:

    its a plain and simple still almost always overlooked fact that leo sayer – and throughout the decades – proved studio and live to have one of the most able non-operatic voices of them all. hes a real tenor by range and timbre. he must have consistent technique otherwise his vocals would have faltered at some stage but never did. i cant believe he smokes or smoked by the way which i read. he can sing unbelievably beautiful and sweet and pitch perfect or if he choses too provide a rough rock sound in true tenor range that few could ever match and almost no-one except glenn hughes for decades. my opinion. up there with the 10 or 5 best ever. jens germany

    file under – leo sayer fantastic vocalist one of the best ever

    keep up the good work all the best to you jens

  3. Pete Schparkes says:


    I was walking down the street the other day, casually minding my own business (as you do) and suddenly a wave of excitement and adrenalin came over me. There you were!!!! I hastily popped into a shop and borrowed a pen and paper off a young laddie and set off after you. You kindly signed for me and wished me all the best. Couldn’t believe it afterwards when I saw it wasn’t you but the old keyboard player from “Fame” Bruno Martelli.

    Anyway, all the best for the future Leo. Keep searching deep in your soul and producing your best.

    Must go, Waggy’s got a slow puncture and you know what he’s like when he’s kept waiting

    T-raa for a bit

    Pete Schparkes

  4. Irish Mick Moriati says:

    Hi Leo

    I’ve had to write. I couldn’t put it off any longer. I’d have written sooner, but Hunter Hurst Hawkins asked me to look at his exhaust. That was 7 weeks ago and I’m still limping. Me, The Major and Chwiss were gonna go Irish Dancing at the weekend, but they both cried off on me. Wonder if something’s going on there? Fortunately, I still have Jools to go and do my shopping with at LIDL. Only thing is it takes hours because of his stutter.

    Anyway. Must dash Leo. Waggy’s waving at me. Probably wants me to take him down the Meat Market again


    Micky Blue Eyes

  5. Charles ClapChris says:

    I feel so sad today, me and Waggy have had our last run, and theres gonna be no fun no more, hes ran off with our old mate The Major, I am so upset. I have taken solice in your LP collection and at this raw early stage I have been playing this one over and over as I nibble on Ryvita with Aldi Pate on them mmmmmmm.

    so you’re leaving in the morning on the early turtle I could say everything’s alright I could pretend and say Hiss good bye
    got your ticket got your brown faded leather got your leaving smile I could say that’s the way it goes I could pretend and you won’t know that I was lying
    ’cause I can’t stop loving you I can’t stop loving you no, I can’t stop loving you though I try
    took a Snake to the Zoo not a word was said I saw you slither across the road maybe the last time, I don’t know
    feeling humble I heard a rumble in my big belly and when I hear the whistle blow through my sphincter I run away and you don’t know that It was me.
    ’cause I can’t stop loving you no, I can’t stop loving you I can’t stop loving you though I try
    ’cause I can’t stop loving you I can’t stop loving you no, I can’t stop loving you though I try

    I will soon be back on the top step again, will give you a call when I am ready and we can go up Tmangoes, like the old days and shake our bootie and slither like snakes across the flashing dance floor.

    Thanks for being there bab

    love Charles xxx

  6. Mikie Check listcett says:

    Hey Leo,

    Hope you are well, looking forward to seeing you at the West Allsad Pigeon carnival, been preaning my birds all year in readiness. I have named my Fav bird after you and my other after Waggie my long time friend and companion.
    I was in Bejams the other day and saw Mattie Legends in there, he is off to some gaming convetion with the Major and Chwiss, think there all going to share a room :-o , think I will stick to pigeons for now.
    Well must go and feed Waggie as its on my checklist, you know how i love my checklists as last time I entrusted it to some friends they didnt check it and waggie went hungry for a day. alhough he was ravinous when i got home…mmmmmmm

    Well so long Hon, look forward to seeing you soon, we could meet up and go for a Sherry and a packet of scratcings up the Bold Eagle in Slapply, just give us a tinkle bab.


