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(Sydney –  March 4th 2014 )

Hello everybody,

I hope you are all well and happy wherever you may be.

After a slow start to the year it’s all systems go now, with lots of activity for the coming year being planned. We kicked off this years live performances with a very special open air concert at Mission Estate in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. This was great fun as I shared the bill with Billy Ocean, Sharon Corr, Melanie C and Ronan Keating. We had a full symphony orchestra to sing in front of too, The Auckland Philharmonic with Mark Taddei conducting. The band was led by Melbourne’s Chong Lim, who also scored all the arrangements. It was a great night, as the 11,000 people who attended will all attest to. I then spent a couple of extra days in the region and must say how amazingly beautiful and truly relaxing it was there.

Back home afterwards and I’ve been straight into the promotion for a tour I’m doing throughout Australia in May. It’s titled The APIA Good Times 2014 tour, and features me along with Australian legends, Russell Morris, Joe Camilleri, and Richard Clapton. We have a great band backing us up too, and have already been appearing live on TV here. We are all getting along famously – so I can’t wait for the tour to start! Ticket details are over on the ‘Live News’ page, and also on the tour website, where you can also see clips and interviews regarding the tour. See: “apiagoodtimes.com.au“.

I’m still writing and recording my new album, and it’s coming on great. It takes a bit of time, ‘cos I’m doing it myself, but I hope when you hear the results, you’ll agree it’s all worth it.

I must say I’m also delighted at how a recent project regarding objections to Coal Seam Gas mining here in Australia has been received. I’m quite fiercely opposed to what the Gas and Mining companies are collectively doing to this beautiful country of ours, and after hearing so many dreadful stories – many first hand – from people affected by this, I decided to put pen to paper, hands to keyboard, and compose a song. Then I met a terrific group of people here called Aussies Against Fracking, and they helped me make a great video featuring me and the song. You’ll see members of that group, and musicians and singers Doc Neeson, Jade Hurley, Deni Hines, Jeff Duff, Kevin Borich, Mitch Anderson, Mark Gable, Alex Gibson, Steve Balbi, Casey Burgess. Connor Cleary and Jarmb – Ji Githabul, all singing with me on ‘No Fracking Way’ – see it here: “www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xfo0hpVrtrs

I’m proud of the fact that it cost nothing to make, meaning that everyone donated their services and their time, and made their own travel arrangements to get down to Pow Wow Studios, where we filmed the performance. This is simply because they all agreed with me on the importance of the project, which is to spread awareness of the dangers to our health, threat to our precious water supply and the ecological devastation that Fracking brings to Australia. Craig “Chappo” Chapman (with the assistance of his Daily Planet team) filmed, directed and edited the whole thing beautifully, Pow Wow gave us the studio and their services for free, with Des O’Neill recording the extra voices on the spot. John Hudson applied his genius to the sound mix, and David Lowe provided all the terrific footage we used in the background. Special credit goes to Annie Wright and Nick Hanlon for getting us all together for the video shoot, and thanks in fact to all concerned, especially the folks from Lock The Gate (“www.lockthegate.org.au“), who efforts to ban Fracking we totally support. Via You Tube and Vimeo, this little clip has gone all over across the globe and as I write this, on You Tube has almost reached 20,000 views. Job well done!

I’m going to be adding some more live dates soon, hopefully in England Europe, China and Asia in the coming months, so stay tuned, keep sharing the love and the music, and I’ll talk to you all again soon…


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Links. Here you can find other points of contact, for professional enquiries, bookings and such like. Also here are some of my favourite sites to visit, and the home sites of many of my favourite musicians and work colleagues.

I do hope you all enjoy the new pages and generally have fun with the material here.

“leosayer.com” has a truly international fan base, so I hope that the content here applies to all of you.

I can only apologise that if some of my releases are unknown to you, this is because they have not been made available worldwide. It’s just the way this business is, I’m afraid. Some territories don’t agree in taste with the other ones, but thanks to the web, the world is getting smaller and most of my releases can be found on the internet or by downloading, which I think is great.

Okay, that’s about it for now.  Keep watching this page for further developments ‘cos the ‘Show” is definitely still going on.

All the best….

