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  1. gerry says:

    Thanks for the 2017 tour, just booked tickets for Whitely Bay. Kathy introduced me to your music in the 70s and we have seen you in many venues in Scotland. Your albums are great but LIVE YOU ARE SENSATIONAL AND AMAZING. Kathy and I will travel south and make a weekend of it just to see you on stage.

    Please sing Orchard Road for me.

    BIG FAN,

  2. helen says:

    this leo site has gone stagnant
    we are now 11 months without a message update, soon will be 1 year

  3. Mark Weber says:

    I just discovered Leo’s music and am enjoying it. It’s on “repeat.” Funky!

  4. Lily says:

    I am a high school English teacher in Tijuana México. When I was 18 your voice and your songs were a soothing way of coping with My family’s turmoil. You still are like a safe Haven.

  5. Gail says:

    Hi Leo, I just wanted to show some appreciation, I love your music. And recently came to Gawsworth Hall to see you (I didn’t invade the stage) it was an amazing evening, we sang and danced (not in the seating area) all night. Cant wait for may next year in New Brighton, tickets booked and counting down!! Thank you for the music. Your awsome!! Id love a hello back, it will be my birthday on the 16th August (39) so a happy birthday might be nice xxxxx

  6. Tod says:

    Loved your music since I was a kid. I had Endless Flight on 8-track and absolutely wore it out on my player, but I still love listening to the same tunes today. Something to be said about that! BTW, when do you expect the store to be open here on your site? I would love to have a LEO t-shirt! Hope to see it soon!

  7. Jeff says:

    Thunder In My Heart is one of the most powerful, emotional songs ever. Just wondered how many takes it took. You poured your heart and soul into it, amazing!! Thanks!!!!!

  8. Shazzy Deal says:

    I went searching for Leo Sayer on Twitter and came across a fake account. I know you were made aware of this sometime ago but sadly this person is now posting pornographic pictures and claiming to be Leo. He has spoken to fans and requested naughty pictures.

    Now, to what I wanted to say….I was raised listening to Leo and now as a 40 year old DJ who plays a regular gig at a club in the city of Melbourne I play Leo’s music a lot as I want younger people to experience your brilliance. My mother used to rave about you when I was a kid & my Dad was always jealous lol My Mum is sick and I would love to arrange for her to meet you. Do you think this would be possible, even after a gig? I know it would be so wonderful for her and might add a bit of light to her life at the moment <3 all my love and best wishes <3

  9. andrew says:

    no fracking way
    don’t fuck with us aussies
    shut the gate
    stick your fire cracker up your own arse
    our gas belong to us
    need gas try eating ten cans of baked beans and try not to fart
    I was born under a wandering star and I know
    to sir with love is the only way to teach
    was with a raggedy old pommy base player today
    he said to say gday mate
    you know the fair dinkum way
    not many pommes know the way

  10. garry wockmetooah says:

    leo, as a comanche indian every time i hear your songs, you make me feel like dancing, would love to meet you one day, and listen to you sing , keep up the good work, a big fan, garry.

  11. Donna says:

    Hi Tracey. Thanks for the warning about the fake Leo Sayer who is sending friend request to Leo Sayer fans. I will warn my Facebook friends who are fans of Leo about this scamming character. Donna

  12. Donna says:

    Hi Leo. I agree with Bernard 100%. Some of your fans use dont use Facebook, so they come here to read about you. We fans would like to know what you’re up to. I, for one, am considering leaving facebook. An update, please? Sincerely; Donna.

  13. Bernard says:

    Can you get your admin to just up date this site, otherwise why have it?
    seems a lot of fans come here to read about you as they don’t use facebook. please give it some thought.

  14. helen says:

    some people are not into Facebook
    I am one of those people

  15. jane ciantar says:

    hi all just to let everyone know to catch up with leo you can checkout his face book leo sayer here you will not miss anything . he even takes the time to answer any reasonable question . so give leo a chance he still loves us all .i can assure you all of that .plus if any one is intersted i run the leo group it is a closed group if you are a true fan you will be allowed to join just contact me on face book jane anneciantar from malta love to all and god bless leo always THE SHOW MUST ALWAYS GO ON

  16. Tracey says:

    Beware fans of a Facebook Leo Dayer adding friends… Only has about 20!!! He is a scammer & trying to pass himself off as the real Leo. He asks you to eventually hand over cash… Do not part with your hard earned cash. As if Leo would need our money!! Don’t fall for any scams & if you get a friend request… Decline it!! Consider yourself warned!!!