  7. Chris sugar puff charles says:

    mate just got back from Lidl there doing a two for one on Roe at the moment. When me and helmut realised the Roe was on offer it caused a near riot in the house. Helmut hid my car keys and I rubbed wd40 on the door knob so we couldnt get the door open. You know what were like best of mates but as soon as Roe and chips are mentioned all friendships go out the window.
    Anyway ive got to go I need the toilet.

    love sugar puff charles

  8. Chris Dee Binky says:

    Hey Leo,

    Hows it hanging bro? longtime no speak. Infact last time we met we were at a Tanktop convention in Scunthorpe, had such a hoot wih you, (dont forget I owe you a Pina colada double wammy).
    I see that theres a new CD compilation out, with lots of old hits on it and I see you are starring on it. I was so pleased, infact I was so excited I had to go and change my tena pad, and my Y fronts… oh well its my age. Any way I better go as Lewis is driving me mad, he annoys me so much, hes not a doll like you but its a love hate relationship.. see you soon sweet cheeks and dont forget I owe you a big one.
    Oh and could you send me Brown leather brogue slip on back as theres my faves.

    Love and Chwisses Binky

  9. Val says:

    Have been looking at your photos and one picture really gets to me, please could you send a signed picture to me, its the one for Orchard Road, would be grateful if you did, many thanks.
    Val xx

  10. Cornelia Reyes says:

    May I please have Leo Sayer’s email address or mailing address in Australia where I can send a handmade card.
    Thank you.

  11. Giovani van der Hawkins says:

    Hi Leo

    Gio here, just about to get the chopper out and cycle round to Cyrrols to do a bit of vacing. As you know the Dr has recommended me to get out and do some excersise, so instead of joining a gym I am going to cycle round to Cyrrols and do the vacing three times a week.

    I hope you can make it round! Cyrrol will be polishing his gnomes, I heard that you have bought one for him during your travels this year? I don’t know if you heard but one of them has gone walkies. Cyrrol is devistated so lets hope the one you have for him cheers him up. Tobias will be round also helping polish the gnomes whilst i vaccum.

    Catch you in a bit Gio

  12. Lance Hawkins says:

    You thrill me
    You make me feel life is worth living for
    You thrill me the most
    Nobody – nobody – nobody
    Loves me like you

    Hi Leo

    Such a beautiful song Leo, it really helps me cheer up when I am in a dark spot. I used to do tours of the country as a Lance Armstrong tribute, riding my mountain bike about for family fun days. However since the demise of Lance I am now left to tour the streets in my lycra on my own. Such is my demimse, I have put on weight and my lycra is now to small for me and I can not afford to get some new ones. I was arrested at last weeks Tour de France because the police thought i was a streaker.

    Anyway now everything with the law is sorted out I have been listening to your songs to try and get a goal in life. As a result I have signed myself onto a sausage making course. When im done I will send you some of my sausage.

    Thanks for keeping my spirits up Lance x

  13. Gethin "hawk" hawkins says:

    Biddly biddly woop woop

    Alright Leo

    Just a quick message whilst i sit here listing to a bit of dub step in the camper, a friend of mine Tristan has done a dub step mix of some of your tracks, they are proper bo i tell thee. Just off to the annual lawn mower convention, see the latest in lawn cutting technology.

    Anyway must go Tristan is doing 25mph in a 40, need to calm him down.

    Peace out

  14. Andy says:

    These messages are genius.. Whoever you are you’re wasted here! Hahahaha

  15. Chwis stabber charles says:

    hi ya mate just got back from scuba diving in dartmouth with Morris. I had a right bit of agro up there. The orgainiser of the scuba diving is after me for £200 sheets as everytime I tried on a swim suit my large belly would rib the suits. I told him all I normally wear is my 1970;s fake leather that i bought from Manjits second hand shop last month when I go swimming. Anyway im about to tuCK into my third Gateaux of the day while I sing sweet nothings to montel my snake.

    Love and Kwishes.


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