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  1. Jackie says:

    Hi Wilson Al Kebab , Just been reading through my messages again and, I would love to meet you too.

    Thanks Jackie x

  2. Jackie says:

    Hi Leo, me too looking forward to your new album and seeing you in the UK next year, Love and best wishes Jackie xx

  3. Malcolm & Sandie says:

    Hi Leo, Hope all is well with you. Have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year, looking forward to the new album next year and seeing you over in the UK. Love and Best Wishes Malcolm & Sandie xxxx

  4. Val says:

    Hi Leo,
    Happy Christmas and New Year, have lots of fun, hope to see you in the UK next year,
    Val xx

  5. Jackie says:

    Hello Wilson Al Kebab and Chwiss Ingles Charless ll,
    I’d love to meet you too Wilson Al Kebab… and I like the way Chwiss Ingles Charles ll says go Jackie…ha ha, good that.

  6. Jackie says:

    Yes hey Leo Merry Christmas to all you noises too and all Leo Sayer fans have a good one and wishing Leo and all Leo Sayer fans a Happy New Year in 2015. I also meant to mention in my message to Leo re; St. Margaret’s Hall, there’s a bar there too and I’ll buy you a pint Leo. Truly hope you’re safe and ok after hearing about the Sydney Café Siege. I wonder whether you’ve also had an offer from the Robin 2 venue since I contacted them for you. Warm regards Jackie.

  7. Nick the Noise says:

    Hey Leo marry, Christmas to you all from all of us noises.
    Worm regards Nick the Noise (Nick Widmer)

  8. Nick the Noise says:

    Hey Leo marry, Christmas to you all from all of us noises.
    Worm regards Nick Widmer

  9. Jackie says:

    Leo has a new album out on 23rd January, 2015 and is a must have for all Leo Sayer fans. Leo’s new album is titled ‘Restless Years’. cor and the photo pose of Leo on the album picture sleeve gets me going just like ‘One Man Band’ does. I can’t help it. Also with Chwiss saying I’ve got a hold on Leo’s music, too right. I will always hold on to Leo Sayer and his music.

  10. Jonathan says:

    Wakey, wakey, rise and shine, come in and smell the coffee. Here I sit in my bedroom whilst on my computer, staring at the picture my three framed certificates plus my bedroom wall listening to my digital radio. I heard about the cafe hostage in Sidney and hope that you are O.K, hope you have a new album out and wish you a very Happy Christmas and all the best for 2015

  11. Jackie says:

    Hello Savage Hawkins, that’s brilliant I’m going to hear you roar. That reminds me of the time when Leo Sayer roared in the ear of my ex husband, at Brannigans Night Club in Blackpool, on Thursday 14th October 1999, so funny that was. They roared in each others ear, and yahoo Leo won his way and gave me my camera back :) that was brilliant that was. Thank you Leo

    Hello to Chwiss Ingles Charles ll. Good to hear from you too and thank you for being impressed with me. A correction though the album Leo is set to be releasing next month is not an old one, its a brand new one with all brand new songs except for Revolution Of The Heart, the rest are all brand new songs mainly written by the amazing man himself, Leo Sayer, some co-wrote with Albert Hammond and one co-wrote with Frank Farrell. You are quite right I have got a handle on Leo’s music and Leo. That’s interesting you do the Leo Sayer one. I recall someone did Leo Sayer on a television programme, ‘Stars In Their Eyes’. You’ve got a good idea start up a new fan site together and could all meet up with like minded people. I hope your good idea takes off. I have made a couple of friends through Leo Sayer website, one is related to his ex-wife Janice, and the other is a Leo Sayer fan.

    Love Jackie

  12. Chwiss Ingles Charles II says:

    Hey Leo,

    Whats all this talk of old albums, Jackie really has a handle on your music, seriously impressed…. go Jackie. I, like Wilson think we have alot in common, we ought to start up a new Fan site together and maybe one day we could all meet up as its so nice to hear from like minded people…. we love you leo, long live leo and his amazing music.

