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  1. meg says:

    Leo, Your song ‘When I need you’ could be made into an amazing spiritual song by changing words such as “darlin, or Babe’ to ‘Lord’ I’m sure it would appeal to Gospel choirs around the word.

  2. billy says:

    hi angie
    you can buy the cd on amazon , the price is 54 dollars + postage

  3. Angie says:

    Love your website, have visited a few times. I just discovered an album Don’t Wait Until tomorrow you made in 2007 released 2008, watching a short documentary on the making of Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow.

    I have rung JBHIFI & Sanity, googled, ebayed, here and overseas, it doesn’t seem to exist :( . Its clearly a good thing all copies appear to be snapped up. Anyways when your Webpage store opens could you add the album to your store if there are any left? …

    Thanx so much for all your music and gigs over the years, love your energy. Look forward to perhaps meeting you in person one day. PS: that single No Fracking Way .. is way cool too :) . Appreciate you recording that and getting message out here, and love we (Australia) has you here, so we get to see you more.

  4. Philip Pickard says:

    Hi Leo, (or Gerry as I knew you). Do you remember Saturday morning Art School at Worthing Art Collage? My Mother organised this with Graham Loader, the new head of the collage after I got A level art at the tender age of thirteen. I often reflect on those days as they were the start of my life in the Arts. I did my foundation year at Worthing and went on to Birmingham School of Photography. I enjoyed a career as a commercial advertising photographer as a result.
    I do travel to Sydney as my son is living there. Perhaps we could meet up when I next visit to catch up on old times. My best wishes to you.
    Regards. Phil.

  5. joanne lavine says:

    Leo, what was the story behind your song “Just a Boy”?
    I need to know.

    Thank you for being you!


  6. Lori anne says:

    Awesome website Mr. Sayer. Your song came on on Google play and I checked to see what you had been up to. You were my first concert in a small city in New Brunswick, Canada. Glad to see you’ve had a great career and still going strong! Come to Canada sometimes. Congrats on becoming an Aussie!

  7. helen says:

    what a joke

  8. Armoured Dildo says:

    Are you still alive? if so, do you know good cheap web designers? I mean f&@&£!n cheap



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