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  1. Samir says:

    My mother played “when I need you” to me and my 3 sisters for the first time when I was 5years old (1993). We were all separated from each other for a while because of family problems, but now that we are reunited and as 1 again. That song has been a key factor in the special bond we 4 have together growing up through hard times. Thank you is all we can say, and my dream since I was a little boy is to have you sing that song at my wedding one day.. Is that even a possibility?

  2. Albert " Big Dave" Faultless says:


    Leo hope you enjoyed your harvester the Harvester last Tuesday, me and the boys had a great time it was so good to catch up. I spoke to Geoff Capes last week and he was gutted he couldnt make it. Geoff has asked me to remind you that he really needs his Minder box set returned asap.

    Love ya dude and cant wait for the reunion in Barnsley.
    Keep it real Albert xxxxxx

  3. orlando says:

    Leo, When i am fury, madness or depressive I sing Thunder in My heart.
    When i need you, I sing Easy to love…(most very beautful sing that you sung yeat…
    I love you Leo, always…..(from Brazil)

  4. Mick Ashton says:

    Hi Leo. Fell in love with your music in the early 70`s when I was at school. Never forget seeing you on Top of the Pops dressed as a clown and going to your concerts whenever you performed around Manchester and at Salford university. I even hung around for hours one night with two school mates, when you were being interviewed on Piccadilly radio. When you came out you shook our hands and signed our albums. You were great, and very down to earth. Anyway, just got my tickets for your tour in November when you visit the M.E.N. Arena. Can`t wait to see you perform again. Best wishes. Mick

  5. krazy kevin says:

    hi leo…just saw you on the programme about whingeing poms….ha..!! do you remember a gig in Bahrain..?? Middle East….anyway i interviewed you for my tv show and also was the mc at the gig…well how things turn round i am now living in Australia..(and NOT whingeing too much…ha!!) so if ever you come up to Queensland i would love to get another interview with you for my radio show here…keep happy..Krazy Kevin

  6. Joe Jones says:

    Hello mate – just recalling the time you brought back to Blakesley Avenue a copy of the Basement Tapes you said you’d borrowed from Manfred Mann – hope you are well. Joe x



  8. Stephen Sageman says:

    Hi Gerry/Leo, I lost touch with Steve Mercer, but still meet up with Paul and John. It would be nice to have a reunion one of these days. Best wishes for your tour. Sage

  9. tom curran says:

    seen you on tv this morning great memories seen you on tour years back at kings hall in belfast hope you return someday
    good health

  10. Caroline Farmer says:

    Great to see you on Breakfast TV this morning. It made my sister, Frances Forbes day. Good to hear your coming back to do some gigs but even better to hear your coming back next year to do some solo gigs. Please try to get to the Southampton area. We’ll be there. kind regards, Caroline Farmer

  11. Sarah Manning says:

    Hi Leo,

    so great to see you on BBC breakfast,we worked together many years ago in Oxford and I really enjoyed your company.
    Good to see your happy spirit and enthusiasm alll still intact.
    Best of luck with the shows Leo,

    Sarah xx

  12. Ian Butler says:

    If your going to tour the UK, try and slip Plymouth Pavilions in. We get forgotten down here. Judging by the turn out for OMD and Ultravox, should be a sellout. Cheers. Ian

  13. peter meany says:

    your concert in Dublin on 5th July 2012 was amazing. you had the audience on a total high. your voice is as good as ever and your music still resonates. what an amazing talent you are. it was a privilege to be there. the UK and Ireland need you man. you are truly one of the pop greats. regards from Dublin. peter
    a ful review of the concert will be posted soon on

  14. Herbert says:

    Hi Leo,

    will you tour in Germany again .. maybe in 2013? Would love to do an interview for our radio show “RETRO”. People over here still remember you and love your music. Especially “Long Tall Glasses” is very popular. God bless we play the songs from computers otherwise I must have bought a few new vinyls of that song in the menatime :-)

    All the best and take care

  15. Billy armstrong says:

    Hi Leo,
    From a person who helped promote all your records in my D-J days, here in Dublin, way back in time, in the following venues
    St Vincents Glassnevin, The Celebrity Club Jervis street, Napoleans nite club Parnell St, Lord Johns, parnell street, Bubbles night club Fleet Street, St John Bosco Drimnagh, The Leinster Cricket Club Rathmines, The Rosary hall Harolds Cross, Bective rangers hall Donnybrook, The Wez in Donnybrook, The overend hall leeson street, The Brown Dearby James Street, The Hunting Lodge Ballyferrmot , and many many more venues throughout Ireland,
    I have to say I was looking forward to your show in the Olympia, and boy did you deliver the goods as usual,

    Your show was brillent, and not forgetting the band , they were out of this world, you fully derserve the great respect your fans give to you, because your music not only brings back those teenage memories that we all had back then , but your music is just pure classic and helps us forget about any sadness we might be carrying around with us at any time.