    I currently run a lookalike kissogram company, and yes as I am sure you have already guessed I do the leo sayer one, in his younger years of course xx amazing how many middle aged women order me up for there parties, when I get on stage they throw the panty girdles at me, its awesome.

    Well better get back to it, Lewis and Hamilton my pet pythons are starving so got to knock up some dinner for them, there having a treat next week, roast chicken from Shirley Chick house.

    Love Chwiss

  13. Savage Hawkins. says:

    Your gonna hear me roar.

  14. Jackie says:

    For the attention of Wilson Al Kebab,
    You’re welcome. Thank you for your very kind invite of asking me to drop you a note. Your wish is granted. Its me Jackie. I was about to write and ask Leo about the DVD/CD due to be released soon called ‘Altogether Now’ with Leo featured in it.
    I am thrilled to inform you, you’re wishes are granted. Leo does have a new album in the pipeline. Its called ‘Restless Years’, features 13 brand new songs, and its release date is set for 23rd January 2015, first in Australia then eventually the rest of the world, but I’m still gonna buy it through Australia website. I am thrilled, honoured and flattered (hope flattered is the right word) of seeing your message you’d love to meet the lady called Jackie. Good to know you think we have a lot in common. Now I wonder what those things could be.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Jackie x

  15. Wilson Al Kebab says:

    Hi Leo

    Just sat here in my bed sheets pondering the world. I do this quite often after eating my Madras. I sit here chilling out listening to some of your older albums, gets a bit smelly in here as I get a bit windy pops. Just have to make sure I dont light some incense candles if you know what I mean.

    Hope you’ve got a new album in the pipeline. Id love to meet the lady called Jackie who posts on here as i think we have a lot in common. Drop us a note bab.

    Thanks Leo x

  16. Hunter Hurst Hawkins says:

    What up Leo?

    Just cleaning the van out after coming back from the Stamp Collector clubs Christmas dinner and found a suspicious ladies toy. The strange thing is there were no women in the van, just Jonesy and his chocolate cake.

    Anyway back in the garage today which as you know is my make shift gym. Got the cats strapped to the end of the lifting bar as weights because I spend all my money on stamps.

    Vince has got some ginseng for sale if you want some, he got a job lot from Harry the Herb, he’s selling in 10p per kilo.

    Catch ya soon


  17. Jackie says:

    Hi Leo, Ah ha now I have a feeling I know who’s chatted to me on the yahoo articles the poster said I reminded the poster of the Gladiators. I enjoyed reading the write up on a website about your brilliant night at the Robin 2, Bilston, Saturday 9th November, 2013. I’m still there at your concert that night in mind Leo. You are quite right age is just a number and its brilliant to know you said where ever there’s an audience you’re ready to entertain. Roll on when you come back to UK again. Hope you’ve had an offer from when I emailed the Robin 2 for you Leo. Also not far from where I live there’s St. Margaret’s Hall, a very good hall, large seating capacity with tables and chairs, a good sized stage and good room acoustics. There’s been bands play there one named The Brother Hood of Man, so the stage is big enough for you Leo and your band. St. Margaret’s Hall, Cheltenham, have a website. It would be great to see you there too Leo.

  18. clacton Chris Charleston says:

    t was Christmas Eve babe
    In the drunk tank
    An old man said to me, won’t see another one
    And then he sang a song
    The Rare Old Mountain Dew
    I turned my face away
    And dreamed about you

    Got on a lucky one
    Came in eighteen to one
    I’ve got a feeling
    This year’s for me and you
    So happy Christmas
    I love you baby
    I can see a better time
    When all our dreams come true

    They’ve got cars big as bars
    They’ve got rivers of gold
    But the wind goes right through you
    It’s no place for the old
    When you first took my hand
    On a cold Christmas Eve
    You promised me
    Broadway was waiting for me

