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  1. S Hardie says:

    Haven’t read everything and if you are not well I hope you get better soon. I have a record album of yours from many years ago with How Beautiful You Are. I would like to post this song on my facebook page but can’t find a link, can you help?

  2. Jackie says:

    Hi Snoopy,

    Sincerely sorry, I meant my reply messages…. I have had a hectic morning this morning, but I am determined to keep strong, and positive and to get better.

  3. Jackie says:

    Hi Snoopy,

    Ah ha, I remember you say about that name, good name. I wonder if you saw my email replies re; Bilston ?

    It sounds like Geoff is doing a very good deed for Tasmainia there and I too wish him good luck.


  4. Snoopy says:

    Hi Geoff,
    Great way of making money, goodluck with it, its for such a good cause, have fun.

  5. Geoff Doig says:

    Hello Leo,
    I am contacting you on behalf of “Carts for a Cause”. We are a small group of guys have dreamed up with a crazy and challenging idea that potentially will make a difference to thousands of people around Australia. Four blokes are going to drive two golf buggies around Tasmania in 28 days, playing every golf course, that includes King and Flinders Island. To put it into perspective that’s over 80 courses!! The goal is to raise 250K+ for Beyond Blue. We are already on track with some serious major sponsors which we cannot name until signed off. I am in the process of penning lyrics to your song ” Long Tall Glasses” which we are hoping to, with your permission, to be the theme song for the event. We are very excited..but I don’t want to spend times writing without permission as this will get Australia wide if not world wide exposure. Looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers.

  6. Jackie Twine says:

    Hi Leo,
    Um, upon a realistic re-think, and although a very nice thought, but I think its going to be a too long a journey as its a good four hours drive from Gloucestershire to North Yorkshire, if not more as its four hours from Gloucestershire to Leicestershire/Lincolnshire. Such a shame as I would really love to come and see you on your Restless Years UK tour, somehow, somewhere – perhaps the hotel adjacent to the Robin 2 would be a better bet as I could await in their lounge/bar there. I’ve to try and work this one out someway, and will let you know in due course.

  7. Jackie Twine says:

    Hello Leo,

    Right then Leo, – I have made some alternate plans and decisions here especially to come all the way to Holmefirth in North Yorkshire to see you. I will only come for the day and will await in the hotel reception, at The Old Bridge as they are fine with me to do that and have some small eats whilst waiting for your arrival. I hope to be seated by the restaurant/bar window so look out, there’s no stopping me getting to see Leo Sayer, somewhere on his ‘Restless Years’ tour, even if its just a stay at the hotel to see you. I have got it all in hand now and looking forward (if my illness permitts me too) to come up and see you there on the 10th October. I just thought I would message you and let you know that’s my intentions. (If for any reason I’m unable to come, I’ll message you here on the day, but until then – I’m intending on achieving the above plans).

  8. Jackie says:

    Wow, that’s brilliant that is, it looks like us UK Leo Sayer fans are in for a real brilliant treat from our man, Leo Sayer as he is set to release his ‘Restless Years’ album in the UK on 28th August. Hope I’ve remembered the date right Leo ? So folks keep a look out for Leo’s brand new ‘Restless Years’ album at all music stores and online as his new Restless Years album will be available in all formats featuring, CD, vynal, itunes and Leo’s new ‘Restless Years’ album contains some bonus tracks. This should all be very exciting and interesting indeed and I’m gonna invest in a copy of it yahoooooooo, can’t wait to hear it Leo and listen to your bonus tracks on the album which I guess will feature a story from Leo like the One Man Ban reissue series. Roll on August….

  9. Jackie says:

    This is a did you know Leo Sayer….did you know Leo Sayer wrote the song ‘Fool For Your Love’, which became a big number for Tina Turner. Leo also wrote songs, ‘Stormy Weather’ and ‘Something Fine’, which were also recorded by US Country singers, Dolly and her sister Stella Parton and ‘Dreamin’ which was also recorded and sang by sir Cliff Richard…such an amazing, talented guy Leo Sayer really is and he always blows me away every time he belts out that there harmonica cor. That gets me going too, just like ‘How Did We So Old ?’ ‘Pop Life’ and ‘One Man Band’, all the same…..woo hoooooo Leo.

  10. Jackie says:

    Hello Leo, I thought you may like to know that I just received an email from a website called who sell all sorts of items, vynal albums, singles, rarities, tea-shirts etc…well I spotted immediately a typing error in the subject title of the senders email from advertising a Japanese Promo album of yours. The sender had miss-typed a title of Endless Flight. The sender typed Endless Night. So I soon emailed the sender back and said, excuse me but I think you mean Endless Flight, not Endless Nigth ????? I soon sorted the sender of that email out for you Leo.

  11. Jackie says:

    Oh no, again sincerely sorry I meant to say the songs from your new Restless Years album, not albums from your new Restless Years album. I’ll get it right eventually but I know and appreciate, you understand what I’m going through with life now. But thinking of you always brightens up my life no end, and all my anxieties go away. A dream or and a wish would be to have you perform here at Wallace House, it doesn’t matter how much your fees will be, I can see what I can do for you on that one. I could consult our activities co-ordinator, she knows I am a massive, devoted fan of yours. Notice the building name is the same name as your dog, Wallace and same spelling too. Wow, what a connection that is yahoo man.