    Please do not leave it so long to come back, without doubt, you will sell out , in any venue.

    You gave a very friendly family athmosphere in the Olympia last night, your energy 100% and I could seriouselly tell you were having a ball with all of us as well.

    There is not many artisits out there like you that have kept the pace with time, long may you live to bring us all such joy and happiness.

    The only sad part of all this now is having to wait until you come back to Ireland again, please make it ASAP ‘

    God bless and good Health to you forever,

    Thank you Leo, your a true legend

  16. Terry O'Dwyer says:

    Oh My God, that’s all I have to say about last nights show at the Olympia in Dublin, Leo you are a true entertainer, I was transported back to my late teenage years/early 20’s and I have to say it’s a place I like very much!! You gave 150% last night and I have to say even my husband (who was there under duress) absolutely loved the show, it just gives me a warm glow inside that someone can come out on stage and have such an effect on the audience and get such a fantastic reaction……….come back to Ireland soon and play for at least a week, you will pack them in. Hope they appreciate you in Oz!!! Looking forward to seeing you in Dublin again.

  17. John Kelly says:

    Hi Leo.

    Was at the Olympia last night with my wife Mary. Man that was a brilliant show. We’ve been disappointed a few times at concerts in the last few years where performers that we had loved did not come up to scratch. Joan Baez and Bob Dylan were two in point. Dylan was awful – such a disappointment, but you are just as fresh as when I first saw you back in the 70s.

    Don’t know where you get the energy from, but if the source is available in the shops will you let me know the address please.

    Thanks again for a great show from the both of us.

    John & Mary

  18. Paul Sheerin says:

    Hi Leo

    AMAZING show at the Olympia tonight.I am in awe!!!!! i hope i have as much energy as you do when i am your age. My God!!!!!!
    Thank you for posing for photos at the stage door afterwards. You made my dream come true!!!!
    please dont leave it soooo long to visit us again and please consider doing the national tour you mentioned during the show!!I will be at EVERY show!!!
    You are truly AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Okuk Rogerson says:

    Hi Mr. Sayer,

    I met you with my family at the Opera House during the Vivid Light Festival recently.

    Please would be nice to talk about a concert in Port Moresby Papua New Guinea sometime this year.

    Thank you kindly,


  20. Keit Davitt says:

    Thank you and your band so much for a fantastic show in The Olympia Dublin tonight. It really was a trip down memory lane . Dont leave it so long next time! I wish you all the very best of luck . Thanks again.

    Keith Davitt

  21. Janice Cross says:

    Hi Leo,

    Looking forward to seeing you in Dublin tonight. Me and my entire family of eight will be there. My later brother John Cross was a massive fan so much so that we played “One Man Band” during his cremation ceremony.
    It would mean THE WORLD to us if you could dedicate this song to the memory of John Cross tonight. He died sadly in August last after a long brave battle with Motor Neurone Disease.

    Please Please Please help, we would really appreciate it and it would mean so much to all of us!!!!

    See you later,

  22. Jackie Whelan says:

    Hi Leo,
    I just found out today that you are doing a tour of the UK later this year, but i can’t find a tour date for Scotland anywhere. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE say you are doing one in Scotland.
    I would love to get tickets for my hubby as a surprise.
    He is one of your biggest fans and has every single one of your albums, we had tickets to come and see you the last time you were meant to be at the Caird Hall in Dundee but the date was cancelled as you had really bad laryngytis.
    My husband never got over not seeing you in the flesh for a very long time, he was so dissappointed.
    Please Leo you have lots of Scottish fans too you’ve got to do a date up here as well.
    Jackie. x

  23. majella says:

    hi im nolam from maguiresbrige co fermanagh my grandfather was james nolan he had a sister who moved to england and we never heard from her since

  24. rocaboy says:

    Hi Leo!
    i’m writting you because i discovered you just one hour ago! since this time i listen like a fanatic, the live of your song ” the show must go on” and well, it is a revelation and more than a revelation! a wonderful and incredible moment!! so good !! sorry to don’t listen you before but i never heard nothing of you before but i’m young french guy so my culture and my english is not perfect:) so now i will listen the rest of you !! thanks you so much for your music your voice and your musicians!!! i’m happy!!!!!!

