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July 9th, 2015 | 1,263 Comments »

(Sydney, Australia –  July 9th 2015)

Hi folks,

I hope you are all well and happy and having a good 2015.

It’s been a great year for me so far. My latest album, ‘Restless Years’ has been out here in Australia since late January, and the reception to it from journalists, critics, music business people, musicians and fans has been fantastic. We hit the Australian Top 40 albums chart during first week of it’s release, and I’ve also been selling lots of copies at my live shows down here.

Now I’m preparing for the album release in the UK (on August 28th) and am very getting excited at the prospect of that. Thanks to a link up with a new label, Right Track Distribution, the album will be coming out on CD, iTunes download, and Vinyl formats. It’ll be released on my own label Silverbird Records. The download edition will have a special digital booklet and includes three bonus tracks (from the same sessions as the album), “Tell The Truth” and “I Got It All Back” (both written by me), and a cover of an old Lennon and McCartney Beatles B side: “Yes It Is”. The CD track listing is the same as the Australian edition and the Vinyl release is a limited edition, about 500 copies only. We are going to spice that up with the vinyl itself glowing in a lovely blood red. A nice collectors item, I reckon.

Along with this release comes my UK tour for which tickets are already selling like hotcakes. The tour kicks off in Birmingham on September 9th and there are 25 dates in total, ending up in Warrington on October 11th. I’ll be covering all of England, Scotland, Wales and the Isle of Wight during the trip, which includes revisiting some of the same venues as we performed at during the 2013 tour. The band members are the same as on that tour, with Ronnie Johnson on guitars, Elliott Henshaw on drums, Rob Taggart on keyboards, and Dave Troke on bass. We also have a great opening act with Michael Armstrong joining us for all dates. I’m really looking forward to it!

Also, just announced is a Dublin show on October 16th. Dublin is always fun to play, so I’m really looking forward to that! All these dates and the booking details can be found on the LIVE NEWS page.

Back to Australia, and I want to give a special thanks to all those who attended the shows on the ‘Restless Years’ tour earlier this year. It was my biggest ever tour downunder with 30 dates in all, and me and my fabulous band: Bill Risby (keys), Mitch Cairns (bass), Danny Spencer (guitars), and Adrian Violi (drums) had a ball playing to everybody – Mitch, Bill, and Danny also played on the ‘Restless Years’ album, and it was great taking the studio band out on the road.

I moved home to a lovely little village just off the highway between Sydney and Canberra over Christmas, and have really settled into the country life. I’m building a very spacious recording studio there right now, in a barn next to the property. It’s a wonderful location, full of wildlife and tall trees, with the sound of parrots and assorted birds to keep me company. I should have the studio up and running by late October when I’ve returned from the UK, so will start work on a new album around then.

Well that’s about it for now. Thanks for all your correspondence to the website,  and for all your reactions and reviews of my live shows, and particularly for your kind mentions regarding ‘Restless Years’. I really hope you are all enjoying listening to it as much as I had fun creating it.

Come and see me on the UK tour if you can, I’ll be meeting and greeting and signing records, and I hear there are still some great tickets available. To see the dates, or book tickets, go to the Live News page now.

So here’s wishing you all a ‘Beautiful Year’. It’s one that’s already proving to be very “Restless” indeed…

See you soon!


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