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  1. Stephen greaves says:

    Hi Leo long time no see hope your well and still remember me from our time on the epic tread mill would love to catch up with you some time if your ever back in the uk.take care steve

  2. christine mckeown says:

    Hi Leo was at your once in life time in Liverpool – 17 Nov 2012 it was my husband and i weddding aniversary, we had a wonderful time. brought back lots of memories. all the best of wishes to you. a great fan look forward to your return to the uk and better stilll livepool, christine & ken mckeown

  3. john says:

    Hi Leo, flew over from Belfast to Newcastle to see the show, you were fantastic. A very classy and energetic performance. Would love an autograph as a mementoe of a great nite. Many Thanks. John.

  4. shirley and dawn says:

    had a fab night at newcastle arena thought u ..and smokie were the best of the four , u were so .entertaining and sounded brill cant wait to see u again xxxx

  5. Paul Cornock says:

    Hi Leo. You and your band stole the show last night at The LG Arena. It was brilliant hearing all those songs again from my teenage years eg The Show Must Go On , Long Tall Glasses & One Man Band . Your voice has got better and better over the years and I can’t wait to see your full show next year. You are up there with the best .
    Best wishes

  6. Bill says:

    My friend (a music aficionado) just posted a video on Facebook from youtube of a live video/audio of you singing ‘The Show Must Go On’, and I can’t remember another time that I’ve had goosebumps. Your voice and the way you used it (emotionally, etc.) along w/ the spot-on (not over-the-top) physical expression just rank up there as part of a short list of the all-time best. Reminds us that your great and popular hits are only a small part of the offering. Would really love if you came to the New York area (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania).

  7. Beth Pearshouse says:

    Hi Leo
    When will you be touring scotland


  8. Mal&Sadie says:

    Hi Leo, Hope you are keeping well. We are going to the Llandudno concert, hope to catch up, haven`t seen yuo since when you visited Shrewsbury 10 years ago. See you in LLan dudno Take care Love Mal & Sandie xxx

  9. Eileen Barron says:

    Am I no. 200!? Great to see you on television last night. I have been a fan all your life but I have never seen you live. You seem to like big arenas but I live in Cornwall and can’t get to the major cities. Truro has a fantastic hall (Hall for Cornwall) which is great for intimate concerts and also we have a great festival in May, the Daphne Du Maurier Festival, when all sorts of stars have come to entertain us inc. Paul Carrick, Gilbert O’Sullivan, Joe Brown and loads of others. You would be so popular. Come on down. I will be in the front row. I just love all your songs and you are such a great entertainer. With love from sunny Cornwall.

  10. linda says:

    So glad to find these pages and know you are doing so much.
    I saw you on TV one night in the Pierot costume and was an instant fan. Still love Silverbird and Just a Boy and all those songs.
    As a journalist, I was able to do a phone interview with you once. We had what I considered to be a wonderful conversation, and I still thank you for it.
    You were in New York at the time of the interview. I was in Salt Lake City. A man, citing some religious reason for his horrible act, had just thrown his wife and children off the top of a hotel here in SLC. It was one of the first things you asked me about during the interview. I remember it so clearly.
    Anyway, thank you for everything!

  11. stephen richardson says:

    bought tickets for llandudno & echo arena look forward to hear you again missed contact for the past 20 year but since the past two years of having internet its been great to see what you have been up too

  12. Neeal says:

    First time I have seen this. Very delightful. Thanks for srhiang.Dear one, I want to thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday and leaving such an encouraging comment. Appreciate your transparency. Please, feel free to take whatever “pictures” you need from my blog. We are all in this together. Re: Testify to Love, I do not know if you knew this but W. Judd wrote it. Avalon made it more popular, but I like just the acoustic guitar version that she does and she does it great.Again, thank you for your prayers. Blessings!

  13. Anne Debert says:

    Hi Leo
    I produce 612 ABC Brisbane Breakfast radio show with Spencer Howson. We are trying to contact you for an interview. Can you call or email me please? 0418 286 425
    Many thanks
    Anne Debert
    Spencer Howson

  14. thomas reuland says:

    How are you? Please contact me Im a fan of yours.

  15. Leo says:

    Hi All,

    I have been reading some comments here, on my website, and also a number of articles in the press regarding my ‘so called’ criticism of Sir Paul McCartney’s performance during the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony.

    I would like to take this opportunity to heartily apologise to anyone who may have been offended by all this, though the comment I made privately was misquoted and has been taken way out of context. I meant no disrespect to Sir Paul, who is and always has been a hero of mine – a guy I admire tremendously, both as a musician and a songwriter.