  25. bernie says:

    hi of yours since the away my age ha husband and myself talked to you a few years ago in dublin.i have 3 photos of you and us.that was a dream come true for are such a lovely man.and an amasing singer..will love you and your music for berniexxx from dublin.

  26. steve nance says:

    Hi Leo,

    I am seeking your permission to sing “It’s a Hard Life” at a singing competition near Phoenix AZ on July 24th. I can do it vert well. I have a piano/synthesizer accompanist. What do you say? May I have your permission?

    Steve Nance
    Phoenix AZ

  27. Paul Sheerin says:

    Hi Leo

    Cant wait for your concert at The Olympia in Dublin on Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am hoping to meet you and get a picture with you. THAT WOULD BE A DREAM COME TRUE.i won a competition on your site a few years ago. i asked you 40 questions and you send me cds, a tshirt and everything autographed. that was amazing. thank you again… I have a ticket for the front row.i really cannot wait.i have been dieing to see you live since i was 12. 16 years ago.
    anyway, see you on Thursday!!!

  28. Fiz says:

    I knew that was you on our flight home from Rome yesterday… friend didn’t believe me as you live in Oz!

  29. Chrissie says:

    Just out of interest, does Leo even look at these messages?

  30. sue mullins says:

    I rediscovered Silver Bird after thirty years of being away from it, and it has been wonderful. Where can i find the chords to learn to play “Why is Everybody Going Home” on the guitar? My favourite ever track and reminds me of a very special person.

  31. chris elliott says:

    Dear Leo, we have a radio program that is heard nationally around australia and in ireland and we were wanting an interview with you. can you please contact us if you’d like to participate. we want to celebrate your music and your citizenship of australia. the contact page is on our website. kind regards chris

  32. old drunk says:

    sitting here listening to your music, im drunk, and crying, where did the years go ? you are still great, im just a pathetic drunkered

  33. linda gibson says:

    hi leo i have got my tickets for sheffield tour lucky to get row b, i enjoyed last years show, i would dearly love to meet you but dont know how, i lived in london and used to go to school with maureen nelhams whos uncle was adam faith. i think you are brilliant and have supported you since you were a clown , i also used to go to ipswich regent see you every time you were there. i still have photos, i am 1 year younger than you , so glad you are well, and happy love from linda xx

  34. KingpinX5 says:

    My favorite song is “I Think We Fell In Love Too Fast”, every time I hear the song, it brings back so much memory of the high school days. When will you tour US again?

  35. Paul Cullum says:

    Hello there Leo
    When i was a boy in the early 70’s one of my favourite songs was Giving it all away, written by your good self & made famous by Roger Daltrey.
    I hadn’t heard the song for many years, and like some songs from your childhood, they get forgotten in the mists of time….i have since rediscovered that song, & i just wanted to tell you that i think it is one of the best songs ever written….and also i think it is criminal that it gets very little airplay at all….I wish you well in everything you do.

  36. Brett says:

    G’Day Leo, I was listening to your song” In my life”, it has some relevance to me. I would like to play it on the Guitar can you tell me the chords please?

  37. David says:

    Leo, apologies if you’ve been asked this 100 times before. but is “Moonlighting” based on a true story? I have it in the back of my mind from many years ago that it is, and that the people chasing them caught up with them before they got to Gretna.

    As an aside, I’ve just played “Long tall glasses” on Youtube, there was a comment there with which I wholeheartedly agree, that there is no fun in today’s music.

  38. Lenny says:

    When are you and the band coming to the United States? I’d love to book you into our intimate 440 seat venue.

  39. Rick Bell says:

    Leo, If you are going to be in Scotland…would you allow me to interview you for my radio show?