    You were handsome
    You were pretty
    Queen of New York City
    When the band finished playing
    They howled out for more
    Sinatra was swinging,
    All the drunks they were singing
    We kissed on a corner
    Then danced through the night

    The boys of the NYPD choir
    Were singing “Galway Bay”
    And the bells were ringing out
    For Christmas day

    You’re a bum
    You’re a punk
    You’re an old slut on junk
    Lying there almost dead on a drip in that bed
    You scumbag, you maggot
    You cheap lousy faggot
    Happy Christmas your arse
    I pray God it’s our last

    The boys of the NYPD choir
    Still singing “Galway Bay”
    And the bells were ringing out
    For Christmas day

    I could have been someone
    Well so could anyone
    You took my dreams from me
    When I first found you
    I kept them with me babe
    I put them with my own
    Can’t make it all alone
    I’ve built my dreams around you

    The boys of the NYPD choir
    Still singing “Galway Bay”
    And the bells are ringing out
    For Christmas day

  19. Diamond dallas Charles says:

    hi sweety,

    Just got pack from Butlins. Me and Gupta had a grand time. Even though it was freezing cold most days we still visited the beach and hunted for Perrywinkles. I truly love my hunk of a man Gupta and cant wait to marry him next summer. I have been training in the gym most days so I can get married in my shiny white shell suit and have also given up eating lion bars and now I only have an occasional Kebab.

    Im off to a quiz next week down the duck and fiddle and would love you to be there. They do a lovely pork chop supper and its only £1.50 for a pint of mild. Anyway my love Ive got to go I need to oil my chopper.

    All the vest diamond dallas charles

  20. Chwisstabelle Charles says:

    Hi Leo,

    Hows things big boy?

    Was at an Atari games console neeting lastnight, with Waggy and Michele Lycett. When we got there we played that funny game where the little block bounces all over the screen was awesome, Michele loved it nearly as much as her pet pigeon Rupert.

    I had to collect a pigeon from the mum in laws last week, see was worried that the neighbours would label her so I had to go and help her catch it. I wrote about it on social media, I so love facbook and twitter, there my world, I get to express myself in ways only you understand Leo ;-)
    Well better go fido my pet lizard needs a pick me up so I am taking him up the Canal Pub on layby street for a quicky.

    Catch you soon Bab


  21. Randy "Savage" Hawkins says:

    Hi Leo

    Randy here all the way from Albuquerque, state side!!!!

    Just been to a Hot Dog convention recently, where all the new dog flavours come out. It was a brilliant day, any way one of the stands was playing some of your tunes.

    I love a bit of sausage, the longer the better. Cant beat a nice long sausage with some onions and sauce all over it, washed down with a nice Bud Light. Since being at the convention I have really got into your tunes and I quite frequently play them whilst pumping iron in the gym, which is followed by gobbling down some sausage.

    Really please that I have found your music.

    Take care

    Randy “Savage” Hawkins

  22. Jackie says:

    “Sometimes Things Can Go Wrong” , you are quite right Leo they can. Looking forward to hearing that song, and with the title of that song it relates to my life at present. I can relate to a lot of your songs Leo.

  23. Jackie says:

    Sad news about a café in Sydney – hope you are safe Leo.

  24. Charlotte Coates says:

    Hi Leo, I have re-read your message asking fans to contact their local venues and media and tell ‘em about you and punch ‘em on the shoulder. I have already emailed The Robin 2 venue at Bilston and the guy there said he will contact your Australian Manager. I hope he has and hope there’s been some positive response. I have also just emailed our local Echo news desk and told them about you and your brand new album Restless Years, set for release on 23rd January. Here’s a copy of what I emailed the local media for you. I hope its acceptable for you. I’m rather surprised why your International Manager isn’t booking venues for you, but I am happy to help.