  16. Lori Cortellini says:

    Woke up singing your song in the shower today came out of the blue! wondered how old you were and howlife was treating . I you, I was singing (When I need you)
    loved that song. Will you be coming to the U.S anytime soon. Lori from Sarasota FL. thanks for the great memories…

  17. Molly says:

    Would you have time to do a TV appearance whilst you are in the UK?

  18. Paul Harrison says:

    Hi Leo.
    Will you be doing a meet and greet/ photo op for fans in the Olympia tonight.

    Most bands do it in the foyer. And it would be a great opportunity for us fans to have a truly one off experience, especially when you rarely perform here

    PLEASE PLEASE say you are!!!!!



  19. paul kalix says:

    when are you touring here in the states? nothing on the site hints of any US shows . . . .

  20. Ipek says:

    Dear Leo, you are a true talent. Your music touches my heart every day.

  21. Tish says:

    Hi Leo , huge fan going back over last 20 yrs , saw u in London lots of times , brought a friend one night , she was not familiar with a lot of ur songs but came along and as I knew loved ur concert so much so came next , time , we also got our photo taking on or chord road London , we were only 20 at the time and moved to London to find. Work from Ireland , 24 yrs later we both met our husbands in London. And moved home to settle in Ireland .. Can’t wait to see ur concert in Dublin , but with it carries some sadness for me as my friend Linda passed away in febuary after 3,weeks of illness ,, I will be thinking of her all night as u entertain us in Dublin and if u could dedicate or chord road to Linda my dear friend … Regards and tks .. Trish ..

  22. Don says:

    Hope that you are having a good time in Tuscany – we love that area of Tuscany. Have not had joy of watching you in UK for a long time – last time
    in Basingstoke years ago. I know you like the big venues but is there no way that you can do a gig on your own in the south. What about also doing the Irish gig over here, it would be terrific.

  23. Loni Ellis says:

    You know, I’m your age and can’t get my head out of the music of the 70’s. I get on a song and wiz around sing and playing the music over and over. I came upon “Long Tall Glasses” and can’t wear it out. Such a fun song with a nonstop beat. Thank you for making such up beat jumping music. Who needs a gym when you can put on your music and dance around the house…not a problem. The problem occurs when I’m driving. I really need to reel myself in because suddenly I’m cruising to the tempo of the song. Not good.

    Thanks again and I’m glad you’re doing well hand still having fun. Loni

  24. Tina holt says:

    Hi Leo,was so nice to meet you in selfridges London on sat 9th June.thankyou so much for taking the time to have a photo with me .still loving your music since 1973. Take care love Tina xxx

  25. Pat says:

    What a voice ! Love you, may all be good in your life.

  26. adam says:

    I was in Paris between the 24th and the 27th of May and I was sure I saw you several times, in fact on one night I stood on a plastic bottle which jumped up I looked up and it was you again walked to another bar and on the way I saw you again standing in the arch way of a back street theatre tried taking a sneaky pic to see if it was you. Could you verify if it was? I would be gutted if it was as myself and my family love your music.

  27. Julie Tompkins says:

    Hi Leo, been huge fan for so many years when first saw you dressed up on TOTP and one of my favourite albums is still Silverbird. Been so many years since seen you in concert, hope you will do some gigs on your own again. My favourite venue is Stables Wavendon amazing place, would be perfect for you.
    Happy birthday for 21st it’s my mums too!

  28. Bobby Ball says:

    Hi Leo
    It’s a long time since we did tv together ….I still look at that sketch we did where you pretended to be me…great sketch….good to see you are still grafting
    Bobby Ball

  29. Tricia says:

    Hi Leo,
    Glad to hear you are back in Europe – hope you get back to Belgium soon – I’ve been a fan since 1970 when I saw you in Birmingham where I studied, but uncanny enough I was devoted to Adam Faith from the early 60’s as a teenager – then I met you on a sunny day in Belgium at your Seaside concert just to present you with a bunch of flowers, and you were kind enough to step out to collect them before your concert, and those 5 minutes remains a lovely memory, plus all the dancing and enjoyment I had from your concert – you are THE best artist around as you have always been – thanks again a million for your music and all the memories they provide, and the times they kept me strong, cheers, Tricia

  30. stephen richardson says:

    long life fan since 17 now in my fifties heres my chance to say thank you for thoses years and more to come

  31. torchy says:

    hi leo got to see you at once in a lifetime last year at wembley and as far as i am concerned you stole the show the best by far. one man band fantastic.