  40. Steve Glenister says:

    Hi Leo, its Steve (with Caroline) from Alderley Edge, UK.
    It is an amazing 14 years since you did those few shows for me, and even now people still talk about it as the best night they can remember when you did The French Brasserie in Wilmslow.
    I am now 12 years out of the catering trade and things are going good.
    3 of our 8 children have made Caroline and I grandparents with 4 already so the catering experience comes in handy when they all pop over for Sunday lunch. Coz they have all got partners too its the first 12 to book get in.
    We would love to catch up with you and hopefully you ll have time to have a drink or two when you come to Manchester or Liverpool later in the year. Are you still living in Oz?
    On a music note, I am putting together a band which is looking like even at the early stages, like an oportunity we can take on to great things. Take a look at the website- -at the company/charity and you will see the past and present Prime Ministers, The United Nations in New York and The Olympic Committee are not only supporting us but have given us Olympic Truce Status to represent this and all further Winter & Summer Olympics in promoting Peace within The Olympic Truce.
    Our company, Peace Parade International is dedicated in promoting PEACE to young children between 8 & 18 through free workshops in schools and communities giving awareness and asking them to think what Peace means and what it can do for them.
    Peace Band is a seperate entity but will carry the same message in its music and will be associated directly also helping fund the workshops where possible. The main factor within the music is a heartbeat rhythm which is pretty infectious and will come accross great recorded however live, and out doors at a festival it will kick ass. The timescale to gain maximum exposure for Peace Band during The Olympics in the UK is too short unless we use an easier route to market than we have planned. I have an idea to use your first verse of When I Need You, up to “its only a heatbeat away” not only as the hook but then lead the introduction to the band sound of ” The Worldwide Heartbeat of Peace”
    Catherine Taylor Dawson who will be fronting the band on acoustic and vocals.We will start the project with an all female rock chick style line up, and Rupert Hine is working with us not only as a producer but as a guide and mentor to the band and a Patron of Peace to the overall project.
    I did try your mobile which had your answer message a couple of weeks ago but as time ticks on wanted to make contact sooner, if you use that for UK purposes only. Trust you are well and look forward to hearing from you. If you send me an email first we could maybe use Skype to have a chat. Love and Peace, Steve

  41. Chrissie says:

    Hello there

    Just thought I would say hello, it seems a lifetime since we last spoke.

    I was the blonde traffic warden you used to chat to at Heathrow, in the 70’s.

    Good to see you are still performing.

    Take care x

  42. Wayne Armstrong says:

    Hi Leo,
    Your cover of “The Long and Winding Road”, is a masterpiece and one of the greatest performances I have ever heard on record!
    Thanks so much!

  43. Kirsten says:

    Saw you at heathrow this morning at 6.10 am. Welcome home

  44. Oren Amram says:

    Hello Mr. Leo Sayer

    how are you?

    my name is Oren Amram & I’m a DJ & radio manager & presenter from eco99fm, the biggest music radio station in Israel. I have a weekly 80’s show titled “layla shmonim” (which means ’80’s night’) where I play pure 80’s music.
    I’m also a big fan of you and as you probably know you have many fans in Israel…

    since I play your music quite often, it’ll be a great honour for me if you can record a station ID for my listeners, I’ll play it every time I’ll play your music on my show.
    if you can and it’s not to much for asking, please tell me and I’ll write you the sentence I’d like you to say.
    thanx in advance!

    Oren Amram

  45. Linda Bennings says:

    he’s a very smart 2 year old :)

  46. Linda Bennings says:

    oh so sorry my 2 year old son hacked into my account! I LOVE YOU!

  47. Linda Bennings says:

    hello you short tart :) I dont love you

  48. Carlos Lincoln Marks says:

    “No Earthly Connection” is a 1976 progressive rock concept album by Rick Wakeman. ______ THERE WAS A CONNECTION.

  49. Jeannette Kerr says:

    Hi Leo
    I often think about you and wonder how you are, I don’t know if you remember me, I lived in Mill Hill Shoreham ,my mother was a friend of your mothers.
    It is good to see you are still going strong
    I live on the Isle of Skye,Scotland now ,we have a farm breeding \Highland cattle so if ever you are up this way I would love to see you
    Best Wishes

  50. "mo" Maureen Cuccia says:

    Hello Leo, I was just thinking about your song “Love you more than I can say” Brilliant love song. I am so happy and in love, your song popped into my head this morning. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. Happy Sunday to you and take care. Mo

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