    We have been asked by the sensational Seventies singer song-writer Leo Sayer to let our local venues and media know that at 66 years of age, now a resident in Sydney, Australia, is ready to travel the globe and entertain us with a brand new CD and all brand new songs on his brand new album and same song title Restless Years. There are 13 brand new songs on the album. Mostly written by Leo Sayer himself, some co-wrote Frank Farrell (formerly of Seventies Group Supertramp) and Albert Hammond who wrote ‘When I Need You, which Leo Sayer took to number 1 in the UK and US charts in 1977. The album is about Leo’s life in England and you may recall Leo hosted ten of his own spectacular radio shows on what was then our local Classic Gold 774 radio for 2 hours ten shows during his return to Gloucestershire in September 1998 after he performed an outstanding come back show at Cheltenham’s Town Hall on Friday 3rd April, 1998. During Leo’s time on 774, he thought about composing a song for the programme. Well folks, he’s done it and its featured on his Restless Years album. The song is called The Radio Song, and another one for the radio is Competing With A DJ. Leo Sayer wins the DJ’s in my eyes! Other songs on the album are “Beautiful Year”, “Sometimes Things Go Wrong” “One Green World” “How Did We Get So Old”, “Mister In Between”, just to name a few. Leo Sayer recently went to number 1 in the UK charts in 2006 with a remix dance version of his 1976 hit song, Thunder In My Heart – retitled Thunder In My Heart Again, recorded by DJ Meck, feat Leo Sayer. Should you be interested in Leo’s brand new forthcoming Restless Years CD set for release on 23rd January 2015 first in Australia only then reaching out to the rest of the world throughout the new year, please contact Mark Sydow his Australian Manager who should be able to put you into contact with his International Manager, Donatella Piccinetti. Mark’s email address is; I wish you Good luck and hope Leo Sayer will return to entertain us again in Cheltenham.

  25. andrew says:

    no matter the bad deed done my boys by you
    I remain humble in your presence
    and kneeling with a bowl
    or rice if you are hungry
    listen to this man
    love from dad

  26. andrew says:

    dear five sons
    listen to this it is great
    remember when you eat home brand garlic
    you can taste more than you understand
    be the men
    your mind is the future dear sons

  27. Jackie says:

    Hello Leo,
    I love your picture pose on your brand new ‘Restless Years’ CD set for release on 23rd January 2015. I love it so much I have set it as my desk top picture. So looking forward to hearing your brand new album and hope it gets to number one in the album charts for you Leo. Many thanks for all the pleasure you and your music have given me in all the thirty plus continuous years of supporting you, and being a part of your life. Thank you Leo. Jackie, your life long loyal fan.

  28. Nemo says:

    Hey Leo!
    Just found More Than I Can Say and I’ve been listening to that on repeat ever since I found it. Love it! And you have a very cool website, and teenagers (including me) still love your music! Thanks!


  29. Melanie says:

    Hi Leo,

    I thought I would try and track you down…
    What are your plans over Xmas?. We would love for you to come over for a BBQ or if you are at a loose end on Xmas day why not pop over, we are not far away from where you are. Trev would be ecstatic to see you and have a chat.
    Email me to find out more details.

    Cheers… Mel

  30. !nK says:

    HeyO LeO,

    Wish l could find the words….what a cliche! So, inspired by ‘The Dancer’ on Silverbird, hear my colours…..

    Crown Of Torn

    Yeah! Sum of the time: I get caught in your flow
    Down that wind, its you in me l come to know
    Reigning down the years; Till that Crown of torn
    In the coming of Light, shadowed tears of known born

    Sail away Silverbird, sail till Satin Sunsets pass you by
    Even ‘ya wink of eye, twinkles that lonely tear you cry
    Sands shift as your drifting colours; Shout that final standstill
    Making mountains out of your way, step aside; Every hill ‘ya climb

    Savaged Beast of Burden, walking that clouded mined slide
    Battle onward Soldiered, ever runnin’ and never hide
    For you’re scarrin’ you carry the letters lost beneath that skin
    That Velvet pains ‘n lines the vanishing of Golden hold within!


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