  32. a miller says:

    hi Leo a long long fan i hope to see any new material come from you if possible the kids today just don’t know what good music is any more, hope to get some (smile) see you soon!!!!!!!!

  33. Melsy28 says:

    Hi Leo, I have been a HUGE fan of yours – most of my 36 years! I have desperately been trying to get to a show of yours for years but things like children have clashed with your concerts. This year I am free to see you….please tell me you will be back in Sydney? I am so sad I missed your Basement gig 2 years ago….

  34. Phyllis Foundis says:

    Hello lovely Leo! You are a legend – and my 5 year old son, Dean Elijah has just discovered you on the Muppets no less – he LOVES YOU! He and his brother, Maxie (my 2 year old) sit and watch you sing ‘You make me feel like dancing’ and ‘I Won’t Let the Show go On.’ over and over and over. We don’t mind – they’re timeless, gorgeous melodies. Thank you for inspiring my boys. Big love on behalf of Dean and Maxie xxx (and their Mama and Daddy – Phyllis and Kym). P.S. Dean turns 6 on May 24, 2012 – if you’re in town (we live in Sydney), could we come meet you??! What an amazing birthday present if you said – yes. No pressure !

  35. Leo Sayer's #1 fan says:

    Hey Leo i wish you would come to new york, im a big fan of you im only 13 and i wish i could meet you, please, please, please, please.

  36. Adam says:

    Hi Leo will you be coming to Boston soon. I’m I huge fan. I love more than I could say was even my wedding song! I sing a Sinatra tribute night in Boston so if you are ever in town you should stop in. I would love to watch I live show of yours.

  37. Adam says:

    When is your next concert in Florida? Thank you.

  38. TOM LEVINE says:

    just wondering if you.ll be doing a concert around north west indiana usa or maybe chicago and one more question leo do you still have the pipes

  39. TOM LEVINE says:

    hey there leo i just wanted to say that your song stuck with me all these years(when i need you).man you know how to lay those notes down on that song.i was just curious to see if your still going, because a great voice like yours the world needs.hopefully you have,nt retired and you have a new album in mind.well just hope your doing great and still in good health yea i know we are all getting older i was 11 years old back in 77 when i first heard you its crazy to think all those years gone by .i was always wanting to be a lead singer for a band but never had the nerve to sing in front of people .so hear i am 44 and getting grey time fly,s my friend.but hey if your interested i will be having some clips of me singing on myspace atbigryde1@myspace if you have some time. it would be cool to hear from you .oh p.s. just wanted to let you know that when i used to see you that i said to myslf now thats what richard simmons if didnt act feminim is suppose to be, like you lol

  40. Pharme982 says:

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  41. Pharmg61 says:

    Very nice site!

  42. Pharmc957 says:

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  43. margaret veitch says:

    you have just got to do a concert in qld – brisbane and gold coast- i mean you have just got to
    see ya here

  44. john o neil says:

    hi leo , if i may call you that , i was wondering if you have any plans to do a concert in dublin ireland thank you, john

  45. Jan says:

    Watching you singing on the tv right now. Top of the Pops from 1977. I just hold out my hand etc. Fantastic song, Fantastic singer. Have a great trip.

  46. alton j boychuk says:

    Any Canadian dates in the future Leo? Regina Saskatchewan?

  47. Denise Pike says:

    Hello Leo, I am Glad to know that You are still doing Your Thing!
    I was Born in April of 1970. I grew up Listening to Your Music. I
    Still enjoy it today!!!!!!
    Take Care & God Bless!
    A Devoted Fan!, Niesy

    P.S. Niesy is a Nick Name!

  48. alan says:

    One man band – still tops my Itunes most played – gets me off to a great day – every day. Best wishes

  49. Dan Haller says:

    Wishing Leo and all his fans a happy, safe and healthy 2012!

    Just heard one of my favorities as a young lad “Endless Flight” and hoping to having Leo drop by and tour Canada! You’re fans love you here!

  50. heello my leo sayer says:

    a love songsssss you are a god pleasessssss veennnnn a PERU PERU PERU lima pleasesss pleasessss pleasesss

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