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November 29th, 2014 | 1,263 Comments »

(Sydney –  November 29th  2014 )

Hi folks,

I hope you’ve all had a good year.

It’s been a busy year for me, but mostly I’ve been working behind the scenes. After completing the Australian national concert tour I was on earlier this year (the Apia Good Times Tour alongside Russell Morris, Joe Camilleri and Richard Clapton), I took members of that band into a studio in Melbourne in April to start work on a new album, titled ‘Restless Years’.

The album is completed now and ready to roll out in January on the Fanfare label.

The first territory will be Australia, as while I’d love to be able to announce a worldwide release at this time, it’s simply not feasible yet. As the year progresses the album will be released worldwide and I intend be touring wherever that happens, as it happens, so please be patient and we’ll cover every area eventually.

‘Restless Years’ is a collection of all new songs, all composed by me, including four co-writes with Albert Hammond, and one with Frank Farrel (my co-writer on the ‘Another Year’ album from 1975).

The album tracks (and writers) are:

1. “Beautiful Year” Leo Sayer)

2. “Competing With A DJ” (Leo Sayer)

3. “How Did We Get So Old” (Leo Sayer)

4. “Revolution Of The Heart” (Leo Sayer and Albert Hammond)

5. “Millenium Wheel” (Leo Sayer)

6. “Restless Years” (Leo Sayer and Albert Hammond)

7. “One Green World” (Leo Sayer)

8. “The Wrong Man” (Leo Sayer)

9. “Look Around” (Leo Sayer and Albert Hammond)

10. “The Radio Song” (Leo Sayer)

11. “Sometimes Things Go Wrong” (Leo Sayer and Frank Farrel)

12. “To The River” (Leo Sayer and Albert Hammond)

13. “Mister In Between” (Leo Sayer)

The musicians on all the tracks were: Johnny Salerno (drums), Mitch Cairns (bass), Bill Risby (keyboards), and Danny Spencer (guitars).

Also performing on the record were Mark Kennedy (percussion), Ross Irwin (trumpet and flugelhorn), Paul Williams (saxophones), Keiran Conrau (trombone), and Natasha Stuart, Vika Bull and Linda Bull on backing vocals.

We recorded all the tracks at Mitch Cairns’ Melbourne studio, added acoustic piano at 301 Studios in Sydney, record vocals at my studio in Sydney, and it was mastered by Leon Zervos at 301 Studios. Mitch was the recording engineer for the tracks, and ex Beatles engineer Richard Lush, recorded the pianos.

An important part of the record was the mix by John Hudson, my fellow ex Londoner, who’s mixed many hits for me in the past. His part of the process was carried out in a remote part of Queensland where he has a studio on the edge of a working farm, a great place for objectivity and reflection, and I reckon the sound he gets up there was the icing on the cake.

I’m really happy with the results, and can’t wait for you to hear it!

Now I’m switching myself off for Christmas and New Year, which I’ll be spending in Italy this year, and concentrating on getting my energies fired up for what promises to be, in 2015, a “beautiful year”!

I’ll talk to you all again very soon, but meanwhile here are my very best wishes for a wonderful holiday season, a very Happy Christmas – and a wonderful, peaceful and prosperous 2015.

See you there!


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