  17. helen says:

    can I just say
    this message board has gone crazy,
    all the fans want is a little message update from leo

  18. Heather M. Last whipple says:

    Val. i am 41 years old i have been around a little bit. i know what it is to be busy, i am taking care of a Husband who has a Disorder when he is sleeping i come and check my e-mail, i take him to all of his Doctors appointments , and cook for him. i know how to defend somebody to other people with Kindness, at least i thought that is what i was doing. and that is what i am doing now in my response to you. I know how to Love , i know how people can sometimes be mean to other people trust me i was teased and made fun of all through school by mean kids, i know what good food tastes like, i know what rain feels like
    i admire Leo for what he does, bringing good music to his fans even though i was never at one of his concerts. and as i said i watched him on television back in 1978 and now on checking out his videos when i can and i made a playlist of his songs. looks like he gives of himself in every song he writes and sings. and looks like he has fun doing it to. i guess i just do not like to see People being mean to other people and calling them names. i hope you all understand. to me seeing him in 1978 and on youtube he does not look like what Helen called him to me . to me he looks like a very approachable, fun loving Person, somebody who loves people, someone with a lot of energy, really nice, somebody who would not hurt anybody else in any way, this is how i perceive Leo. even though i have never met him before and probably never will, but that is ok. and if i do get the chance to meet him in person and thank him that would be great to. but i am in Elkins, WV. United States of America.
    in Much Kindness. & Peace.

  19. Val says:

    I understand where you are coming from Heather, and sticking up for Leo, all I did was to remind him to update his site, nothing more, as its his fans in the UK made him famous in the first place. looks like some one else is posing as Val. so Leo update your messages eh. Enjoy being back in the UK and hope the tour goes well. Have fun. As I for one cant thank you enough for signing my stuff last year and for the smashing picture with me.
    Val xx

  20. val says:

    hey heather
    what do you know

  21. Heather M. Last whipple says:

    I disagree with your May 28, 2016 at 7:13 pm Comment about Leo, i think he is just busy with his live concerts ( although i have not seen any of his live concerts). and Val for your May 31, 2016 at 6:45 am and Sharon for your May 31, 2016 at 12:14 am . please take it easy On Leo. as i said he is a busy man with his Live Concerts (although i have not seen any of His Live Concerts Before) he will find time to Be active on here , sometime. the only performance i have seen of Leo Sayer was on Television way back in 1978 when he was on the Muppet show performing the Song When i Need You i was three years old. and i am waiting to thank him Personally for that memory and for the Music he makes. i will wait as long as it takes. so i am asking you all to please be patient with Leo. he will come back sometime.
    in Kindness.

  22. Heather M. Last whipple says:

    do you ever think about making a christmas CD sometime?
    please let me Know.

  23. Heather M. Last whipple says:

    hi Leo i am still waiting for a reply from one of your managers on how i can contact you directly to thank you for the memory of watching you on the Muppet show back in 1978 you gave me and for what you do by making great music for us to listen to. my mobile phone number is (540) 661 – 6754
    my e-mail address is:
    please contact me.

  24. Heather M. Last whipple says:

    Leo, I meant 1978 instead of 1878. Please forgive me for putting the Wrong year. there is no way of editing my message either. i have a lot on my mind right now and that is the only reason i have for putting the wrong date.
    please forgive me for it.

  25. Heather M. Last whipple says:

    HI Leo, my Name is Heather . I live in West Virginia in the United States.
    i was born on May 9, 1975 in New York State. i watched you on Television when you were on the Muppet Show in 1878 when i was 3 years old, you sang the Song When i need you. whenever i see you in a Video on you tube or a picture of you .that is the memory of you that comes to my mind. i am 41 years old now i i would like to meet you someday if i can. i want to thank you in person for that memory. and for what you do.

  26. Lindsay Morgan says:

    Hi Leo. You and Lulu were fantastic Thursday night in Brisbane.
    I waited until 12.15am at the Stagedoor hoping for a quick photo with you both but once security started locking up the place I thought it was time to give up and head home. Oh well might catch up next time.
    Take care. Regards Lindsay.