  12. Jackie says:

    Oh no, sincerely sorry, spelling error in title of your song I meant to type Silverbird. I tell you, its all this excitement of Leo Sayer that keeps me alive…..cheers Leo my special friend. I count you as special and you always will be special to me and you will always have my full support even if I’m not always to get to your concerts in the future. Pity really I would really love to see you perform the albums from your new Restless Years album, ‘How Did We Get So Old?’ that brilliant little number gets me going crazy more than ‘One Man Band’ and ‘Pop Life’. Where did you get the idea of that song from ?

  13. Jackie says:

    Ps/ for the Leo Sayer, Sulverbird 1974, rare, mint venal album, plus sleeve and autigrpah on very good condition, I would say you’re probably looking at somewhere around six grand today. I trust this is of help to you Val. please message me if you would like my copy and as already said, you’re more than welcome to have as a gift.

  14. Jackie says:

    Ps/ Hi again Val, I’ve also just remembered to let you know, the Silverbird 1974 mint album, with sleeve, the sleeve, I believe also features, Leo Sayer’s autograph on the front cover of the album. So it could be well worth a fortune in time. Its worth getting a valuation on it too. Again, I’d be grateful if you could please let me know if you’re ever likely to be in my area, you’re more than welcome to come in and I’ll give it to you as a gift.

  15. Jackie says:

    Hi Val,
    Sorry for interrupting your query to Leo. I can help you with that one, I have a Leo Sayer Silverbird 1974 vynal album and in album sleeve too. The only snag is to get it to you, unless you’re ever in my area, please call in and I’ll give it to you. If you would like it, please let me know.
    Also apologies I haven’t emailed for a while, feel so low down with what I’m having to deal with at the moment, but I know and appreciate you understand. The other place you could try online is Reddingtons Rare Records, key in artist name and song/album you may find it on there. It goes to show rare records such as Leo’s Silverbird album is bound to be worth something, because of it being rare and hard to find. I would suggest ebay, but as a friend I would not trust that website, you could even try amazon co uk, you never know – but hope I’ve been of help to your query.


  16. Val says:

    Hi Leo,
    Don’t suppose you have Silverbird Lp 1974 edition collecting dust on your shelf by any chance, as cant seem to buy a mint version anywhere.

  17. Jackie n says:

    Are well, you won’t be seeing me this year I’m afraid Leo, not with having, CHF no chance….so regardless of some my previous postings, wishing you all the best for your UK tour, and generally wishing you all life’s best ok, you enjoy and keep going, doing what you’re doing…really wish I could come and see you in concert at Bilston, especially singing ‘How Did We Get So Old ?’

  18. Jackie says:

    Ps Leo,
    Don’t forget to up-date your main news message page on this website of yours. Its now half way through the year, and we’re ready for an up-date from you please…..just thought I’d remind you about that.

  19. Jackie says:

    That’s it now Leo Sayer you selfish so and so. I’ve seen your posts on facebook and all you do is talk about you and yourself all the time. My album, my band my song Tomorrow. So what. All you’re doing is taking people’s money from them through your concerts and album sales. That’s it. It’s good I’m not coming to see you at Bilston. Brilliant my foot.

  20. Jackie says:

    Hi Leo, did you know I once tried working out when you’d be visiting the Channel Island if Jersey ? I sensed you’d be going there in July 1999. Well guess what ? What a shame my working out was only out by literally one day. How close is that ? I was as you know, married at that time. I heard that you were at Jersey Airport with Gilbert O’Sulvian. Just think I wonder what your reaction would have been if landed at the airport, the same time as you and Gilbert (real name Ray) there the same time. The others would have heard a loud hello Leo from me. However we did find the nightclub you performed in on Jersey, Rick Gallaxy. The girl at the desk showed me your signed pic you gave them, are bless. Someone once said I can’t be a true Leo fan if I haven’t gone abroad to see you, but in fact I have even though out by one day. You were there on the Saturday I believe. The nightclub Rock Gallaxy has since been destroyed by fire and is no longer there. I just thought I’d let you know I did come out to see you on Jersey in July 1999. I don’t why your show there wasn’t advertised.

  21. Jackie says:

    Hello Mike,

    Thank you for very kindly searching re; Why Is Everybody Going Home, and for the info on it. I very much appreciate you. I recall mentioning about it via email to David Courtney. He said he would message you. Again I very much appreciate you got back to me on that one, thank you so much.

    This may seem a bit of a bizzare question, but I think this could be the only way round things with this disease, which is worse than some cancers. I would like to know please, how much would it be to have Leo perform privately at my home ?

    I hope you are well.

  22. Jackie says:

    Hello Mike,
    The message above this one is a message forwarded from my previous message to you on previous page when I said about the Leo Sayer dvd Robin 2 interview. Hope you’ll find it and hope you find it a help too. I would be most grateful if you could please message me and let me know if you do find it or if you can’t, I’ll be more than happy to give you the info again. I love the way you include the word brilliant in your message that’s brilliant that is, thank you immensely Mike. I look forward to your reply re; whether or not you find the info on the Leo Sayer Robin 2 interview at Bilston.Oh and I’ll keep to spell Jackie with the e as well, its easier that way…..

  23. Jacki says:

    Hello Mike, Whoops I meant the other fourth brother was Jimmy, not Alan as Alan has MS. Also hope the details are of help for anyone else wishing to view Leo’s Robin 2 video, they can do at You Tube going by the details I provided above. Hope it helps and you manage to find it. Please let me know thanks. All the best to you, Jacki

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