  27. Peter says:

    After sitting through the election coverage and wimbledon, into the early hours of the morning, we have still woken to the buzz of your Brisbane concert on Thursday night! I used to dance our two darling daughters to sleep in front of Leo playing on the stereo; often beginning with “When I Need You” then, enjoyably, as many tracks as it took! Our girls are now 14 and 10.5yrs old and Leo is often playing in the car, always on long trips. In fact Thurs’ concert was a birthday present for our eldest. As my wife had led our girls to our seats, the first lady seated in our row asked me as I passed, “did you make them come?” …I quickly and happily declared,”no way, they love Leo!”
    Thank you both, Leo & LuLu, for a sensational night of music and entertainment. LuLu’s iconic To Sir with Love” was special (it always has been but more poignant now as a father of daughters racing into adolescence) and hearing LuLu laud the Bee Gees (especially as we are from Redcliffe, which proudly claims the Gibb boys!) and to have you both perform their music so brilliantly was exhilarating. And what terrific fun to be up and about with the whole house when you really made everyone “Feel like Dancin” on your last number!
    Thank you for such joy you have given us through your music

  28. Tammy Chenoweth says:

    I saw your concert at the adelaide festival theatre and oh boy it was is fantastic. Ive loved your music all my life and hearing you live and with Lulu was bloody brilliant.
    My husband was shocked that you still had all your hair. I just think your gorgeous anyway.

  29. Wayne Gibbons says:

    Just arrived home from QPAC Brisbane – what a fantastic show. This was a display of talent rarely seen anywhere – Leo and Lulu together were absolutely brilliant. Thank you Leo for a night out we will never forget. Can you tell me please, will a DVD of your Leo and Lulu concerts be released anytime soon ? I noticed that the concert was being filmed and would be first in line to purchase a DVD should one become available. Thank you again for this concert and all your music.

  30. Jenny Paterson says:

    Just been to your show with Lulu in Auckland. What a performance. Loved it. We traveled up from Christchurch to see you. Hoping you come over again and do a show in Christchurch.

  31. Rebecca O'Donnell says:

    Hi Leo, I have bought tickets for your Adelaide show, for my daughter who will be turning 7 , my mum , myself and my eldest son, we are all big fans, when I was at the festival theatre to get tickets they don’t even have posters up….My daughter. Catelin absolutely loves you and would love to meet you… there were no meet and greet tickets avaliable, would it be possible to get one of her cds signed and photo? like i said she will be turning 7 early july and this is her birthday present, hoping to make a lifetime memory for her, thank you for your time and consideration,
    kind regards

  32. Mrs janet Miles says:

    Hello Leo, Fantastic the Restless Years CD, playing it all the time since having it for a Christmas present. Lyrics are absolutely first class. I doubt if you will remember we went against one another in a competition on the local Reading radio years ago when you had women questions and I had the men’s questions. I do recall I beat you and i still have it somewhere on tape. If you recall, maybe not I also come from Patcham near Shorehama lthough now living in Hampshire. Brilliant CD please lets have more Janet

  33. J says:

    Most people don’t know just how talented L.S. is. My goodness just listen to the song ” The show must go on” and “One man band” etc and he also wrote some awesome songs for other bands. What a talented man he is!!! Thank You L. S. for all the great music. I hope your life is blessed and your still touring.
    God Bless

  34. Carlos Lincoln Marks says:

    Memorabilia … 40 years ago:

    “Another Year” – “Endless Flight”
    … … … …

  35. Jen says:

    When will you be in Albury again?

  36. Les says:

    Hi Leo
    Magdalena is such a touching song.
    I was wondering who she was to you?

  37. Cindy Weeks says:

    I know I am almost 50 but you are nice to hear when I am having a rough time. thank you

  38. helen says:

    in 3 months,
    it will be 1 year since leo posted a message to his fans

  39. Val says:

    Take a look on facebook and you will see Leo in an interview on Australian tv, he is talking about his tour with Lulu,

  40. Donna says:

    Whatever happened to Leo anyway? No messages on this site for a long time.

  41. Val says:

    I tend to agree with you Sharon, Jackie would have been on to him, she would have not been happy with him at all.

  42. Sharon says:

    Don’t think Jackie would be happy about this lack of activity

  43. mmmm says:


  44. helen says:

    well said VAL,
    I think leo is a bit two faced

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